It's nice being somewhat back to normal after a few weeks.

I was in Nevada for about nine days, sharing a house with two other glider pilots. During the last few days of my trip, Derek began staying at my place. He was in town for the MySQL Conference and was the first of my two house guests. Then, toward the end of the week, Kasia also camped at my place.

Now, I like my friends as much as anyone, but it was rather nice to have the house to myself (and my cats) yesterday. It was the first day in about 2.5 weeks where that was the case.

I guess it's a good thing I don't have any roommates.

In semi-related news, there will be a second edition of the book.

Posted by jzawodn at April 25, 2005 04:54 PM

Reader Comments
# Mohanaraj said:

When will the second edition be out ? I was gonna drop over at the bookstore to pick a copy up this weekend.

on April 25, 2005 10:09 PM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:

It'll be a while... :-)

on April 25, 2005 10:39 PM
# Jonathan Disher said:

Outstanding, I eagerly await v2.0 :).

I really enjoyed your panel on Tuesday.

on April 26, 2005 12:49 AM
# Atle Veka said:

Any hints about new topics covered in the 2nd edition? :)

on April 26, 2005 10:00 AM
# Daniel said:

22 May 2006... no V2! 1 year later! Any more news? Too much time up in the clouds, I think!


on May 22, 2006 02:00 AM
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