I've always wondered what journalists have to put up with when trying to write a story about unpopular corporate decisions. Luckily Irinia has documented her experience talking to eBay:

Irina: OK. Can we talk about the eBay members who are frustrated with the fees? The ones that were increased, not the ones that were decreased.
Durzy: I think most ebay users are evaluating the price changes to see how they will impact their businesses.
Irina: Um, OK. Um. [debating if I should follow up on that "answer"] How did eBay decide on the increase.
Durzy: We carefully valuate our pricing structure from time to time. We believe these price changes are the right thing to do for the vibrancy of the market place.

Uh huh...

Irini's TypePad blog is called "here's my byline" because she writes for Red Herring, a publication that doesn't credit their writers with a byline. She has a category specifically called "aricles I wrote".

Blogs to the rescue! Hopefully she'll keep adding to that list--many of her older ones are not there.

Posted by jzawodn at January 17, 2005 05:25 PM

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# Greg said:

I thought Red Herring was one of the victims of the bubble burst. It's nice to see they're still around in at least web form. Thanks for the pointer.

on January 18, 2005 08:08 AM
# Christina Arasmo said:


Let's all move to them. Ebay sucks!

on January 19, 2005 10:00 PM
# Cindy J. said:

We haven't been selling on eBay for quite six months yet and we're already looking at the competition. Problem is, there are so many companies vying for the top spot as eBay's top competitor that it's tough to decide where to go. So we're spreading our merchandise all over the place, and waiting to see which site gets the bulk of "feebay"'s refugees. I know they won't hold the lion's share forever. They're too greedy.

on May 7, 2006 10:08 PM
# said:

***I think that the new eBay rules are simply HORRIBLE***

Dishonest buyer's who use NEGATIVE FEEDBACK as a terroristic tool drove me away from being a

seller on eBay Long LONG ago. It simply was not worth it.

I use Craigslist now. there is NO feedback for either Seller's or Buyers and best of all NO


Pictures (up to 4 ) are hosted for FREE etc.etc.etc.etc.

I am offering an online course in how to make Craigslist enjoyable and Profitable for

yourself and/or your Business.

I share with you for FREE the very information that others CHARGE for.

BEST OF ALL ITS FREE - LIMITED TIME ONLY. No credit card signups simply EMAIL ME AT:


To be placed on my list for the lessons.




on January 30, 2008 06:17 AM
# Dsouth said:

The new feedback system will allow for a seller and or buyer to manipulate the system easier then ever..

Lets say we have a powerseller or just a plain old seller for that matter "Lets call this seller "powerseller A"..
Powerseller "A" has a very good FB score of 99% and all 4.8 or above on their DSR's ratings..

Under the new system Powerseller "A's" listings would be placing in the top of the search ranks and the seller would enjoy a 15% fee cut on FVF's. He would be on top of the world, but not for long!

Now along comes seller "B" or Powerseller "B" also with good feedback rating of 100% , Which is a higher rank than seller "A" has. but seller "B" has lower DSR ratings than seller "A". Lets say Seller "B's" DSR ratings are 4.6 or higher, any lower than a 4.6 and the seller "B" would lose his status as a powerseller, OUCH!.. Even if seller "B" has a higher feedback score than seller "A" has Seller "B's" DRS ratings are lower so all his listings will rank below powerseller "A'" within the search ranks.

Powerseller "B" only needs to call a friend or two and have them buy a cheap product from powerseller "A". These friends would even leave positive feedback but when it comes to the DSR ratings they nail powerseller "A" WITH VERY LOW RATINGS. Then Poof powerseller "A's" DSR ratings drop below a 4.6. At this point powerseller "A" is no longer enjoying powerseller status, 15% breaks on FVF's and top search placements.

Don't forget every 7days under the new FB system the same people can repeat the above manipulation all over again.

One savvy powerseller or person with 1 or 2 friends could end up controlling the search ranks and in turn manipulating his or her competition and even their competitionís powerseller status.

There is nothing like taking an already broken F.B. system and screwing it up even more!
What in hell is EBay thinking?

I have been on EBay for 10 years now and just when I think I have seen it all and think eBay can't possibly get any dumber they prove me wrong, AGAIN!

Heck with Ebay's last price hike a few years ago they are already making more money on my items then I do and now they want even more? After EBay's last price hike I joined http://ebaykickbacks.com and that helped me recoup some of my lost profits, every little bit helps these days. With this new price hike and feedback system It is looking like I just might be up the creek with out a paddle.

Oh well, at least I will have plenty of company in the boat with me. Lets see if it sinks faster than the titanic did.

At this point I am totally fed up with ebay and their actions, IMO they are out of touch with reality and they need a swift kick in the arse.

Some people were just born stupid, that can't be helped, but I think ebay worked real hard for their stupidity!

Take it from a 10+ year powerseller veteran of FEEBAY...
....If you are a new seller thinking about selling on Ebay you might think twice and don't walk away, RUN!


on February 2, 2008 08:37 PM
# said:

How about Zilleo.com - looks and feels like Feebay, but way cheaper! In fact free. I've put some stuff up there already. Check it out..

on February 25, 2008 07:53 PM
# said:

I finally thought FEEBAY was actually doing something to help. They lowered fixed price incertion fees. Boy, was I wrong!! When the first thing sold (Book) and then I found out they had raised their Final Value Fees to 15%. There is no end to their GREED. The insult is they try to make it look like a decrease! I believe they think all their customers(because that is what we sellers are, the buyers are OUR customers)and uninformed and ignorant. When they finally succeed in running us all off I wonder where they are going to get their fees from. All they have to sell is webspace and that joke they call SERVICE. Try to get a straight answer from them in an email. Live help is a joke. Those people don't have the authority to open a new roll of toilet paper. Forget calling on the phone(does not exist unless you are a big time seller. They offer incentives to power sellers but do nothing to help create new ones. I think George Bush could find a new career when he leaves office. Same policy, help those who need it the least and do nothing for the small time people. May all the new auction services take all your customers as FEEBAY has proven they do not deserve or appreciate them. Cheers to your demise, FEEBAY

on October 4, 2008 08:50 PM
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