When I moved from my apartment into my townhouse a bit over a month ago, I called Comcast to let them know. I explained that I was merely relocating and didn't want to change any aspect of my service other than the location.

They said that was quite easy and we selected dates for the change. They told me to hang on to my existing cable modem. Then, on the appointed day, the Comcast tech came out to check signal levels. He said all was fine and that I shouldn't have any trouble getting decent TV and Internet signals to the various drops in the house.

I never got around to hooking up the TV. I haven't watched TV in about 6 weeks now and don't miss it at all. (Mental note: Sell Tivo soon and cancel service. Life's too short for TV.) I did try to hook up the old Netgear router I used at the old place, but it wasn't happy. I tried my notebooks and they couldn't get an IP address either. Since the DSL was working fine, I decided I'd screw with it later.

Then one day, about 2 weeks ago, I got a letter from an agency on behalf of comcast. They wanted my digital TV box back or $500. I called to explain that I never had one (with $13 basic service, what good would it have done me?). They realized that it was the cable modem and I explained that I was told to reuse it at the new place. They updated their records.

The, a few days ago, I got a bill from Comcast for $150. It said that I had not returned my cable modem. Sigh. I called them today and explained that I was told to keep it. They updated their records.

Then they asked if I wanted Internet service, which I thought was a pretty dumb question. It seems that they never actually transferred my Internet service. That explains why (1) I got no signal, and (2) I haven't been billed for it. A tech will be by tomorrow to hook me up after my dentist visit.

Speaking of billing, I asked about their pricing and found it quite amusing. I was interesting in canceling TV service (for which I pay roughly $13/month), since I'm not using it at all. Here's the breakdown of what Internet service costs in various scenarios.

 Own ModemRent Modem
With Basic Cable$42.95$45.95
Without Basic Cable$56.95$59.99

Needless to say, I might as well keep the TV service I'm not using. It's cheaper by a few cents.


Posted by jzawodn at April 20, 2004 11:33 AM

Reader Comments
# Jason said:

I guess this is a normal thing for cable companies. I have Time Warner here in Austin, TX and they make the same mistakes.

Of the 3 times that I have moved, I have had 3 problems where they forget to bill me for something and it shows up later. Most of the time it had already went to collections.

Thanks Time Warner!

on April 20, 2004 12:47 PM
# John Beimler said:

Careful on the assumption that keeping basic cable may be cheaper. I have no idea on how Comcast bills, but if its anything like what I've seen from Time Warner here, the service and regulatory "fees" on cable can easily double the cost of basic cable.

on April 20, 2004 01:42 PM
# kasia said:

Comcast customer support is just about the worst I've ever dealt with. I don't have cable tv since I don't need it and my cable modem has been disconnected by overzealous techs 3 times by now.. and each time amounted to at least a week of downtime as they got their act together and hooked me back up (yah, that $1 a day of credit I got was such good compensation too).

Last time I told them to put a big ass sign on my box "cable modem customer, do not disconnect" and I guess it worked -- haven't been disconnected since.

on April 20, 2004 01:48 PM
# Scott Johnson said:

Like Jason, I have service from Time Warner in Austin, too. When I last checked, they had pricing comparable to that in the "Rent Modem" column above. There was no option of using your own modem. It started to get interesting when I found out that Earthlink was reselling the same service for $41.95 regardless of whether you have basic cable.

As soon as I signed up for this, I was more than happy to finally be able to cancel my basic cable and fire up some satellite tv.

on April 20, 2004 01:55 PM
# Matt said:

I'm curious, what do you pay for DSL service?

on April 20, 2004 02:15 PM
# david said:

I hear none of those horror stories with Pac Bell /SBC ADSL, so for those in reach of ADSL..get it. Its good.

Might not have every bell and whistle, but SBC is great..I have nothing really bad about them to say. They even have online forum support on DSLR if you ever have tweaking or oddball issues.

Another plus is that its dirt cheap too..with it being $30ish now :-)

on April 20, 2004 02:38 PM
# paul said:

I had AT&T Broadband, it was about $40/mo. When Comcast took over, the prices have steadily risen to over $50/mo for Internet...today I get "the call", add basic cable for only $3 more per month. Damn, who knew, I bet if they raise my Broadband bill another $5 or $10, suddenly the digital cable will only be $3 more! Can you say MONOPOLY in the makings?

on April 20, 2004 06:43 PM
# justin said:

"I hear none of those horror stories with Pac Bell /SBC ADSL, so for those in reach of ADSL..get it. Its good."

yeah - and run the risk of your homegrown Postfix server being blacklisted by SpamCop.

The amount of spam i'm seeing in my logs originating from Pac Bell ADSL is STAGGERING.

on April 21, 2004 06:49 AM
# david said:

"yeah - and run the risk of your homegrown Postfix server being blacklisted by SpamCop.

The amount of spam i'm seeing in my logs originating from Pac Bell ADSL is STAGGERING."

Thats true- but you shouldn't be running an MTA on there anyway. Its against the AUP for dynamic lines, and for static..well if you can afford static- and it gets b/led by some over-zealous RBL admin, take it somewhere else.

Comcast has a worser problem with spam. Go figure.

on April 21, 2004 01:20 PM
# chad said:

Actually the way they do internet service, it's impossible to not get basic cable with it. You may have to remove the filter they put on your line in your box outside the house. A set of long needle nose pilers works well to get around their cover.

on April 21, 2004 08:49 PM
# Allen said:

I have comcast cable and had the exact same thing happen in the last month. We were told to take our cable modem to our new home, a tech came and hooked it up, and we thought everything was hunky dory. Then about two weeks later we recieved a letter from a collection agency demanding $270 for a stolen cable modem. I called Comcast, and they told me that they could not help me. I was then transfered to a "Technical Services" agent who again told me it was all my fault. He told me the only way to not have to pay the fee, was to drive to the local office and return the modem. I had service at the time!!!

They said they could also send a tech out to my house for a minimal $80 charge!

But a cool thing happened. I sent my wife to the office to get the situation resolved. The clerk must have felt really bad, because she gave us our cable tv service plus our internet for only $30/month for the whole year.

Some times it works out...

on September 23, 2004 01:39 PM
# Maverick said:

I'm so glad I moved into another county where Comcast doesn't service... but...

When I first got Comcast cable modem, it kept going down at 3am every night. Yeah, I knew this because I'd be right in the middle of doing something important, like downloading porn. So, I'd call their tech support and report it. They'd be like, "Uhh, it looks ok here", but it wasn't working, no sync on the cable modem. They where like, "Are you sure the modem is connected to the cable line". Umm, let me see, what are these things that look like strings or wires, are they important? /sarcasm. I mean come on folks, what do you take me for, a complete and total computer newbie? Anyway, this goes on for like 6 months, every night. After a few weeks I was bitching at them nightly saying is has to be something in their system causing it. Sometimes, it would last hours, other times not so long. Of course, they wouldn't credit me for an interruption because it didn't last 24 hours. One night, it just worked. Of course, this was just after a total 2day outage and a cable truck was in the neighborhood replacing stuff. Go figure, broken equipment? Nah, they wouldn't take my word for it... But when the stuff was really broken, they fixed it. I wonder how it finally broke beyond repair? 'Must have been that lightning storm...'

Then, I got a collection letter from a collection agency about my final bill, 3-4 months after I moved. I was like !@#$! @!@# !@!@#!!!! I called them and said "When I cancelled my service, I gave you all my updated address (they confirmed they had the correct new address), and I forwarded my mail at the post office. All you had to do was send a final bill and I would have paid it!" The customer rep was speechless, they agreed that they should have. Yeah, this is how they work.

Seriously, instead of sending people to collections, wouldn't it had made sense for Comcast to just bill me? I'd never 'not paid' my monthly bill prior to this! Oh well. So glad to be rid of them, I won't even get into how horrible their customer support techs/reps are. I pity anyone stricken to deal with Comcast, your chances are better if you just move to a new county with a new cable company.

May Comcast burn on wall street. They don't deserve customers.

on October 4, 2004 09:58 PM
# Gonzalo said:

Thank you Maverick, you just dissuaded me from moving from my DSL modem to Comcast cable modem. Gonzalo

on October 11, 2004 01:22 PM
# gavin said:

It's good to see that I'm not alone. I just got finished with a 12-round rock-em, sock-em match with Comcast, a collection agency, and all three credit bureaus. Similar to other stories posted, Comcast billed me FOR MY PERSONALLY-OWNED MODEM! And again, never a warning shot--just straight to the collections agency. Nine months of pure administrative/correspondence hell to get my credit report fixed, including letters to Better Business Bureaus, the PA Commonwealth Attorney, and 8 others. You have to go in loaded for bear with these morons. In the end, I got my name cleared, but I didn't get a pretty little service credit like the other poster--but that's because I wouldn't work with them again. Let's see if my luck holds out on not having to deal with a Comcast monopoly.

on October 17, 2004 08:59 AM
# LUCY said:

I am a current subscriber to Comcast and have been for ten years. I have the basic cable and
have to say that I am very disappointed in the way they do business. My problem with them is that they have increased my rate three times in the last year but never seem to think that I need to know when they choose to do it. You would think they would inform you of an increase some other way beside looking at your monthly bill. I am seriously thinking about hooking up with Direct TV. Can anyone tell me of it's comparison with Comcast?

on December 2, 2004 07:56 PM
# CP said:

I used to work for an outsourcing company that provides technical support for Comcast. We used to call it "Compost". Never in my entire life seen such a disorganized mess! The procedures we had to use for sending a service technician to the customer's home were totally different in every area and the software we had to use to do it was primitive, cryptic, difficult to use, slow and unreliable. The local dispatch offices would cancel trouble call appointments and not tell anyone, including the customer, so we got the call when a customer stayed at home from work and the technician didn't show up. We would try to call the dispatch office and they would swear at us and hang up. It was an absolute nightmare. I work for a much better company now. I really felt sorry for Comcast customers. Horrible, just horrible.

on December 2, 2004 09:12 PM
# Ron said:

I once had comcast cable. Within a years time my rates were raised 25%. After repairing the wall where the cable box ended up, I drove directly to comcasts local office. I canceled my service, returned the box, got a reciept showing everything was paid. Three months later I got a bill from a collection agency for 49.95 + 150.00 prossesing fee. Instead of sending payment I sent a copy of the reciept. One week after that I recieved a letter of apology and was told Comcast would be recieving a bill for 2 prossesing fees. I now have Dish Network Satellite and couldn't be HAPPIER.

on December 7, 2004 12:17 PM
# Don said:


I had Direct TV and cancelled it to get Comcast. Direct TV didn't offer high speed internet in my area (only Comcast did.) With the introductory rate the combination TV/Internet should cost me much less, although after getting my first bill I'm beginning to wonder. Direct TV is all digital and the picture quality is noticably better (and I have Comcast digital) The navigation menus are more intuitive and less intrusive than Comcast. More importantly, customer service and billing are more user friendly. If I keep winning my battles with Comcast I will stay with them just until I can get another high speed internet provider out in the country. If not, I'll go back to dial-up and Direct TV. Oh yea, the one positive feature of Comcast you'll miss with Direct TV is On Demand. Direct TV has a version of it but it's not the same. DTV on demand is just pay-per-view with a schedule fixed by them. You can't just sit down and watch a movie when you feel like it, no pausing or resuming, and no reruns like the Sopranos last season on demand. I'll miss that when I switch back. Hope I helped. One other thing. My sister told me Direct TV does offer high speed internet in some areas so if that's important call them to make sure.

on December 12, 2004 06:25 AM
# Ghetto said:

Time warner austin is so damn expensive... but at least it works. I had a nightmare with SBC.

on December 15, 2004 08:34 PM
# David said:

I was also thinking of getting Comcast. I think I'll stick with DSL. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

on December 18, 2004 11:50 PM
# J.R. said:

I've had Comcast over a year now.. the service for the first year was great.. no outages(or at least very minimal) then a couple months ago I moved to another city and from day one I've had nothin but problems.*sigh* I would truly like to know how they can check your 'Modem' and tell you everything is ok, from an office most likely in another state..WITHOUT ANY SIGNAL WHATSOEVER TO THE MODEM.. Must be that built in Diagnostics Satellite Uplink built into the modem. But seriously I called Customer Service about a week ago because it was out. I don't think i understood one word that lady said.. Must have been that high pitched voice with the Indian accent speaking in a whisper? But I've gotta say the service (When it does work) is very good compared to my brothers who lives one city over from me in Cebridge Cable area. my 'Standard' service is almost 3x faster than his 'Upgraded' service.. poor guy, anyways hope this sheds some light on things for people looking to switch or moving to a Comcast area.

on January 1, 2005 06:10 AM
# bolillo_loco said:

that is no joke about comcast, if you only get the internet it will cost you 5-10 dollars a month more than if you had basic cable tv along with the internet. I do not understand it either, I guess it is a marketing ploy........meaning since the basic channels are not so good they hope that you will upgrade your cable tv service to include premium channels. so even if you do not watch tv and only use the internet, get both services because it is cheaper per month than stand alone cable internet.

on January 5, 2005 08:59 AM
# JK said:

I have Comcast high speed only as well. Got the first few months at the reduced rate and they threatened to raise my bill to $57/ month if I did not order cable. Called tthe cancellation department and now am getting service for $30 for the entire year. They do not want you to leave!

on January 5, 2005 02:08 PM
# Marien said:

Comcast is a work of art. They messed up billing one thing after the other for me. Billed me for my internet and also for someone else's cable tv, insisted I had cable TV when I never did, wanted MY modem back or pay them for it, etc, etc. What a nightmare! Finally had to go through the state's attorney to have Comcast agree never to contact me again! Aughhhhhhh!!!!

on January 5, 2005 05:35 PM
# Jay said:

does anyone know what filter i need to remove to get standard cable over basic...I currently have basic and internet...there are 3 filters together in the box

on January 12, 2005 03:44 PM
# Miguel said:

I have been waiting for 9 days to get my Comcast internet cable activated. I already had Comcast cable going and expected this to be a simple removal of the filter. Well, apparently something needs to be done at the telephone pole with a bucket truck. I've known for a week, but just found out today that the work order was incorrect!

In the meantime, I am without internet having been advised by the Comcast tech that I could stop my SBC DSL service... >

on January 14, 2005 01:19 PM
# Karen said:

I have not had any problems in a move. But the last several months I have been having problems with Comcast internet going down. I am not talking an hour oir so I am talking a week at a time. And when you call to tell them it is at least 5 or 6 days before a Tech comes out. Now get this. The day the tech is to arrive my son was in the bathroom when said tech called....my son and I both left messages on the techs cell ohone (love caller ID) never heard back, called Comcast that evening after I got off work and low and behold a tech calls, no answer, they assume no one is home. Are we not supposed to go to the bathroom while we in the 4 hour waiting window? The customer service guy hung up on me too..geesh..cancelled service that same day hate dial up and I cant get DSL where I am but I would rather have a slower connection then have to deal with so many outages and Comcast's BS.

on January 20, 2005 10:14 AM
# said:

I have not had any problems in a move. But the last several months I have been having problems with Comcast internet going down. I am not talking an hour oir so I am talking a week at a time. And when you call to tell them it is at least 5 or 6 days before a Tech comes out. Now get this. The day the tech is to arrive my son was in the bathroom when said tech called....my son and I both left messages on the techs cell ohone (love caller ID) never heard back, called Comcast that evening after I got off work and low and behold a tech calls, no answer, they assume no one is home. Are we not supposed to go to the bathroom while we are in the 4 hour waiting window? The customer service guy hung up on me too..geesh..cancelled service that same day hate dial up and I cant get DSL where I am but I would rather have a slower connection then have to deal with so many outages and Comcast's BS.

on January 20, 2005 10:15 AM
# said:

I have not had any problems in a move. But the last several months I have been having problems with Comcast internet going down. I am not talking an hour oir so I am talking a week at a time. And when you call to tell them it is at least 5 or 6 days before a Tech comes out. Now get this. The day the tech is to arrive my son was in the bathroom when said tech called....my son and I both left messages on the techs cell ohone (love caller ID) never heard back, called Comcast that evening after I got off work and low and behold a tech calls, no answer, they assume no one is home. Are we not supposed to go to the bathroom while we are in the 4 hour waiting window? The customer service guy hung up on me too..geesh..cancelled service that same day hate dial up and I cant get DSL where I am but I would rather have a slower connection then have to deal with so many outages and Comcast's BS.

on January 20, 2005 10:15 AM
# Karen said:

I have not had any problems in a move. But the last several months I have been having problems with Comcast internet going down. I am not talking an hour oir so I am talking a week at a time. And when you call to tell them it is at least 5 or 6 days before a Tech comes out. Now get this. The day the tech is to arrive my son was in the bathroom when said tech called....my son and I both left messages on the techs cell ohone (love caller ID) never heard back, called Comcast that evening after I got off work and low and behold a tech calls, no answer, they assume no one is home. Are we not supposed to go to the bathroom while we are in the 4 hour waiting window? The customer service guy hung up on me too..geesh..cancelled service that same day hate dial up and I cant get DSL where I am but I would rather have a slower connection then have to deal with so many outages and Comcast's BS.

on January 20, 2005 10:15 AM
# Danni Lee Leonard said:

Comcast is to Television what Al-Queda is to
mainstream Arabs. Where I am in Southern New Hampshire, they are the only Cable TV in town, and their fees are insane. Close to 90 bucks a month for a basic package. I just paid off a back bill of $200 and today I got another bill of 178.00. At this point, I am going to let the cable
disconnect as no one needs to watch "Lost" this badly.

on January 31, 2005 05:07 AM
# Chris said:

I wish I had seen this earlier... I just switched from MSN DSL to Comcast High Speed Internet. I'm not a math guru, but 30KB/s is not three times faster than DSL.

The tech came in to set up my modem (bought my own, and after reading this will file my reciept!) and get me started. After testing it out on my wife's laptop, he downloaded and installed the Comcast software! You don't need software to hook up to a network, and if you do, you should drop the ISP. I would have loved a "would you like me to install this" question.

Funny enough, after we unplugged the modem so we could put it up properly, instead of on the floor halfway across the room so it could reach the laptop, service did not come back on until noon the next day! Even then, instead of the 350KB/s I was getting when it was first hooked up, I was getting 30KB/s. Of course at about 9PM the service went out, and it hasn't come back on yet.

The funny part about the initiall install was when the technician showed me how to log into comcast's website, it wouldn't work! Once you tried to manage your account, all you would get is server errors.... needless to say, this does not make me feel comfortable.

We'll see what happens tomorrow when the service tech comes.

on February 22, 2005 11:20 AM
# Stellaria said:

I've had Comcast for the last 8 months with no problem. Fast service and those 3AM drops as someone else mentioned. I think they do that on purpose to reduce network usesage by programs that can't reset themselves after a network outage.

But yesterday I lost the little cable light on my modem. It comes back intermittantly every hour or two for about five minutes. At least that's what I've noticed when I've been working and happened to glance at the cable modem.

So the tech support guy tells me that it might be my router and that I should try it without that. And I asked how would that make a difference if the cable light on the modem is off? He then apologized. They tell you anything to try to make you think it is your fault.

Then, he tells me that a service tech can't come out until March 3! That's 5 days without internet service. How am I going to order my groceries?

on February 28, 2005 10:58 AM
# Susie Mattos said:

I have a disabled adult son who enjoys watching family/children/nature programs. We speak English. I've noticed out of the 31 basic channels, only 14 are worth the cost. What does Comcast plan on doing to give us our money's worth??? Thanks.

on April 1, 2005 03:52 PM
# Ryan said:

Hmmm... Well, I originally got AT&T Broadband Internet access for $45.95/mo (including modem rental for $3/mo). Then Comcast took over and raised the prices by $10/mo to $55.95/mo (including modem rental). BUT if I got their cable television service I would get a $10/mo discount on my internet service bringing it back down to $45.95/mo.

So how much do I have to pay for basic cable TV??? Well, only $8/mo it turns out. So, I'm thinking, "I SAVE $2 by signing up for cable television??" (costs $8/mo but I save $10/mo on my internet service) That's sounds pretty stupid. Sign me up! Well, with taxes and fees on the cable TV service my total cable TV cost ends up being about 9 and a half bucks. Oh well, I'm still saving 50 cents a month to have television added. Go figure.....

I'm STILL not happy, however, because I'm paying about $9.50 per month more than I did under AT&T broadband. (I could care less about the TV service)

Oh well....

on April 5, 2005 07:39 PM
# Pamela Laundra said:

I have had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with Comcast here in Michigan. I have had problems with Comcast since they became Comcast in my area. The latest incident was just recently. A Comcast telemarketer called me offering a promotion for digital cable. I told him I was already on a promotion and I asked him if it would effect the existing promotion. He didn't know, so I called my local call center. The woman I talked to offered me an awesome promotion, I questioned her about it extensively and she kept reassuring me that was what the promotion was. I just got my first bill nder te new promotion 2 to 3 days ago. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bill and it was double what I thought it was going to be. I called the billing center and the first person I talked to insinuted that I was being dishonest. I then pulled out my invoice that stated the decrease in my monthly charges in one spot and the amount that was sup[posed to be waived for 1 year. I was then told the invoice was irrelevent. I hung up and called back and the next person laughed at me when I told them the promotion I was offerred. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and he informed me that he could gfind the voice recording of the conversation I had when I ordered the promotion. I said ok, he then later called me back and saidhe couldn't retreive the call, I said what a surprise. He then transferred me to the retention department. The woman I talked to there informed me that they record every single incoming call and that they would find that call and that when she listens to that call and what I told her didn't match that she would make me listen to that call. I said bring it on. I told her I wanted to talk to her manager. She said he would definately call me. The next morning she calls me and tells me they can't retreive that call and offered me a free month service. That wasn't satisfactory to me and she withdrew the free month. Again I told her I wanter her manager to call me, she said he definately would, I still haven't heard from him. I called corporate office yesterday and said they would have it looked into. They still refuse to give me a decent promotion. I think it might be time for satellite here. I guess the fell like they can treat us like trash because there is no other cable company in my area.

on April 7, 2005 01:16 PM
# Pamela Laundra said:

I have had the unfortunate luck of having to deal with Comcast here in Michigan. I have had problems with Comcast since they became Comcast in my area. The latest incident was just recently. A Comcast telemarketer called me offering a promotion for digital cable. I told him I was already on a promotion and I asked him if it would effect the existing promotion. He didn't know, so I called my local call center. The woman I talked to offered me an awesome promotion, I questioned her about it extensively and she kept reassuring me that was what the promotion was. I just got my first bill nder te new promotion 2 to 3 days ago. Imagine my surprise when I opened the bill and it was double what I thought it was going to be. I called the billing center and the first person I talked to insinuted that I was being dishonest. I then pulled out my invoice that stated the decrease in my monthly charges in one spot and the amount that was sup[posed to be waived for 1 year. I was then told the invoice was irrelevent. I hung up and called back and the next person laughed at me when I told them the promotion I was offerred. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and he informed me that he could gfind the voice recording of the conversation I had when I ordered the promotion. I said ok, he then later called me back and saidhe couldn't retreive the call, I said what a surprise. He then transferred me to the retention department. The woman I talked to there informed me that they record every single incoming call and that they would find that call and that when she listens to that call and what I told her didn't match that she would make me listen to that call. I said bring it on. I told her I wanted to talk to her manager. She said he would definately call me. The next morning she calls me and tells me they can't retreive that call and offered me a free month service. That wasn't satisfactory to me and she withdrew the free month. Again I told her I wanter her manager to call me, she said he definately would, I still haven't heard from him. I called corporate office yesterday and said they would have it looked into. They still refuse to give me a decent promotion. I think it might be time for satellite here. I guess the fell like they can treat us like trash because there is no other cable company in my area.

on April 7, 2005 01:16 PM
# Jack meoffe said:

I have comcast cable and I must say that I love it.I have only had a problem one time with the internet.I called and got this hot babe who sent a tech out the next day.He found the problem and fixed it.I have all the cable services that comcast offers and love them.I dont know why all you people are crying,I had direct tv and you want to talk about nightmare,ahhhhh,direct tv sucks,I had just got direct tv,there was wind storm and it knocked the dish and part of my roof of my house.What had happend the installer of the dish put it up wrong.I called and 7 days later a tech came out who said "sorry about the roof,you better call a roofer because it isnt are fault,he put the dish back up.Two weeks later got a bill for 99.00 saying service call fee.I called and got yelled at by a dish rep.In the end i had to pay the 99 dollars and had to pay to get my roof fixed...

on April 13, 2005 10:20 PM
# Mee so horneyy said:


on April 13, 2005 10:28 PM
# Rich said:

Speaking of Cable Modems. Seven month ago, I moved, and they told me to take my modem with me. I did. Now, the Comcast people, in a differnt city, took my old modem and give me one they have inventoried locally. The Comcast in the city that I left, charged me $ 99.00 for an unrecoverd modem, which they took off of a credit that they owed me. They are acting like they are a different company and cannot even get their own policies straight. Morons, all of them, good bye Comcast.

on April 21, 2005 07:02 PM
# Sean said:

Comcast really sucks

on April 27, 2005 08:50 AM
# WL said:

2 ugly experiences with Comcast (I can get you more):
- I had basic service with Comcast. They called me and asked me to upgrade to digital cable for a special introductory rate. I said yes. After the introductory offer was up. I returned the box and told Comcast to revert me back to basic service which they did. 3 months later, I started receiving 2 bills (same address)! Called them and they told me to discard the second bill as it was mistake. 3 months later I get a collection for that amount. Tried to call them for 3 days in a row to resolve the issue and every time I enter my phone number for service I get redirected to voice mail service! I tried with my friend's phone number and it worked!!! I think they put a block on my phone number. I ended up going back to the office to resolve the matter by double paying for the same service, same address and the same period!!!! Go figure.

- Internet service: got service and asked not to send me the cable modem as I have one. After a nightmare installation with the tech service (another story) I was up and running. I got the bill and it included rent for the modem. I called them and they said they will give me credit for $5. Next month, no credit and again I was billed for the modem! This went on for 3 more months. After I called them and started bitching at them, the customer service rep hangs up on me!!!!!!! Finally I was able to remove the rent fee from my next bill. But guess what NO REFUND. I am still stuck with the damn #$%^### since I don't have a DSL option and I need high speed internet for my work.
Steer away from the idiots if you have any other option.

on May 15, 2005 07:01 AM
# WL said:

I bet you that the comments about how comcast is great: either these people are comcast employees or they just use the service while their parents deal with all the mess comcast has to offer.

on May 15, 2005 07:20 AM
# Mike Gull said:

I have had Comcast for the past three years and really enjoy the products and the price that I pay for both Digital and HSI is a little higher then the Dish, but the service I receive from Comcast has been worth the couple of bucks more per month.
I just purchased a new iMac and had issues with getting it to work with my HSI. I called the local call center and after trying to work it out over the phone they set-up a service call for the next day. The Comcast Tech was very good and changed "something in my config" and I was up and running in no time.
My service charge fee....$0....Wow, I couldn't believe it!!!

on May 19, 2005 06:33 PM
# Scott Judson said:

I had DirectV for the longest time when I moved to an apartment and could not find the signal for the satellite (turned out I had a bad cable). I ordered Comcast and was quoted from a customer service person the bill for the channels that I wanted was $25/ month. The guy came to install it and before he left the bill had jumped to over $65/ month!! I got charged for everything from the low quality digital cable (side note, only half the channels were even digital) to the useless remote control (30 cents per month). The cable went out for at least three hours four times in the six months I had it. Once for three days and I had to be home for the service guy. NEVER happened with the satellite.
I got mad and found the satellite signal and canceled the cable. I had to be home for three hours during the week to wait for the guy to turn off the cable and pick up the box. He turned off the cable and never came to the door to get the box. I then had to drive an hour to the Comcast office to return it.
Forget cable it is a waist of money. Buy DirectV for $24/ month cheaper for the same channels at 100% digital and higher quality digital.

on May 21, 2005 02:27 PM
# Nela said:

hey guys i have been having problems with this stupid comcast crap i keep losing my signal i really dont know WHY? anyone else has the same problem? :(and if you know how to fix it please let me know.. :(

on May 24, 2005 12:48 PM
# BH said:

You know, I work at a call centre in Canada contracted for Comcast. I troubleshoot for people with internet problems. 90% of the people I speak with are very kind and are willing to try just about anything to get back online and when they realize we have done everything over the phone that we possibly can, they are frustrated understandably, but accept the technician and I love those customers, at least they grasp the fact that the person they are speaking with did not come to their house and cut the wires for shits and giggles, we WANT your internet to work. It feels a lot better to help someone then to not help someone!!! For the other 10% that come on the phone being ignorant and swearing....we get it. Your internet doesn't work, yes you are frustrated and have every right to be, but that doesn't give YOU the right to insult us and swear at us. You called US....we ARE trying to help you, but we aren't magic and there are only so many things we can do. And when you call in, and you swear at us and call us stupid with grade 3 educations could you try to keep in mind that we are just trying to HELP people and feed our families at the same time???? Did you ever think to pick up a freakin' book??? Maybe take your kid to the park??? Oh wait, maybe you could actually get off your ass and walk to the store instead of ordering everything offline?!?! Remember 15 years ago??? Noone had the internet and we used to have to do things for ourselves??? Heaven forbid!!!! Oh and one more thing I feel the need to get out...we are all human, treat people the way you want to be treated. (That goes back to being in kindergarten, or did the internet wipe out the Golden Rule?)

on May 27, 2005 01:59 AM
# imamoronATcomcast.net said:

I'm with you all the way BH. I do Comcast internet tech support for the MD area. If people only knew how many morons I have to talk to all day. It's horrible. "I keep typing AT (not @) and my email wont sent", "My internet wont work AGAIN (modem is on standby)". It's retarded. If 2% of the people that called me had half a brain it would be concidered a good day! I dont mind morons either, it's the angry morons I hate. Most people dont realize all that Comcast does for the consumer and the community either. Call any one of us and ask how much community service Comcast does. Or try to grasp he concept that once we install the wiring in your homes, those wires belong to YOU! and Comcast comes out when you have a problem and corrects them with out ANY cost to the consumer. If anyone isnt paying extra for a in home wiring protection plan from your telephone company, call them up and tell them you have a problem with a phone in your house. They will straight up laugh at you. And since it is FREE to you... it does take a few extra days to get a tech out to you. Other than this, realize, Spyware is YOUR responcibilty. Protect your own damn computers. Realize that 98% of the time, if we say your modem is fine and it's your PC thats having problems, your E-machine POS computer IS at fault. And finally realize that the Comcast residental service is for Entertainment purposes ONLY, and is not gaurenteed to be 100% reliable. So we DO NOT care when you bitch about your buisness will suffer, and how much money you will lose.

And to the 1% of you that are nice and inteligent, None of this pertains to you. What goes around, comes around. And when your constantly nice and it shows, they are the people I go above and beyond for. The rest and wait in line and burn for all I care.

P.S.-> Nela, your one of the morons I was talking about. If the modem keeps cutting out, (and its not a faulty power cord), chances are the signal is probably weak comming into the modem, and needs to be adjusted some where in your home or at the box outside. So hide your marijuana stash, and call Comcast to schedule a tech to come at look at it for you for FREE!

on May 29, 2005 02:39 AM
# imamoronATcomcast.net said:

Oh... and one more thing. I can only speak for the CHSI department. Cable TV, billing, 90% of subcontractors, and 30% of Comcast service techs that come to your house....... all I can do is apoligize for them, cause I see your frustration. But then dont go calling around to everyone at Comcast and think the next person you speak to will be a moron too. Even though I only speak to intelligent people on 1% of my calls, I still take every call thinking that You'll be the smart one! You have to prove to me that your not smart.

OH! Last thing =)
When I am helping you with your computer, and we are going through prompts, and you have a choice of "back", "next", or "cancel"... think before you say "should I hit next?" every 10 seconds. Do back or cancel sound like logical choices?

on May 29, 2005 03:06 AM
# ME said:

ait listen you imamoronATcomcast.net i tried everythin every possible thing comcast techs were at my house 50 billion tinmes this month. and they didnt do anything im not saying its their fault or something they jsut send stupid workers ower and wtf u have to call me a moran for i didnt even talk 2 u !!!

on June 7, 2005 06:32 PM
# Pete Rose said:

Wow, great board to air comcast complaints. 1 year ago I moved. Upon returning my cable box, i asked if there was any outstanding balance on account. They said no, I was paid in full and would not get another bill. Well, 6 months later a friendly collection notice shows up. Apparently, I did owe one month and the clerk was wrong when I returned the box. Even worse, my new location is under the same phone number as my old location. Funny how Comcast could not forward the bill to the right address but the collection agency had no problem finding me. I paid immediately, and have had no luck with traction at Comcast. Since, my credit score has been rocked from top 10% to bottom 20%. Now I need to put down a $75 deposit for a HD/DVR box. If anyone has gone through similar situation and has guidance on attaining resolution, shoot me an email at peterose@gmail.com

on June 23, 2005 09:13 AM
# Brent Tubbs said:

Wow. I have two things to say. 1) I am amazed that the original post on this thread was posted in april of 2004, and the discussion has been raging here for well over a year since then. It just goes to show how messed up this company is.

2) Their customer service really does suck. I'm sure that the people there want to do a good job, but they can't because the whole system is broken. I am not a Comcast customer. I never have been. But the other day I noticed a charge on my bank statement of $144 to Comcast cable. I called their 1-800-Comcast number, told them about the charge, gave them all the information, and the said there was nothing they could do. Even though the charge showed a number that the technician said was a comcast account number, he said he couldn't tell which account it went to because "it was in another region." Insane. You would think that an identity thief would never be so brazen as to order cable TV with someone else's credit card, because it should be easy to connect the bogus charges to the thief's Comcast account. ID thieves know something we don't, however. They know that Comcast is so completely incompetent that they'll never get caught.

I got to this page after doing a Google search for "comcat customer services address."

on June 27, 2005 02:53 PM
# Mike said:

Comcast certainly varies by region...ridiculously so.

Just last year, they won the "Best Business" award in Washington DC (handed out by the Chamber of Commerce, so it is legitimate). If they have the capacity to do so well in DC, why not elsewhere?

on June 27, 2005 06:05 PM
# kitten said:

May I just give a few comments.
Firstly, I am a wife of a comcast technician. I do believe it depends on what region you live in that determines the quality level of service.

I've heard nightmare stories and I've heard of customers who are very satisfied (mainly due to the quality of tech services provided by my husband)
All I can say is do not be so harsh on the tech. They have families and believe it or not some are very cordial and intelligent.

I do agree that Comcast needs to work on their infrastructure and customer service. Even my husband has told me crazy stories.
The only thing I can suggest is to document every transaction. If necessary threathen to change services will hopefully keep them on their toes.

I would also send complaint letters to the corporate office along with supporting documentation. Hopefully this will help them correct their errors.

on June 29, 2005 03:01 PM
# Steve said:

Well I have to go along with another bad Comcast experience. A week ago, in Montgomery County MD, Comcast had a node problem that wiped out a lot of service for many in my area. The problem was fixed but now many people cannot connect to the service. Comcast's solution - send techs to every home to check out what is the problem on the customer's end. Ok, I do networking infrastructure work for a living, and when you have a problem that pervasive, it just amazes me that the company assumes it must be on the customer's end....

on June 30, 2005 10:00 AM
# said:

Beware of SBC offers over the phone. I called in once to ask a question about my phone bill and after the salesgirl begged and offered every deal in the book I finally accepted her offer of DSL service. I took notes on the offer and even went through a confirmation process with a diff. person after her. Lo and behold, once my bills started arriving, they were all wrong. I had problems with the service, too. Bottom line - the girl said even though I had signed up for 6 mo., if at any time I was unhappy with the service for legitimate reasons, I could cancel. When I did, (I sent back all the equipment in the original box & everything) they tried to slap a $300 cancellation fee on me and denied the whole original offer the girl had given me over the phone. I had her name & the date of the call but it didn't matter to them. They sent me to collections. My advice - get all offers in writing. I can understand what some of you are saying about Comcast. Personally, I have had technical problems with them, but at least they have a local office where I can come down & talk to a human face-to-face. You'd be surprised what that can accomplish. I received more than fair credits for any problems I had. I wish I could say the same for SBC who had to qualms about tarnishing my perfect credit history.

on July 4, 2005 09:40 PM
# JaMs said:

To: Steve

The only node problems that Montgomery County MD has had recently is either due to the storms we have been having, or if they took down the node for maintaince. In either case, when all is said and done, its Comcast's call. If there is any trend to the people still having issues... they still think of it as an outage and dispatch techs. If its a large ammount of people that are out, or people grouped up in one location, then it's an outage. But if there are 5 to 20 or so people still out, and they are no where near each other, and all the neighbors are up and running... then of course its something with the way your set up, and you need individual attention. When you need individual attention, you set up this little thing called an appointment!

on July 5, 2005 10:35 PM
# JaMs said:

To: Steve

The only node problems that Montgomery County MD has had recently is either due to the storms we have been having, or if they took down the node for maintaince. In either case, when all is said and done, its Comcast's call. If there is any trend to the people still having issues... they still think of it as an outage and dispatch techs. If its a large ammount of people that are out, or people grouped up in one location, then it's an outage. But if there are 5 to 20 or so people still out, and they are no where near each other, and all the neighbors are up and running... then of course its something with the way your set up, and you need individual attention. When you need individual attention, you set up this little thing called an appointment!

on July 5, 2005 10:36 PM
# wizard of snog said:

Comcast service is a bit outragious price wise. Charter offers same service, or a bit slower service for 30 bucks a month.

Im constantly getting Connection intrupts when playig online games.

News service is attrocious. Comcast service is a dismal 4 out of 10, IMHO. Its too bad that its the only thing available here, except dial up.

on July 8, 2005 11:35 AM
# wizard of snog said:

Comcast service is a bit outragious price wise. Charter offers same service, or a bit slower service for 30 bucks a month.

Im constantly getting Connection intrupts when playig online games.

News service is attrocious. Comcast service is a dismal 4 out of 10, IMHO. Its too bad that its the only thing available here, except dial up.

on July 8, 2005 11:36 AM
# Sandy said:

Verizon has recently installed DSL in our area and has an introductory offer of $19.95 for the first 3 months, $29.95 for mos 4-12, and who knows after that. I am currently paying Comcast $45.95 for high speed internet. I notice they are also offering NEW customers $19.99 for the first year, which pisses me off since we have been Comcast customers for years. Sure, make your loyal, long-time customers pay through the nose.

Anyway, does anyone out there have experience with Verizon DSL?

on July 12, 2005 10:19 AM
# Rick Mullinix said:

You just need to refer to comcast.com to see how messed up comcast is.

For example)

look at the possible cable packages
1) Digital Plus
2) Digital Classic
3) Basic Cable
4) Prefered Service

hmm?? what does each package offer?? what exact channel lineups do each package offer?? Good luck finding out!

quote from comcast.com
"View the Channel Lineup for your area. Select "View By Package" to see what channels you get with our different packages."

Oh how nice.. i can finally see what each package contains... but NOPE! no luck!

the packages you can view are
1) Foreign Language
2) Limited Basic --- is this suppose to refer to basic cable?
3) Expanded Basic --- is this suppose to refer to expanded cable? why change the names of the package, ugh!
4) Digital Sports Package
5) Premium Channels
7) Digital Classic -- yes! information, but what about digital plus?

wtf! I can choose between Digital Plus, Digital Classic, Basic Cable, Prefered Service.. but the channel line ups do not correlate with the packages.. there is no channel line up for Digital plus, basic cable, or expanded cable.. but there are lineups for limited basic and expanded basic... they changed the names of the packages and totally neglected half of them on their very own corporate webpage.

Even worse, the package line ups only show channels that "unique to the package" rather then all the channels in the package. I want to see exactly all the channels I get for an EXACT specific package (ie, digital plus, basic cable, etc).

I have looked at every nook and cranny of comcast.com and have not found out the difference between Digital Classic and Digital Plus. Every page about "classic" has the same info about "plus".. is there a difference? . internet is about information, give us some freaking information comcast!

on July 12, 2005 12:42 PM
# said:

I wonder if many out there get billed on modems that they own outright! Then add insult to injury tax you on a rental fee.

on July 13, 2005 05:30 PM
# said:

I have had comcast cable for two years now. During that entire time I had some connection problems during the month of January 2005. In all fairness if you do not play games via the internet it doesnt matter. I was experiencing packet loss and it took comcast about two weeks to finally fix the problem. during this period my net was fine for surfing the web and doing anything else. the games I play check for packet loss every 5 seconds and the host computer kicks anybody who has more than 5% packet loss.

my bill hasnt gone up a lot since I first got comcast cable. when I had problems the cable company was usually out the same day or the next day and they always came when they said they would.

friends of mine pay the same amount for DSL as I do for my cable and they have less than half the up load and less than half the down load as I do and it is usually 1/3rd of what I have. very criticle for somebody who plays a lot of games to have high up load and high down load.

My sister has Verizon DSL and everytime there is an electrical storm she loses service.

I have no experience with cable tv channels other than basic service. I do not watch tv.

comcast cable has provided me with excellent internet service at a competetive price

25 miles north west of harrisburg pennsylvania.

on July 14, 2005 02:46 AM
# angie said:

imamoronATcomcast.net, I also work for comcast tech support and I could not have said it better myself...sure there are some people who are having problems with their connection, and I truly feel bad for those people, but I am sure that you will agree, most of the calls you take, the modem is online and it turns out to be a problem either with their computer or their router, but oh no, it is always our service that is bad, or my personal favorite, they call bitching that their service out and they spend 10 minutes complaining all along you are looking at the little mouse in the billing system and their is a line through it, you are waiting to tell them they are in soft disco and they need to pay a delinquent amount to get online...and then they say comcast should have called them to let them know they were going to get cut off, hello, isn't that what we send out bills for, and then you have the ones that say, I did not receive a bill, well, I would like to know where all those missing bills are, I guess they are in a bin somewhere in ups located next to all the letters to santa and God, Working this job always makes for good conversation.
There are calls that make you laugh, there are calls that make you just want to scream at the customer, but over all the majority of the calls end with the customer thanking you for getting them online.

on July 17, 2005 09:12 PM
# comcast agent said:

comcast doesn't 'threaten' to raise service prices, when your promotion is over it is over. then it goes to regular price. comcast doesn't keep the fees and taxes, they are government fees and taxes, same as your cell phone, fcc.

amen to the tech that said when people call bitching about their service being out 9 times out of 10 it's because they haven't paid their bill in 60 days. of course they never got their bill. and of course we should have told them they were being disconnected. we did. we send 2 notices and make 3 phone calls before you get disconnected.

once in a blue moon you come across a customer that really didn't get their bill, there is a separate billing address entered but not marked as use this address for all correspondence. we work with those customers. we are very experienced in weeding out the bullshit when it comes to not paying your bill, so when you get an agent that knows what they are doing don't try to bullshit us!

comcast lets you go for 60 days (3 bills) without paying before you go into disconnect. does your utility company do that?

oh, and if your service is out for 3 days, you get three days worth of credit, not a month. if your internet is down 3 days it goes like this -

internet at 42.95/30 days = $1.43 per day
$1.43 per day x 3 days = $4.29 credit
you still pay for the days you did have service.

on July 21, 2005 01:33 AM
# pete gets great broadband rate said:

Comcast rates are 45.95 per month for bradband, *BUT* if you call their business office and ask to speak with the disconnect clerk, you can get a *discounted* rate. When you get the agent on the phone, explain that you're getting bombarded with BellSouth offers (BellSouth provides basic phone service in my area, substitute your carrier as appropriate) for special DSL rates of $14.95 - $19.95 per month. Ask the agent for a monthly credit or you may be forced to change to DSL. They will issue a monthly credit for usually 6-9 months. So far, it's been 24+ months and my bill averages 19-24.95 per month. At the end of each 6-9 month special credit, I'll get one month regular bill (now 45.95/mo), I'll call the business office asking to speak with someone about my broadband rates and the special offers I'm getting from BellSouth, I'll talk to a manager and get another 6-9 months of credits. Hey, the worst they can say is NO, but you won't get anything if you don't at least ASK.
..........BTW............Comcast now has a $9.95 per month Broadband offer for cable TV clients.

on July 25, 2005 01:18 PM
# comcast rep said:

all that is very true pete. and i must also add that if you are nice to us we will transfer you over to them. if you are a jerk and you happen to be talking to me then i will say oh, you want to cancel, okay sir that will be fine, you will need to turn in your modem to your local office however as we cannot cancel your service until the equipment is returned.

if you are nice then i will be nice.

also, that 9.95/mo promo is correct also, but only for NEW internet customers, not existing customers. this is my one complaint. the one thing i find myself siding with customers on. we offer a lot of discounts to new customers, but nothing along the lines of thanks for being a loyal customer discounts to current customers. that is one thing i wish we could do.

on July 25, 2005 10:20 PM
# stephen v. said:

After reading all this, there's no way in hell I will sign up for Comcast high speed. I have had AOL dial up believe it or not, and compared to the horror stories with signal outages, billing, customer service and tech hassles, I say AOL isn't as bad as I thought!

on July 26, 2005 05:38 PM
# comcast rep said:

no matter what any customer says about how much they hate comcast, once they have had our internet service they will not go back to dial up. the difference in speeds is staggering. outages are pretty rare where i live and half the time i think the people calling in all the time have got to be doing unnecessary wierd stuff to their modems & digital boxes because i live in the same city as the customers i service and have never had one bit of the problems they have. only one outage in the 5 years i have had service and that was when the nationwide dns server crash thing happened.

on July 26, 2005 09:41 PM
# AUP comcast Monopoly said:

Well of course you would say that. Duh, sold your soul to the company store. The fact is we are paying for a service which is supposed to be broadband to our house. Reading that completely restrictive AUP, User Agreement, and everything else they change whenever they feel is stupid. Ever try to shoot a nat? Give us broadband and let us do what we want. There are many of us little people who know how to handle networking. We want to run anything we want not what Comcast says we can. How would you like FORD to tell you were to drive. If they can't handle the virii out there then get out of the biz. Oh and when they go down shhhhhh... don't tell anyone. Call ins recieve the same old thing, no problem in your area!

on July 27, 2005 04:33 PM
# comcast rep said:

if you are told there is no problem in your area then there is no problem in your area. and no one says you HAVE to use comcast's gateway, if you want to set up your own then fine do that, i did. but i also fully know that comcast does not support my router and if i have any issues they will only trouble shoot and repair my modem, not any router issues.

the problem when you call in for tech is that so many customers have experience with computer set up and internet and html and coding etc. that they don't want to listen to the simple trouble shooting the tech tells you to start with. but they do that for a reason. they have to start at the basics and work their way up to the problem.

and if any of you are calling in going off about how you run your business from your residential line then in all reality you should be on a business account and we are within our rights to move your account from residential to business.

no, not sold my soul there are some things at comcast that could be improved, but i also know from experience that most customers call for help then don't want to let you help them. and many of the problems people experience are user error. and when we have outages we dispatch techs immediately. if it is not an outage then you are put on a code 1 and we have a tech there within 24/48 hours which is within government and fcc requirements and regulations. if you have a signal but still a problem then you are scheduled the first available appointment. also within requirements and regulations. the cable company is not out to get you.

we try to help. you should accept the help we try to give and also try to understand there are certain things we have to do within policy and whether you think it is necessary or not, we still have to follow policy.

have a nice day.

on July 27, 2005 09:41 PM
# Mike T. said:

Here is where you can access your channel lineup.

Here are the channels that Digital Plus has that Digital Classic does not:

Discovery Times
Military Channel
Discovery Home & Leisure
Biography Channel
History International
Fine Living
Nick Too
Toon Disney
MTV Hits
MTV Jams
VH-1 Soul
Encore Action East
Encore Mystery East
Encore Love East
Encore Drama East
Encore Westerns East
Sundance West
NFL Network
Outdoor Channel
Inspirational Life


on July 28, 2005 09:36 PM
# Dawn said:

Yep, I'm one of those people who the morons who work for Comcast are coming to hate...because I call at least once a day, every time my internet service goes out. If Comcast could figure out WHY my service keeps going out, then my calls would stop, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

No, I don't have a router, yes, I've unplugged the power cord & the coaxe cable, turned off the computer, and recycled the modem, no, next Sunday is not satisfactory for a tech to come out...today is Monday and a tech was JUST out here 2 days ago. By the time tech #6 this month gets out here, my service will be back up (duh), and believe me, I will be sending in the lengthy detailed log of every minute (in hours) that I have been without internet service in the past month so your billing department can attempt to give me credit.

But all that isn't the point...the point is that in the corporate world, when a vendor cannot provide satisfactory continuous service, their contract is cancelled. Unfortunately with the cable companies' monopolies on regional service, this isn't possible. But believe me when I say that the Georgia Public Services Commission, Clark Howard, and the Channel 5 Investigation Team will be contacted in the next week and Comcast's incompetence will be taken public -- to all of metro Atlanta. It ain't gonna be pretty!

on August 1, 2005 02:52 PM
# comcast rep said:

maybe you should let them trouble shoot and schedule a tech. if they offered a tech and you declined they are totally within regulations and requirements. it is not their fault you declined a tech call. sounds like you might need an amplifier for the signal or if you have a splitter that may need to be checked. at any rate, it's hard to help someone that doesn't accept any of the help you try to offer. there is only so much they can do from the call center and if a tech has to come out a second time then so be it. if the help is offered it is then up to you to accept or decline the help.

on August 1, 2005 09:24 PM
# DJ said:

Reading is fundamental, but obviously intelligence isn't a requirement for comcast reps.

You ignored my comment: "By the time tech #6 this month gets out here,"...I wasn't being facetious. 5 techs HAVE been out here in the past month, and the most recent was this past Saturday (as I also stated). Believe it or not, I finally got a supervisor to listen to me and 2 higher level techs were out here this afternoon (as opposed to the appointment 1 week from now I was originally offered for tech #6). And finally somebody ran the signal diagnostics not only from the street, but all the way into the house. Naturally the signal was running fine, but they did pay attention to the fact that service had been down another 6 hours last night & a total of 4 hours since 5:30 this morning. They will be back out with a new modem in the morning to see if this could be the problem (even though a brand new modem was installed in April).

Finally some action other than, "we're sorry, the signal is fine now, there's nothing we can do." I'll keep y'all posted...

on August 2, 2005 01:42 PM
# comcast rep said:

doesn't sound like a modem problem. but if the signal strength is even all the way from the pole to the house then maybe so. if that is true then how would you have intermittent drops in speed? seems strange.

on August 2, 2005 09:19 PM
# Mike said:

It seems to me like the techs dont know what they are doing. If it has taken 7-8 tech visits to fix something they dont know what they are doing and need to be retrained. I mean anyone can read out of a book and know to plug the cord into the wall and the such. I have switched areas and now use RoadRunner as my ISP and its is by far better than Comcast in my opinion. And on top of that 80% of the time Bright House's reps are early and it doesnt take a week for them to see you. Bad customer service on the part of Comcast if you ask me.

on August 3, 2005 01:57 PM
# comcast rep said:

they need to send out senior techs if this is an ongoing issue. that should become clear when they keep having the same trouble call for the same issue on the same account. it needs to be escalated to a senior tech.

on August 5, 2005 01:47 PM
# John said:

Comcast high speed internet...
Well, it is not even high speed any more. It was some time ago because people found out about it and started using it, which is a good thing, however, Comcast is too cheap to add more nodes(a type of local computer that you connect to). It should not be more than 12 users per node for you to get the speed that they advertise and promise. In 2005 so far, it has been 18 to 24 people. As a matter affect, you get about 1.5 mega bits per second (mbps) instead what they advertise and promise (6 mbps). If a user switched to them from dial up, even this low speed is very fast for them so think they are getting what they were promised. Everybody please WAKE UP. Test your connecion speed; just type free internet speed test in google. If you have Comcast you have the most expensive internet service in the country (for household), dont you think you should get your money's worth?
In addition, Comcast is not number one in anything but hiring technicians who are nothing more than your average user; all they would know is how to power cycle your modem (fancy words for unplug and replug), restart your computer and ping your connection (ping is nothing more than sending test 4 test packages to your computer in DOS and see if they arrive or get lost and time average) In other words, if you have a problem, dont call them unless you want to waste your time. Search it on the internet and do it yourself. It will be faster and better.
Finally, until Comcast stops misleading consumers and overcharging them, and starts delivering what they promised to deliver, do not get COmcast high speed internet. If you are going to pay almost $50 a month (if you have comcast TV, without Comcast TV it will cost you almost $65 a month) for about 1.5 mbps, think again; get dsl for $29 for the same speed (1.5 mbps)

on August 8, 2005 10:04 AM
# comcast rep said:

yes sure get dsl. we will see you back at comcast in a few months.

on August 9, 2005 09:51 PM
# Dan Velez said:

I had a Comcast sales representative come to my door at the beginning of June 2005. He convinced me to switch both my phone lines to Comcast and that I would save around $50 per month. I went ahead with the deal and I had service by the end of June.

The lines were loud, but I just lowered the volume on my phones and that was fine. My lines were supposed to be private, but when I called someone I would be caller id'd. I got my first bill and there was a setup fee of $30. On my contract, the salesman wrote right on it, "No setup fee". These were not big issues that I could get past. The big problem is that on July 3rd, my phone service was completely dead for over 24 hours. It then died again for 4 hours on August the 8th. By that time I was done with Comcast and I had called Verizon to take back my line. But they couldn't get that scheduled until August 16th.

I'm writing this today because yes, my phone lines are dead again on August the 11th. When you call them, they can't tell you really anything. They have no clue as to what is or isn’t working. They get a technician to call you back and schedule an appointment for the next day. Sometimes they call and sometimes they don’t. I've asked to talk to a supervisor three times now and it takes them 24-48 hours to call you back if they ever do. The last time I asked for a call back, I got a call back two days later. I was checking out at the grocery store and asked them to call me back in 5 minutes. It took them 10 minutes and I was not in a covered cell area so I missed the call. They left me a voice mail and the message was, "Please call the 800 number if you have any more questions". This company is a joke. They are so over loaded with service calls because they're phone technology is just like their Internet service... It SUCKS! You never know when you'll be without service, but it's just a matter of time before it goes out.

I put up with their Internet service for 5 years because they were the only Broadband company in my neighborhood. For the last 3 months I now have Verizon FIOS Internet Service and it hasn’t been down yet. I should have known better to switch my phones to Comcast. Knowing what I know today, if they were the only company providing phone service in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t have home phones. I would just simply switch to cell phones.

Comcast’s service is so unacceptable and so frustrating. I run a business out of my home, and I know for a fact that I've lost at least a couple of orders because I didn't answer my phone. Anyway, DON'T SWITCH TO COMCAST EVER or you'll be very sorry.

Please feel free to share your story with me. I’m making a new career of letting the public know about this. danvelez@verizon.net

on August 13, 2005 07:41 AM
# comcast rep said:

1) if you are running a business out of your home you should be on business rate not residential rate, i know you were NOT on business rate because you were dealing with residential superviser/call center issues when a business customer has a marketing rep, plus you don't get business rate from a door to door, so from the beginning YOU were cheap and dishonest.

2) the supervisor called you twice, if it was so pressing and so important and so imperative you talk with a superviser then you would have taken the original call even though it may have been inconvenient, just how many times did you expect the sup to keep calling you? You got two chances to bitch and moan, you blew it.

3) if you talked to me and started that junk about your business losing money i would have IMMEDIATELY put you on a business rate. thank you and have a nice day. i also would have backdated it to the start of service and you would have been charged for the difference.

4) funny, you want us to play fair but you are dishonest. everyone always tries to get over.

5) the original issue with being charged the install fee, if you had a copy of the work order you could have driven to your local office, shown that to them, and guess what, that charge would have been taken off your bill.

on August 16, 2005 08:15 AM
# comcast customer said:

Hey, if you are actual Comcast reps and techs on here, you need to know that your conduct on this board is completely unprofessional. I've worked in IT for years, as well as customer service in a previous life, and you don't slag on the customers or blame them for your problems, at least not publically. You can bitch about the customer over a beer with your coworker, but doing it here makes you look bad. I'm a customer of your service, and I pay your wages. If you talked to me like that, you'd be looking for another job, guarantee it.

on August 17, 2005 11:50 AM
# comcast customer said:

Incidentally, the general level of customer service and technical competence at Comcast is the worst I've ever experienced in the business, hands down. I've never encountered such incompetence accompanied with a sense of nastiness from the employees. You can take that to heart, comcast rep and the rest, because it's your reputation, and you've earned it. Want people to say glowing things about your service? Then make some improvements, and stop blaming the customer.

on August 17, 2005 11:54 AM
# Rose Schmidt said:

I too have a Comcast story. I have had Comcast hdtv and cable internet since it was offered in Montgomery Co., MD. However, I have now been over 4 weeks without either. In mid July my internet went down, but still had cable. The following day, my cable box went down, but still had cable feed on the tv's without a box. I called for service and 3 days later someone came out (within the time promised) and replaced the box and fixed the issue with the signal to the modem. I'm not a techie, so I'm not even going to pretend to use the technical terms. Basically, he took the modem out, went up the pole, and somehow got a signal. Just as we were confirming that we could get on line and he was about to have the new box activated, all cable went out. He went out to the truck (I thought to make a call to find out if it was area wide or my line) and came back to say that they were working on the lines in the area. He left. The following day, there was still no cable. My neighbors all had signals. I again called for an appointment. The following week, another rep came out, tested something and said I needed a new drop line and to call to schedule an appointment. I did so, but one was not available for another two weeks (this past Monday). Now -- three days later, no one has shown up nor called. When I call the service desk, the reps tell me that we are on a list and that the tech has 30 days to appear and they can not give me an estimate of when that might occur. I have talked to some very rude and some very professional service reps; none have been able to help. Today I cancelled my service. They are able to come out tomorrow evening to pick up the box and modem. Having read this discussion, I'll make sure I get receipts and will be prepared to fight about my outage credits and final billing.

on August 17, 2005 12:42 PM
# Jeff in Middle TN said:

Like somebody else in this chain of posts, I find it hilarious that this post is from April of 2004 and here we are talking about the same ole shite a year and a half later.

Personally, I have never had any problems with CHSI. That's a good thing for me because I don't have another high speed option.

For TV, I'd always been a satisfied and loyal DirecTV customer. The one thing that bothers me about DirecTV is that their HD equipment, especially the DVR, is not affordable. So one day back in May, I get a brochure in my mailbox from a Comcast sales Rep... get digital cable, HD/DVR, 3 rooms, Free HBO, CHSI, $79.99 a month for the first year, $99.99 the second year. My combined bill for DirecTV and CHSI at the time was $120... so obviously I'm intrigued. That's $500 a year the first year and $250 the second year saved... $750 in my pocket.

Being a good DirecTV customer, I call them up and give them the lowdown. They try to keep me but they just can't match the offer. The guy at DTV actually told me that I would be sorry for switching... I passed it off as desperation from a retention person.

So I call up the salesman and get him to fax me a signed quote. It's all good, so I set it up.

That's when the fun started.

The installer comes out. I show him the layout and where all the DirecTV stuff converges in the middle of the house. He piddles around for an hour or so hooking everything up and running a new line to my daughter's room. We hook all the equipment up and... nothing. No TV signal. He says there is a line problem in the neighborhood... he makes a phone call... we get some reception, but it's snowy. No HD channels will come in. OnDemand doesn't work.

He makes another phone call and tells me that somebody will come out and fix the line on the next day.

Nobody ever showed up the next day, which was Sunday. Nobody shows up on Monday. I call Monday afternoon and talk to the only intelligent person I've ever talked to at Comcast TV... he credits my account for the balance that was on there and sets up a service call for the next day.

Tech comes out the next day and finds a problem in the line. He "fixes" it and leaves. I come home from work... no change.

By this time, I'm starting to get pissed. My wife tells me that I just need to forget it and tell them to hook the DirecTV back up. Not me. I will win. I start making phone calls on Wednesday and finally get a supervisor out. Turns out there was a bad splitter, a bad receiver, and a bad amplifier in the main cable line. So at 5 PM on Wednesday, 64 full hours after I was supposed to be up and running, I'm up and running.

So everything is cool, right?


My first bill seemed to be OK... it was well over $100 but it included a prorated first month and the full second month. I didnt' do the math... I just paid it.

I get my second bill... it's $12 too much. I call, they credit the $12, no problem. I had to talk to 2 supervisors to get it corrected, but it's no problem.

Then one night I am sitting around with my wife, two of my sisters in law (one is 15 years old) and my 13 year old niece. My kids (5 and 2) had been watching an OnDemand program that had ended. For those of you not familiar with OnDemand, the menu screen will sit there for 15 minutes before it times out and returns you to the program that you had been watching on Live TV. So 15 minutes after the program ended, it kicks off and goes back to live TV. We had been watching CMT before the OnDemand, so that's what we expected to see.

What we saw instead was....


Yep, that's right... PPV quality porn. Now, I'm like any other red blooded male... a little porn isn't necessarily a bad thing... but not in front of my extended family, not in front of my teenaged relatives, and most definitely not in front of my children. I was mortified. I grabbed the remote and hit "info" and it tells me that I am watching CMT and "The Dukes of Hazzard". I try to change the channel... nothing. I had to turn the receiver off and turn it back on.

I immediately call customer service and explain this situation to the CSR that answers.

He actually asks me (and I kid you not), "Sir... do you expect me to believe this?"

My response: "Why in the world would I make this up?"

He promises me a call from a supervisor.

I get the call 8 days later.


He tells me I need to swap out my DVR because it is defective. I ask him if they are going to give me any $$$$ consideration for my trouble. I get a big fat no. I tell him that I am seriously considering returning to DirecTV. He apologizes and says that he cant' do anything for me.

So I begin to consider a return to DirecTV. Then, last week, I get my bill.

It is $14 (not $12... $14!) more than it should be.

I call the billing department and they tell me that they cannot honor the salesperson's deal because they don't know how he came up with the price. I tell them that I have the fax right in front of me and that I will gladly fax it to them. They tell me that that isn't the issue. I call the salesperson. He isn't with Comcast anymore. I call billing back and talk to 2 supervisors. They offer to match it for the next 2 months but that's all.

I take the markdown and pay the bill. Today, I called DirecTV up and they told me they would be glad to reconnect me. They are coming in 10 days.

Thank God.

on August 17, 2005 03:01 PM
# ROB said:

I have had AOL dial up for 8 years. So I thought I'd take a chance and join the 21st century and go high speed. Despite all the negative feedback I hear about Comcast, I'd thought I would try em since I already have them for cable TV. On August 25, tech # 1 comes out (a total ghetto thug type)spends 2 hours hooking us up for high speed. Wanders around outside our condo building, in and out, in and out, doesnt seem to know what he's doing. At last says our outside cables that he needs to get to are underground. August 27th, tech #2 comes out, hooks it all up again, modem still not working properly (only the "internet" light comes on and blinks) the tech lies by saying theres a problem with the cable lines and that the village has to look into it, but should be ok by Monday and that I should go ahead and install the software myself (even though I paid for the 'premium installation') It's Monday, I go to install the software and get error message saying cant get an internet connection. I wonder what lazy ghetto thug tech they're sending out tomorrow?

on August 29, 2005 06:48 PM
# James said:

I had a Comcast high speed internet. The customer service sucks. It is the worst one I have ever dealt with. They keep increasing price without informing you. When you have a problem with the billing, they put you on wait and having round trips around for no resolution.

I am planning to move away from Comcast. Maybe moving to SBC DSL instead.

on August 31, 2005 10:14 AM
# Troy said:

This is an actual letter I'm sending out today (9/1/2005)

Attention: Escalation Manager

In September of 2004 my family and I moved into our new home located at
1100 Rio Verde Dr. in Desoto Texas. This was a new subdivision in Desoto at the time and when we got settled in, I called Comcast for service only to find out that there was no service available since this was a new area. I understood perfectly. My alternative was to go with Satellite TV (much to my dismay).
As the time passed, I noticed workers in my area laying cable down. I then knew that the service would soon be available.
In March, June, and July of this year (2005) I got visits from 3 different salespeople attempting to sign me up for Comcast Digital Cable. Each time I informed them that I was under contract with Dish Network until September 2005 and I was unable to do anything until my contract was up. I admired and appreciated the zeal at which Comcast had to acquire new customers. I figured it would serve me well in the future when I did decide to get the service.
So, on August 11 (or around about), I logged on to the Comcast website and singed up for the digital service. (I was extremely excited to finally get the NFL Network, TV One, and The Dallas Cowboy Station. Something Dish didn’t offer). During the email communication exchange between a customer service agent and myself, we had come up with an installation date of August 17 between 8am and 11am. I took off work that day to be home. I waited and waited and no one ever showed up. When I got to work later that day, I called your customer service number (972-445-5555) and spoke to Sean at extension __________. Sean apologized for the inconvenience and offered a great deal for the trouble. The deal went as follows: 29.99 for the first 6 months, the 1st month for free, three rooms wired at no charge, and an addition cable box at no charge. This, to me, more than made up for the missed appointment by your installation Tech. Sean set the appointment for 8/29/2005 between 2pm and 5pm.
The installation Tech arrived at my home at 3:50pm to do his work. He started on the rooms that had no cable outlets. As stated before Sean set me up with three rooms free. When he got to the third room, he had trouble with the wiring. He then said to me (no joke) “I couldn’t get the third room, they’ll have to send someone else out better than me”. He then went on to tell me that the work order blew away in the wind so he had to generate a hand written order. WOW! Unbelievable! But that’s not the kicker. He showed up with nothing. Just basic cable. No digital boxes. Nothing. I didn’t switch from Dish for basic cable.
I came to the conclusion that because of the special price of 29.99 given from Sean there was some confusion on your part as to what was really offered. Because this price resembles basic cable, it was assumed that, that’s what I was getting.
So, I called back and spoke to Renyta at extension __________. I explained to her what happened and that I had left Sean 5 voicemails (non of which were returned). She appeared to be very concerned and again apologetic for the mix up. Because of the trouble I’d experienced thus far, she had an even better deal for me in the form of your “Dish by back” program. This consists of the Digital Gold package, 29.99 for the first year + two digital boxes (I found out later that only one box is included), and an HDTV box at no charge. This sounded great! Renyta then went on to explain that since the work order was still open she would try to get approval from her supervisor (who, by the way is never available to speak to. I question if they exist) to authorize what she called an “installation turn-a-round” (or something like that). This is where a technician is called back out to a residence to fix a problem. She said that her supervisor was in a “meeting” but she was there until 7pm and would be sure to get this matter resolved and call me back before she left. This was Tuesday at 3pm. Today is Thursday. I still have not heard from her. I’ve left her countless messages to no avail. Maybe she’s stuck in a time warp and doesn’t realize it’s two days later.
So, yesterday (8/31/2005) I called again and spoke to an unknown agent. I asked for a supervisor and once again was told that a supervisor was not available to talk to. I swear, you guys have agents on the phone with no supervision. That’s scary. Anyway, I explained to her what’s been going on and she had no answers for me. She asked me whom I spoke to and I told her Renyta at extension ________. She put me on hold to see if Renyta was available to speak to me. When she got back on the line she asked me to hold on and she would transfer me to Renyta. Not only did she not transfer me to right extension, but it was an extension without an identifying agent name. It was just an automated message by “Autex”.
So, I had to hang up, again, and call back.
This time, I spoke to another agent (who’s name escapes me at the moment). Once again I go through my spill. She then tells me that Renyta is good at what she does and apologizes for the inconvenience. She tells me that I was set for September 21st for a tech to come back out. So, Renyta set up a date without me knowing it. What if I had to work and was unable to take off. I didn’t even authorize a time.
So, this agent I’m speaking now says, “Hey Mr. Simpson, you don’t have to wait for tech to come out, you can go pick up your equipment and install it yourself”. I said “really”? She said “yes. Just go down to Dalton street in Desoto and tell them your there to pick up your stuff”. She said that she would give them notice that I would be coming. I got up and drove to Dalton Street (only 3 miles from my home). When I got there a very nonchalant individual informed me that I could not pick up anything because this was a “Dish By Back”. She said that the equipment had to be delivered to ensure that I was in good standing with the dish company.
So, I drove back home and called once again. This time I spoke to ___________. Once again she… you’re right! SHE APOLOGIZED. She said that the best she could do was an additional month free with an installation date of September 15 between 2 and 5. She said that she would be off the next couple of days and would return Sunday. She said she’d keep my info on her desk and call me Sunday when she returns to let me know if there was a cancellation.

This has been the worst experience I’ve had with a product/service company. I have a hard time believing that out of all your customers, I’m the only one that has experienced such gross negligence.

Maybe I can help you with your training and customer relations. There has been a serious breakdown in these areas with your company. I’ve been a call center consultant for the past 10 years and am currently a Manager at Brinks.

Because of my experience, I need immediate resolution. September 15th is just not good enough.

I would appreciate a call back regarding this matter although I don’t expect one.

Thank you for your attention

Troy Simpson

Cc. Becky Oliver
Fox 4News

P.S. This whole thing started on August 11, 2005. Are you telling me that the quickest I can get service is September 15, 2005 a month later? What about the two months free? When does that start? I hope you are as confused as I am.


on September 1, 2005 11:22 AM
# Cameron said:

I've been a comcast Digital Cable and Internet subscriber for the past 4 years, here in Seattle.

Have been EXTREMELY pleased with them the entire time.

Whenever I have an outage (which is very rare), I call them up, run through the quick "unplug the power from modem, reboot modem" and ask them for a bill credit for the day. They have never objected to doing so. And they have never required the outage to be @ a minimum of any amount of time (ie 24 hours). I have been 2 hours into an outage, and still been credited.

Some of you need to understand that the Support Rep on the other end of the phone is not paid to know everything about the technology. These 1st-tier reps are there primarily to weed out the 1,000's of idiot customers who call in for idiot-support issues. "I been done tried going to this webpage, but it ain't not workin - all I see is a black screen" --(turns out the monitor is switched off)

on September 8, 2005 10:04 PM
# Paul said:

I have never experienced such horrible customer service. Four promised call-backs, none of which were ever made. Typos in their database (my modem's MAC address) caused my modem to miss their connection file update and the service to cease. Had to explain this to four different techs who didn't understand that my ability to ping my DHCP server indicates that I do not have a break in the cable connection (I doubt any of them had even an A+ or Network+ certification).

All this in addition to enormous billing screw-ups which took me four additional phone calls to resolve (finally receiving several months for free).

I hate Comcast. I am now using Verizon DSL and love it.

The comments by the Comcast employees prove my point! Unprofessional people who've probably never held a serious IT job in their lives. Anyhow, they should have understood when being hired that their jobs involved working with angry customers. If they don't like it, they should find new jobs.a

on September 11, 2005 01:32 PM
# mer said:

Cameron, what you fail to realize is that these people who are complaining are not idiots, nor do they expect phone reps to solve technical problems. What they are is frustrated people who have endless and useless service calls, or service people who simply don't show up, incorrect charges on their accounts, and many conversations with ill-mannered phone "technicians." They are fed up with the ongoing, neverending drama that they can't avoid, because this company has no competition. Not everyone can benefit from satellite, and are stuck with this situation. I deal with other large companies who do provide excellent customer service, and they are rewarded with my loyalty, because they know they have competition I could go to if they sucked this much.

on September 11, 2005 02:01 PM
# Stickman said:

Comcast technicicians are worthless. Maybe not every single one, but every one I have every met. I have been called out to peoples homes WHILE the Comcast tech was on-site and could not figure out how to setup the cable modem. For instance the otherday, I got a call for a customer that said "Comcast is at my house and cannot find the MAC address for my modem." Fair enough it should be on the bottom but the sticker was removed, So I informed him and the tech on the phone to simply plug the modem in anyway and then open IE and type the following to access the Cable Modems gui.

Not to hard, but when a company is sending "Technicians" into peoples homes to mess with their computers you would hope that the people they send are Trained.

Today I spoke with a Comcast tech for my own issue of my speeds being at ISDN rates, I posted the results from my cable modem to the tech and I was told that those results were from my router. I again posted the results and then preceded to say "Wait, those are from my blender."

I agree that people do not treat resources fairly in all situations, BUT, when you have people working on issues that they have the least clue about you must think to yourself.. Do I really need to be a customer?
As I recently moved and had my Comcast transfered, a bill for 1week exceeded 115.00 due to another setup of 99.99!!!

I am cancelling the service and going to DSL, atleast with the local telco here you can expect shotty service and poor quality and not to mention they don't use the smoke and mirror tactics that some Cable Companies I know of.

on September 25, 2005 02:41 PM
# Stickman said:

One more thing, About the "Comcast Reps/CSR's" that have posted here.. Do you think people are calling you because they are happy?

Wrong, I had a similar position with a much better company handling the escalations, and let me give you a hint... THEY DIDN'T CALL US BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO SAY HELLO!

If you are in the biz of dealing with people and representing a company, may I suggest you fully understand your position and the ramifications of your rants and bad mouthing the end user here..

Do you really think that your logs are annon? Wrong, and I am sure that the owner of this blog could at anytime send in your comments and IP addys and MUCH more identifying info to support the customers claims of the service that they are infact having to deal with.

on September 25, 2005 02:52 PM
# anonymous said:

Want to get Comcast's attention? Mention FIOS. It's their worst nightmare. Just waiting for the fiber to be run in my area - should be in the next few months, as the surrounding areas are already getting get up.

on September 27, 2005 08:11 PM
# MH001 said:

HA i work for comcast aswell and i agree with both the customers and the employee's. comcast does what it can to provide you with service, and free re-wiring so dont be ungrateful! i mean when we are trying to trouble shoot with you on your computer, or powe cycling your modem, DO IT! dont tell us you did when you havnt, we CAN see how long your modem has been online, so to the people who leave it on for 300 days then tell me that you havnt had service for over a week! YOUR A LIAR! just do what we ask and you will most likly get online. true not everything works but we do what we can to help you out so dont call in and yell at us for being stupid when your the one who doesnt know how to hit your standby button.
but for the customers, i understand that your frustrated when you go to get online in the morning and your service is down. and im sorry that when you call in there may not be a same day appointment, just please take the next day and be happy with that. it wont kill you to be without service for a day. and we DO have a little thing called credit... i say little because it is kind of small, but at least its somthing.
as for our company programs! THEY SUCK! on a good day they are awesome because we go through the day helping EVERYONE the best we can. but on a when there are people in outages, our service slows down and systems crash. so please dont call in every 5 min to find out how far along its going, WE DONT REALLY KNOW! the only people who really know are the technicians out there working on the lines! so if you really want to know, go find the van and bother them!
for the angry customers, just call in and be nice for a while untill you get a bold lie for an answer, then ask to speak to a supervisor. i do understand why your angry, but i dont see the need to tell us that we are stupid when our service is not working. i mean the other day i talked to a man who screamed at me and told me that the service was crap and that i was the dumbest person in the world and a bunch of other mean and crude things. he called me from his car because he was late for work. ok i understand you were waiting for a tech and they never showed up, some techs ARE that stupid and dont care because they get paid no matter what. well point of that story is that he hung up on me after i was very nice to him and told him the truth. i never lie to the customer, they dont deserve it. i will tell you what the problem is straight up and its your choice to believe me or not. but that SAME guy called back the next morning and was angry because they promised him another tech first thing the next morning, he never came out!!! WHAT IS WITH THAT! this guy has had some bad luck with comcast and i wouldnt be suprised if he switched to another provider. im behind you all the way sir. we talked for almost an hour, well he fixed the modem issue and got him online *HURRAY!* he was happy with that and by the end of the call i transfered him to my supervisor so that he would be able to get some answers about the tech, i mean we dont have the information on them, like where exactly they are. so we do what we can to find you an answer and im sorry if its not good enough. but please dont yell at us, or call people like myself stupid just because im a female. MEN DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING! WOMEN HAVE BRAINS TOO! :D
THESE TECHS!!! where in the blue do we find these guys!!! do they even have trianing!?!?!?! i mean how do they get hired when they must only have the minimal IQ! sure some techs are awesome and i love it when they do their job and do it right! but for the ones who look at the job and say.... "nauh i dont feel like it today" and drive away... you should be shot! and then you know who has to take the fall for your stupid choice!?!?! WE DO!!! THE REPS FOR COMCAST!!! i love my job because i love to help, i dont really like having to be yelled at and confined to a chair, but i stay with it because i love to help... and when a rep does a good job and is polite, dont be afraid to give them kudos! :D just ask to speak to a supervisor about giving us kudos and they will be more then glad to let you know how great you did.
just one last thing for customers... whenever you call in.... ASK FOR A REFERENCE NUMBER!!! its the only way you know that your call has been documented... they will be either 8 or 9 numbers long... this way we know how long your service has been interupted... thank you for letting me vent and share :D:D:D

on October 2, 2005 01:06 PM
# JS said:

You folks make me feel lucky that I even have cable service. I actually have decent cable service through Comcast and have always had on-time visits by those who trouble-shoot or install lines.

That being said, I am frustrated by something small that continues to escalate. This evening I had my eighth "experience" since April with Customer Service. All of the experiences have involved the same problem:I stopped getting a bill. Yep. It just stopped coming. I did get an overdue notice, which made me aware of the problem in April, but since then no one can figure out why I do not get/have not received a bill for months. (I have started just automatically sending payment each month.)

Although I am PAYING the bill, I have called monthly (twice in May)and had 8 different Comcast customer service people. After the first person called me a deadbeat for the overdue bill in April--she assured me that conscientious people pay bills on time--I did speak with some lovely people on the phone. However, they had no idea what to do. They did, however, try. Then, this evening I met a new person on the phone. She let me know that she had a report that indicated nothing was wrong with my billing. When I asked to speak to someone else,the representative told me that I would not get a different answer and that the computer showed that I was receiving a bill. (So it must be true?) I reiterated my request for the number of someone else with whom to speak and was told I would receive no other answers. Besides, she added, she "went to school for computers." I guess she told me. Growl.

on October 3, 2005 05:22 PM
# Roger C said:

I have had Comcast for over three years now and I have to say I am satisfied with their broadband service, although not entirely satisfied with they digital cable lineup (I wish I could get DIRECTV or dish network, but my building won't allow it). I only lost service twice in the three years that I had Comcast, and I do find this acceptable although the resolution time could/should have been shorter(two days the first time and three days the second time). My d/l and u/l speed are amazing and I have no complaints on the quality of my broadband connection.
Now, on the other hand, I too have had many issues with Comcast’s tech reps. I just find it unbelievable that a customer rep can threat customer in the way they sometimes do – and yes, there are exceptions, but I do find that the overall mentality of their tech reps is “the customer is always wrong, they don’t know what they are doing, they are trying to scam us, they complain too much” – in other words, the customer is the enemy.
I am an IT professional and too have worked with customer service in the past, but never threaded my customer in such a manner. I now do not have to deal with customers any more, but I do understand that customer service is difficult. But I do believe it is important that Comcast’s tech reps understand that this is what their job is, customer support. It does involve dealing with the good and the bad, and it does require being polite and understanding.
Now, my understanding is that customer reps should NEVER threat customer, NEVER blame customer – even when customer is to blame, after all their job is to find a solution and not to find someone to blame – and NEVER make promises they can keep.
After all that being said, I will continue a loyal Comcast customer until something faster comes along, or until I face problems similar to the ones listed in here – if there is something I can not stand is lousy customer service.
From the customer stand point, never assume the person on the other side is your enemy, but be polite and your chances of being better serviced will greatly increase. If you are being mistreated, ask for a supervisor and make sure you get names and extension numbers.

on October 18, 2005 08:17 AM
# working for comcast said:

i think the reps here are just as frustrated by the fact that customers expect more from us than we are able to do. also, when said reps are not on the clock they can actually voice any opinion they may have as long as they are not releasing proprietary information or making personal attacks. from what i have read here the reps are only trying to educate the customer as to why they are not getting the results they expect.

i fully understand that customers are calling me because they have a complaint or a service issue, billing issue, etc. i also know that when i am calling a company with these types of issues of my own the person i am speaking with is not responsible for the error and does not need attitude from me to resolve the issue.

comcast representatives are not purposely upsetting people. we do what we are able to do to resolve your issue. we also have rules and procedures layed out for us by the company we work for that we must follow, we cannot just give out credits left and right if we did we would lose our jobs. we cannot get a tech to your home the same day. it is impossible. there is no way at all to do that. we have to follow the procedures laid out for us to do our jobs properly.

on October 23, 2005 09:53 PM
# Dispatch said:

Wow. The things we find when we Google, eh?

Yes, I work for Comcast. No, I don't have their service, as I live outside the serviceable area. I can attest to the fact that all cable companies are very similar, and problems are often not resolved due to incompetence of the customer service rep and/or a lazy technician. If you insist on escalation of your problem (to the next tier of expertise OR a supervisor), you might have better luck. Don't expect to be transferred immediately... all calls are answered in the order in which they are received, and most escalations (particularly to supervisors) cannot be handled with that first phone call.

Before I worked in the dispatch department, I worked Customer Service. Morons abound, for sure. Unlike many Customer Service reps, I had rarely had trouble making my callers happy. A good, knowledgable rep is hard to find. I'm sure they miss me.

Working in "dispatch," I route the technicians to their jobs everyday. I add equipment (digital boxes and modems) to your account upon installation. I provision your modem so it can surf the web.

Equipment fails sometimes. Cable lines and connectors get old. Intermittent trouble is frustrating. As I tell customers, finding some problems is like going to the doctor with a stomach ache: Sometimes you have to visit the doctor several times... have different tests done... to determine your diagnosis and find a resolution.

on November 18, 2005 04:45 AM
# Sherry Heyl said:

I moved to my home mid Oct and ordered cable to be hooked up in my new home, which I explained to the company that was not hooked up for cable. I was scheduled a time between 2 and 5. At 5:00 nobody showed up. I called and got the scripted apology and was told someone would be here by 6:00. At 6:30 I received a call and was told someone would be here by 7:00. Nobody came, no further calls. I called and rescheduled the appointment. When the technician came out he was surprised that the house was not wired for cable and told me he did not have time to wire me for cable. I argued and convinced him to at least wire me for the Internet and for one room. I had to reschedule to have the other room wired. A week and a half later a technician came out to wire the second room and assured me that he was scheduling to have the cable that ran across my yard and driveway buried. A few days later a contractor came out and marked my yard to bury the cable on 11/5...11/8 no one had buried the cable yet. I called and was told it would be another week. A week later, no one understood why my cable had not been buried yet and I was assured it would be escalated and burined in 48 hours. 3 days later, I am sitting on the phone with Comcast asking why they expect me to pay their bill on time - yep! still no resolution.

on November 22, 2005 12:09 PM
# said:

Question: Comcast Company Is Good or Bad???

It happen to me one of those crazy thing... From Telephone, Cable & Internet. They billed me double, they told me that I missed a payment. Then I look up on my comcast bills folders, and look for the personal check copy. It show on my files that I never miss any payment. And now they shut off my cable without noticed, here in Connecticut.

Answer: I think there signal is not bad.
But some people or employee missing it up to put the Comcast out of business. They have to be work it perfect so customers will like them.

on November 24, 2005 01:53 AM
# Comcast Customer said:

I think the employee are really messing up or that's the way they do it make quicker money. They have to be fully train properly not just training.

It happen to me also my telephone bills, cable bills. Try Sbc Telephone and Sbc Yahoo DSL. You have from them and Internet for only $ 41.95 better deal.

on November 24, 2005 08:25 AM
# OMG i have a signal!?!? said:

I wish there was another phone number available to call for people who do know a thing or two about computers. or maybe some prompts from the auto attendant that ask some specific IT questions to weed out the non IT people who call.. such as "have you checked the RJ-45 plug? Press 1 for yes, and 2 for no" That's gotta be easier than for comcast reps to have to listen to EVERY call that comes in.

I am a Sys engineer at my company and I deal with computers everyday. I am fed up with people who just read out of a book...
"check cables, monitor on? reboot pc, reboot modem, are the lights green? ... ok, we'll have to schedule a tech to go out... "
Of course i'm nice to the tech, I say things like: well i can do an "ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew, so we dont have to wait for my PC to come back up"
and all i get in response is... "ipconfig? that's to get an ip... "
"............. yes.... it is..... "

but if the only thing you can do is schedule a tech to come out, you havent solved my problem. you've just told me that i have to wait longer. If i say a tech has already paid me a visit, can you take my word for it if i fax a copy of the work order? What's the next step after a tech has diagnosed that my problem i a weak signal? "a truck has to be dispatched" ok, great, what a number i can call back to follow up and see that this is done?

Now another thing I wish to see implemented is a trouble ticket numbering system. I hate calling back and having to explain my situation again to a new rep. cant they just give me a number so that they can see the notes taken from the previous call? cant you put down notes that say the technician has visited 2 times already and that you shouldnt send another tech out to waste my time and the time of the tech?

Comcast is charging each person at least $50 a month... can some of that money go towards some better monitoring equipment? I'm not trying to get techs fired, but to make them go out and see if everything is ok, seems very inefficient. why not just get some monitoring system up so that your techs can see where the problem is without having to bother the customer to stay home for 4 hour chunks during business hours? And comcast has to realize that things to break. Routers, cable modems, the cable box up on the poles... maybe water seeped in, maybe lightning hit, maybe a squirrel stuffed all its nuts in and caused a short? who knows. just know that not all users are to blame.

So i pose a question to all of you comcast workers. Why are you working for comcast if you cant handle all of the "idiot" tech support calls? didnt they tell you that you would have to handle those calls from time to time? maybe you should find another job if you are unhappy. or you can complain to your comcast boss. i'm sure if you guys complained as much as a comcast customer that they will find ways to curtail the calls. hopefully that will mean that they actually put more safeguards in place that will help when a router fails instead of blocking people's email address or phone number from calling comcast...

of course comcast can say to me that i can NOT use comcast. That is true. I'm currently exploring DSL in my area. 1.5Mbps is better than 4Mbps now... oh wait.. 0Mbps... oh 4Mbps... oh no... 0Mbps... 0Mbps... oh! 4Mbps! no... false alarm.. 0Mbps....

For all of those "Smart" comcast workers... how about you send me your extension so I can talk to you and have my problem resolved by a smart comcast rep? What you post here is just words. I'd like to see someone act on all the promises i hear on the phone. If you cant give me your contact info, how about posting another customer support number that gets us to a higher tier of support?

on one final note. i cant wait for verizon's FIOS FIOS FIOS FIOS FIOS FIOS FIOS FIOS!!!!!!!!!! 15Mbps down. i'm drooling just thinking about it. as soon as that's available i'm gonna take everyone's advice here and drop comcast on its head like an unwanted baby
i'm getting my cancellation in writing on receipts and i'm going to make multiple copies so i dont get charged late fees or get forwarded to a collection agency. everyone who has problems with comcast should look up FIOS on verizon's website and see if it's available in your area. If not, just send emails to verizon and that will show them your interest.

on December 6, 2005 06:13 PM
# JOD said:

Still after the first log in 2004 - Comcast still SUCKS! I have been fighting with them about a bill now for 2 months. They promised me a promotion when I said I was going to cancel b/c they were a rip off. Sure enough - I'm still getting charged up the a$$!!!! I also asked them to shut my phone off a month ago since I never use it and it's just an added cost - in attempt to get my bill down.. The damn thing is still ringing and i'm still getting charged!! I called 2x now to tell them to SHUT IT OFF! How f**king difficult is it.. really??? I have names, confirmation numbers, etc. and they still say they have nothing noted on my account saying I should be on a promotion.. I have asked them to pull calls, talk to the reps.. do something b/c this is ridiculous!! I am now waiting for Kyla in the 'retention department' - whatever that is? - to call me back to review my bill AGAIN. I will be cancelling it ALL today and would never use Comcast again. Go on line - there are better deals to get a cable and internet package. Comcast is NOT a deal - regardless of their marketing tactics - they will get you in the end!

on January 13, 2006 06:49 AM
# Mark said:

I work at a Comcast Call Centre in Canada. The job is outsourced to a company called Convergys (www.convergys.com) and let me tell you, customer service to you people is a joke. I've never heard so many stupid Americans call and yell at something we just can't fix - heck, it's not our fault.

The "real" Americans that call in - those who are patient and willing to do troubleshooting - are rare. The majority who call in think there's always an outage - there couldn't POSSIBLY be anything wrong with YOUR equipment. If I take 50 calls in a night, around 25 are from people with routers where once we reset the router, all is working well again. In this situation, the majority of people still think it is a Comcast problem.

And please: don't call in threatening to disconnect your service - we honestly DON'T care. For every ONE disconnect we get a day, we get a request for 300 new connects and re-connects.

Also, please don't get mad at the rep on the other end when you call for High Speed Internet Technical Support. The programs we use are OLD, unreliable, and just make the job more demeaning. The turnover rate at this centre is like 80%; it's very difficult for people to stay in that job.

How would you handle a 50 year old individual who doesn't know how Internet Explorer relates to their internet service? You tell them they need to call Microsoft because they're browser isn't working - and argue after spending an hour on the phone trying to troubleshoot and you can PROVE it's their browser. Remember, if you can ping OUT by URL and IP and get a valid IP address, it IS your browser causing the problem.

Oh, and my biggest beef - people who call in because a computer peripheral isn't working, like a mouse or their printer. Yeeesh people. We DON'T troubleshoot your damn computer - just the internet connected to it.

Please, have pity - the majority of people on the other end are students, working their way through University at a very stressful call centre - don't get mad at them, visit www.comcast.com and click on "Contact Us" to send a real complaint.

on January 13, 2006 11:53 AM
# Glad said:

Thank God I found this site! Coincidentally, I just cancelled AOL and want to move on to High Speed. My cancellation will take effect on 1/15/05. I am one day away from making my final decision! I was leaning toward SBC DSL at first, but then got interested in Comcast's deal of $19.99 Cable internet, free modem after mail in rebate and $100 cash back. They're just trying to sucker you in now with good deals so they can take advantage of you later. I have Comcast cable tv and they have gradually charged me a lot more since when I first subscribed in 1998. Comcast is a dishonest company and I will now go with SBC DSL for only $16.99 for the first 6 months and $29.99 after that. I just wish the SBC DSL Pro Package was available in my area since it's faster than the standard package is only $5 more a month. It starts at $21.99 for the first 6 months and just $34.99 after that. It's still a hell of a lot better than Comcast's price. Hopefully, the Pro Package will be available in my area soon, but in the meantime I will be with their Express Package.

on January 13, 2006 03:52 PM
# LK said:

I was promised service on Sat 1/21/2006...they didn't show. Called in today issues Customer Reference # and Job #. Promised someone would be out today before 8PM....I'm currently on hold and they're saying noone is comming today...it will be 1/29/2006 before anyone will be out. COMCAST SUCKS!

on January 24, 2006 03:44 PM
# komkast.com said:

It's time to fight back and help give government evidence for punitive financial penalties against comcast: Public database of comcast outages.

We're in Montgomery county, Maryland, home of the highest percentage of Ph.D.s in the country, more federal bureaucrats than you can _____, and quite arguably the worst comcast service on the planet.

We've been down so many times and abused so much that we've responded by creating komkast.com

on February 5, 2006 07:38 PM
# someone said:

I had my problems with comcast. But I have to say that things have a way of fixing themselves. People should also understand that problems don't necessarily happen to everyone. For those who snoop around for reasons to continue/cancel services with Comcast, in this particular case, know that a little bit of common sense should make a lot of difference in the final outcome.

Know also that People are expected to make mistakes. Some are more professional then others. Yet some are more intelligent and communicative then others. That's what is all about. Variety is what makes us unique. This is certainly valid for customers (everyone) and comcast personnel.

For services that have been setup and in current active order, there are few steps of maintenance everyone should perform once in a while.

If service drops for unknown reason, especially if your computer has been left actively online the whole night, then one should do few things:
check the lights on the modem
if all lights are green, then do a speed test.
is the speed high? then something is wrong with the webpage server
reload or empty cache of your browser (computer maintenance should go here without a second thought)
is the speed low? this confirms one of two things
your modem and router needs resetting (usually solves the problem)
your computer needs fixing (less likely with macs, more likely with PCs)
unplug both modem and router from power source.
sometimes it's a good idea to disconnect all intermediate cables between wall plate, router, and modem (axial cable + network cable)
replace intermediate cables
re-plug into power socket the router first
re-plug modem into power socket
test speed
(things should be working by now)
if speed is still low
ask yourself - how many computers are connected at one time with the internet? check each computer for spyware that could be using up the entire bandwith. Do that by shutting them off, except your computer. Is the speed ok?
check the modem's own IP address and look at Logs for error messages
look also at the signal power level - make sure that's within normal levels
On the average, Voltage should not exceed 6 - or it may damage modem in the long run.
generally speaking, if modems are brand new, but the coaxial line voltage is relatively high, time will be the only factor that will tell how soon your modem will simply become anemic and die away. First, the modems would run fast, and furious. Then, hours, maybe days later, the modem's speed won't get higher then 1.5 kb/s. If this problem can't be fixed by either self-maintenance nor tech support, the solution would simply be the following:
get a new modem - register it with comcast (activating it)
use a splitter to lower the voltage (put it at the box / wall portal)
(comcast techs should know this checklist by heart)
Other problems could simply be tiny hair-like wires that short-circuit the line (accidentally) right at the ends of the cable anywhere where an interface is made possible (wall, cable box, outside house).
Disconnect each interface mentioned and visually inspect the ends of the cable. Shine a strong beam of light inside the barrow of the metal cap-end. Look at the base of the central copper wire. The shaft should be clean all the way to the base. Its plastic base (whitish and sometimes honeycomb) should not have hair-like wires sticking out from beneath the metal cap-end. If that's the case, try using a small scissors or a small flat-tipped screwdriver to remove these wires. Reconnect the coaxial cables and restart the modem.

I can't think of anything else that could aid cable modem owners in pursuing a trouble free environment.

use common sense

on February 6, 2006 04:07 AM
# jason said:

I just got comcast last week. It goes out on me every day at 9:30 for at least a half hour. It's been down most of yesterday and today. When I have been able to get it on it cuts back out after about 10 minutes. I highly recommend staying away from comcast. I called tech support yesterday, and they told me the outage would be fixed late in the evening. Today I called them back and they said they'd send a technician out in two days. I had bellsouth dsl before and I never once lost my connection.

To the person that said people should pick up a book or walk to the store to buy stuff when the cable goes out, we shouldn't have to work our schedule around the cable connection. It should be on when we need it to be on. That's what we pay for. I make my living online trading stocks. I need the internet to be on between 9:30 and 4:00. When it's not, it costs me money. Every day it goes out at 9:30 when the market opens, and it won't come back up for a half hour. That first half hour of the trading day is the most crucial time for me. That's why I'm going back to bellsouth.

on February 13, 2006 09:04 PM
# Jack said:

Im in Montgomery county and I for the life of me can not figure out the monthly charge AFTER the promo period is over. Also, what commitment would one have for the 6 month 19.99 plan?

BTW--comcast uses explicit two-part tarriffs bundling the services--that is why if you purchase internet, calbe is virtually free...The tacit fringes on legality, though the govt never would do anything about that pricig methodology.

I hope that comcast does not ask for my box back as I just moved and like what the $3 buys.

on February 27, 2006 03:58 PM
# Kaitlyn said:

Hey..just a quick note.. I have just started working at Comcast, and we love the customers.. I cant name one ISP that does so much work to keep their customers......We love having you guys as customers!!

on March 2, 2006 07:19 AM
# David said:

I've got Comcast Internet only. Had lots of issues, 5 calls to CS and 4 "technician" visits until they finally got me up and running.
I see people mention that you can get Cable TV for a very small fee if you already have internet with them....how is that??
I'm paying about $49 for internet, and cable pricing starts for ~$50, but that would be on top of my internet bill.

on March 13, 2006 11:29 AM
# Waseeq said:

I am also not satisfied with comcast service. In the begning it was okay but after couple of months I started facing problem. I moved two times. When I called them for cable and internet, they told me there will be installation (49.99) even though cable is already hooked up in my appartment. They will charge 49.99 just to see the technication. 2ndly they start your billing when you call, actually you will start using their services once you got your cable modem. It takes one week to get your cable modem.

on March 13, 2006 06:01 PM
# Kembest said:

Although it appears that Comcast's billing makes no sense (that's why it was better for you to keep your basic cable) there is a reason for it. Comcast real fight is with the satellite providers, DirecTV, etc. Those people will provide you with an average of 6 channels as "your local channels". Comcast on the other hand provides 26 up to 54 channels as "basic cable", depending on where do you live. They call this "the real local channel line-up". For those who has the dish, but have any of the other Comcast products (say high speed internet) they will get $15.00 discount on the HSI service. Due to the fact that basic cable can go as low as $8.00/mo. (Revere, MA.) the customer just pockets the difference,even if they will never watch it. Comcast expects that dish subscribers, after they compare what they receive for such a small amount, they might eventually switch or come back to Comcast and enjoy other of the Comcast Cable packages (including Video on Demand-not available through dish networks),or Comcast Digital Voice. The discount looks out of the wall, but the strategy behind makes lots of sense. For those who does not have a satellite, the offer is still there.That's why you got it too.

on March 27, 2006 05:31 PM
# SomeoneElse said:

I have been a comcast Internet customer in Howard County, MD for a while now. Started back when it was the @Home service and when the only way to get service was to let a technician come out and add a crappy SMC NIC to your box - Which got ripped out minutes after he left. Put my CP 4.0 firewall back in and life was good.

All in all I have been happy - UNTIL about a year ago. I know addresses aren't guarenteed but I had mine for three or four years - then they started upgarding something around 1/05 and I got a new one. No big deal - had to reset my VPN tunnels but OK. This happened at least four more times over the next six months.

Starting to get annoying now. Then my connection just died. I called in and actually spoke to a fantastic rep. She basically said my modem was so old that I should replace it. OK makes sense - so I did. Got a Moto SB5120 from CompUSA and wow holy crap I was getting 8MB+ down and I paid $5 more per moth to get 768 up. Still not to bad.

Started to get worse. Verizon starts digging up the neighboorhood. Yikes!! Cables lines cut. OK (progress I guess) But annoying.

Now. FIOS is live in the hood and some of the neighbors have jumped ship. Suddenly three days ago my connection to Comcast Internet dies. Did'nt really feel like screwing with it again after rebooting it at least four times in the past month so I let it sit.

So this morning I go and reboot my CP VPN Edge box and my cable modem like I have gotten used to. But service didn't come back. CRAP, I might have to call and deal with a Comcast rep. Not wanting to feel that pain I decided to disconnect any splitters I have to make should the signal hasn't degraded for some unknown reason. After a couple of hours of swapping cables, splitters etc. I have come to realize either my new modem is burning up or they have reduced the signals to my house. Is that crazy? I am able to get reconnected by removing the splitter that I had on the cable for 6+ years and going straight in. My speeds are now only 3mb down and 300k up. :-(

This sucks, the signal is definately weaker. The only way I will be able to get resolution is to call some moron at comcast - fight with them for hours while we cover "is the cable plugged in - ok - Disconnect the router/firewall and put your PC right out there on the Internet to see if that works" NO. NO THANKS! Can't handle the pain any more...

FIOS here I come.

on March 29, 2006 10:26 AM
# Chris said:

I call in to tech support to report that my cable modem will go offline for 15-20 mins at random intervals throughout the day then without my changing a setting or touching anything it will go back online all on its own.

They sent someone out to check my lines. The tech started disconnecting my DirecTv lines. I stopped him by pointing out where the CATV line was. Checking the connection in the basement he again touched the DirecTv lines this time ripping them off the splitter/amp.

When I told him not to touch it he wouldn't stop and tried to put them back on. After I insisted he stop he started cussing me and got right up in my face and pooched out his chest like he was arguing with the umpire over a strike or a ball. I ordered him to leave. He refused. I went and go the phone and called the cops. He still wouldn't leave. I got my pistol and even though I kept it pointed at the ground he finally decided to leave.

A supervisor at Comcast tells me this guy who was dropping "GD" as if he were suffering terets is a minister in his church. Funny since the guy was out on a Sunday.

Two days later a tech supervisor came out and cut off and replaced the connectors outside my house and I've been connected since.

on March 29, 2006 10:46 PM
# Cassandra said:

Ya. I had similar problems with my internet / cable and cell phone company. My ISP failed to give me a DNS over and over. I was on the phone for 8 hours total time - all calls over a weeks span of time. Then they re-set the signal and it worked. Then I moved and I wasn't getting a signal there too. I had to buy a modem and cancel digital cable. They kept digital cable on and gave my modem to my old roomate! ARG! They are Shaw!!!

I have tried 18 times to get my cell company to change the account info. They say they did it and then I get these stupid messages and bills mailed to the wrong email and house and they messed up my billing cycle too. Like...MORONS. They are Fido!!!

on March 31, 2006 04:13 PM
# SomeoneElse said:

So I ordered FiOS. Spray paint all over the yard and street. I get a letter today in the mail from Comcast stating they are bumping my connection up to 16M down and 2M up - Wow! Could they know I just ordered FiOS?

Interestingly enough I went and checked on my connection which has been out for days and guess what its back. Guess they were just upgrading! I would be fired if I took my customers offline for a week while I was upgrading their service without warning.

I am now testing 10M down and 300k up on Speakeasy's speed test. New IP too.

Still going to FiOS!

on April 3, 2006 05:46 PM
# Jenny said:

The worst service provider is comcast. You give them a chance to get their voip working, but they cant. The technicians who come out to service the voip tell you how much comcast begged them to try the digital voice they dont even want. But from the get go they know that their telephone service is horrible, it has poor sound quality and it is not compatible with security alarms yet they lie about it to get a sale. Their poor sound quality is worsened by crossed lines where you actually hear other people's telephone's conversations. They are the worst voip quality. Dont fall for their trap.

on April 25, 2006 06:04 AM
# Mike Hawthorne said:

Hi everyone!

Well I have dialup, and the only alternative here is Comcast, but after reading all these messages I'm not sure that I want to change,

I love my Dish TV, great picture, always works, some what expensive though. I have had friends who had Comcast TV alone and they changed to Dish or Direct TV.

I’d love to have a broadband connection, but I'm not sure that it's worth the hassle to go with Comcast.

If only I could get DSL I would be happy but I have been trying for years and they still won’t tell me when they expect to have it in my area and I not out in the middle of nowhere, this is a fairly high density suburban are only a few miles out side the second largest city in Michigan.


on May 16, 2006 11:03 AM
# sam beck said:

Check our regular phone service for dsl. You can get that now without installing a second line. I have Bell South, and it works great. sam

on May 19, 2006 04:55 PM
# kristy said:

i live in south florida. i have dial up.. i thought comcast was the shyt. but appearently not from what i had been reading so far.. what would u reccomend is good?

on May 22, 2006 06:09 AM
# james said:

my only real problem was the day a Comcast tech parked his van in our driveway for over an hour to access our neighbors interface (okay, we share a driveway). we noticed shortly after he had left our cable modem was dead. I called their C/S 800# and they didn't show any scheduled service anywhere near us. hmm, odd, I explained the scenario and they said I'd have to wait a day or two for a tech to come out. I said, 'no, that's unacceptable, this was caused by your tech I want it fixed today.' less than an hour later, the first tech came back, I spoke with him, he fixed whatever was wrong. then, later that afternoon another tech came by and wanted to 'fix' it again. I explained the first tech had already been back to undo whatever he had done in the first place. he was kinda perplexed.
other than that we haven't had any major problems, other than the basic bogdown when our neighbors get online.
now, with Qwest, that's another story. until last month we've been getting charged $9.00 a month plus taxes for a modem we've never had. after talking with over half a dozen C/S techs we finally got the problem resloved but it took a year and a half and they DID credit us the year and a half of charges. bottom line, the monthly modem charge was attached to our physical address and not our account number. we rent a house and we were getting charged for something the people before us used.

on May 23, 2006 11:25 AM
# Comcast Disliker said:

I don't have Comcast Internet Service and I only have basic TV cable. There is a good reason for that.
Out of 35 channels of basic services, Comcast offers
* 5 shopping channels,
* 4 Spanish-speaking channels,
* 1 TV guide channel

For much needed news/info., Comcast only transmits local channels which are easy to hookup with even with a cheap indoor antenna.

I am no Einstein but I could guess how other Comcast's services are; therefore, I am not surprised as I was reading those mentioned above remarks.

May Comcast go bankrupt and disbanded.

on May 29, 2006 02:21 PM
# Kid D said:

I'm in Detroit and while Comcast is not the only option, inertia has kept me with them. But their service is horrible. And the rates keep going up.

I'm paying about $60.00 dollars a month for Internet with Basic cable. But I don't have a tv, so I don't need or want basic, so it goes unused. Now, for $60.00 a month I could get 3 static ip's from SBC, but then I'd also be paying for a monthly phone bill, which I wouldn't use as all I use is my cell.

Oh well.

But seriously, someone should start a comcastsucks.com website, cause that company needs to die, quickly.

on June 13, 2006 05:58 PM
# Brian said:

I am just now considering the comcast package with cable, internet, and phone because of my experience with Sprint. I was late on a payment with Sprint (my bad) but paid it before it was scheduled to be shut off. I paid it then 6 business days later, even with a payment confirmation # they shut off my phone and internet. I called bi*@hing and gave my conf. #. They then said that even though they had screwed up that they would not turn me back on until I paid my next bill which was not even due for another 2 weeks. Completely unreal! So I had to pay another $127 that was not even due yet right there that minute or they would not turn me back on!

Now I read here about Comcast horror stories and wonder why "service" industries treat customers so badly. And sadly, because of my line of work I am tied to my pc online constantly. And this is why noone should ever invest in communication companies. Sprint is too concerned with mergers with nextel and now embarq this month...who know who next month; and Comcastis proving no better. Unreal.

on June 14, 2006 08:41 PM
# Veronica said:

Hi, my name is Veronica, I live in Michigan and I have Comcast for my Cable and Internet service, and please let me tell you, the price here for basic cable is $42.95, and my internet is $49.99 plus $2.99 for the modem, you do the math! I am so mad that the prices are so much cheaper their for you cable!!!
I'm am so sick and tired of them though, I live in an apartment complex and everytime someone has their service shut-off they turn mine off also, it's happened about 5 times, they are so full of it.

I want to switch over to at&t, they use a phone line instead, does anyone have any reviews on them, if you do I would like to hear them.

on July 7, 2006 06:17 PM
# happy att customer said:

veronica i'm near Detroit and been with ATT since jan 05. NEVER had any issues with connection (and i'm a heavy downloader). i get 3 megs for 18 bucks! they "upgraded" (lowered) my price with every promotion for "new customers only" that i've called for (initial monthly fee was almost $30). i'm paying less than $50 for my phone bill with DSL and i'm very pleased.
oh and i'm getting $30 comcast digital tv with dvr :)

on July 25, 2006 04:55 PM
# Rob said:

Well i live in Westfield Mass and i get comcast here and my dad has been a loyal customer to them for about 30 years. After missing a 60 dollar bill by a couple of weeks and instead of offering us free cable after all the things we did for them they first shut our cable off from our digital cable box(we just connected our coaxial cable to our VCR and got basic service) and then they get here about 7 in the morning, jump our fence and have the balls to climb up our pole and unplug our cable connection from the pole!!!Well my dad is P.Oed at them not me i have high speed internet at my school and they are a good service and this is the first out of three strikes for them in my eyes but my dad is fed up with them. So hopefully my dad calms down and we get the cable back because direct tv SUCKS!!! Oh yea Comcast charges-for Westfield Mass suscribers-50 bucks to recconnect the cable from the utility pole wich is bullshit!!!Oh yea Jeremy when you dont have money to go out and buy things and do stuff cable is all you got(reffering to the life is to short for tv statement)

on August 2, 2006 08:57 AM
# Don said:

Forget Comcast. We're in the middle of cancelling the service we've had for years now. Customer service is non-existent. They do not seem able to repair their own network. Find something else or you'll regret it.

on August 16, 2006 03:26 AM
# Mike the Apeman said:

Oh man, this is gonna be fun. Timeline for you:

8/6 - Connection starts going out randomly on Comcast HSI. Call tech support. Earliest service call is 8/13. Mind you, this is a Sunday. Fine, i take it.
8/9 - Called back in, spoke to a supervisor, and find a cancellation opened up a time on Friday, 8/11. Better, but still not good.
8/11 - Tech doesn't show up. I call local office. No one ever heard of the supervisor I spoke to. from this point on, reference numbers are all documented.
8/13 - Tech shows up, replaces all connections from the pole out. Service seems to be working fine.
8/14 - Connection drops again. I call back and tell them the tech replaced everything so this HAS to be a problem either at the node or in your CO. They have to send a tech before someone can be dispatched to check that. Okay, strike 1. Earliest they can get someone out is 8/22. You're joking....
(on vacation 8/14 - 8/18)
8/18 - went and exchanged modem at local office. Now everything from the end of the drop wire into the house has been replaced.
8/21 - Engineer is out on pole feeding my house. Does something to the tap, connection goes out completely. Call customer service AGAIN. They tell me someone will call me back. Never happened.
8/23 - Tech shows up out of nowhere. He checks everything. The stuff the guy replaced on 8/13....yeah, every connection was loose. He tightens everything, checks the signal, everything looks right, he leaves.
8/23 again - signal drops an hour after tech leaves. I call and am told he left the ticket open for a supervisor to come and see what happened between 4 and 5:30. 6PM rolls around, no call or visit.
8/24 - I call in the AM to order Verizon DSL, then call Comcast. Get routed to the call center in Toronto...again. This tech actually understood when I told her that I had two site visits, have reset and replaced my modem, have reset my router, have logs showing the modem diagnostics, have tracert results, have ping results. She tries to call the local office...SHE CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH THEM EITHER! That's strike 2. Same tech comes back, checks signal at pole, sees same readings as inside. He says "this looks like a problem at the node". Wait, didn't I say that two weeks ago? What does it take to get you guys to look at that? Okay...strike 3.

I work in T-Com, so I know networks well. The lack of response here has left a very bad taste in my mouth. When the DSL gets here, it's go time. We'll see how bad Comcast wants to keep me, a customer that has been with them since they were @Home. At this point, I don't know if I even can be talked into staying.


on August 24, 2006 10:12 PM
# Marv Albert's underwear said:

Had Comcast in DC when I lived there, and Comcast stunk. Monopoly market with high prices and terrible service. Now living in eastern Georgia and have three other choices for cable, internet, and phone. Comcast's prices here are much better and the service is much better. In spite of this, we may change to one of the competitors who can bundle our phone/internet/cable better than Comcast. Any opinions about digital voice (phone) service?

on September 3, 2006 10:05 PM
# Lucy said:

Have anyone had any bad experience with Comcast in South Florida - Fort Lauderdale ? It is too bad that people had bad experiences with their cable company.... that is terrible, but we don't have a choice .. we need Comcast for my son in the Fort Lauderdale area. they don't have Brighthouse there yet... I have RR or Brighthouse for over 13 years and I don't no complains.... my cable had gone out maybe one or twice a year because of the storms we get here... other than that is always on.... Thanks... hopefully they improve their service

on September 10, 2006 12:32 PM
# Sharon McClure said:

I have Comcast Cable because where I live I can only have Comcast Cable. My cable service sucks big time. If I call one number I get someone in Tennessee telling me that the cable service in my area is being worked on. If I call another number, I get someone in my area (MA) telling me that nothing is wrong and they cannot understand why my service isn't working. My favorite line from Comcast is "I've refreshed your cable boxes. Everything should be fine in about an hour." Its laughable. The last three times my service was out each outage lasted approx 7 hours. The tech was here again yesterday to fix a "problem." Prior to July 2006 my son was the person who took care of the Comcast bill. I took over payments in July. My total Comcast bill was $199.42 monthly. I went into shock. We had phone service, internet and cable on one bill. Originally phone service was supposed to be $39.99 because we bundled it with internet and cable. Somehow, the phone bill was now $72.00 a month (irregardless of the bundle) I cancelled phone service. I now have Vonage for $24.99 a month. The cable service was next to be downgraded when I found out that I was being charged $57.00 a month for basic cable, $59.00 for a "platinum" package that included HBO, Showtime, STARZ and a total of $60.00 for other miscellaneous charges. I got rid of everything except Basic and HBO. I am in the process of trying to find another provider of internet service. I know that I can't beat this monopoly but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. On a closing note, I must admit that my problems didn't really start until I started slashing my Comcast services. Who knew.

on September 20, 2006 07:20 AM
# Jerry said:

I had AT&T Broadband since it was available back in 2000ish I think, then a year or more, I don't remember, Comcast took over. Everything went alright until past year everything was a mess. The connection would just randomly drop for a day or so, other times it would drop for maybe 30 seconds, long enough that if you were playing a game or anything it would disconnect you. Rather annoying if you play MMO's. Other time the conneciton is so slow, even slower than 56k probably.

Then recently it dropped for a whole week. In between that time I've tried calling them but they have no idea whats wrong, one guy told me to replace my modem, which I did. It kinda worked, I got a connection but then it keeps redirecting me to a comcast site to tell me to install software. Everytime I try to download the install software it redirects me back to the site that tells you to download install software. So how am I suppose to install the software if I can't download because it keeps redirecting me back to the download page. Retarded.

I called them up and asked about the new cable modem, they told me I have to install the software, which I kept telling them I can't because it keeps redirecting me back to the same page. Only reason to install the software is to tell them the stupid MAC number on the cable modem... So I just told them that and they have everything set up so my cable modem works. Then the connection drops again and doesn't connect.

I called them up again and they said they'll have to send a tech guy over to check it. The day or two before the scheduled appointment the connection comes back up, so I cancelled the appointment because they're just going to say that the connection is just fine and leave. Week after that the connection drops again and stays down. Happens few times like that where it connects like the day before the schedule appointment.

Now the connection is working just fine, no problems. I kept thinking the problem is on my end but it might just be them, I don't know.

on September 21, 2006 01:14 PM
# Gordon said:

Fortunately Comcast isn't a total disaster everywhere. I live in Tucson and I've had their high speed Internet connection for over a year now and I was able to bring the "package home", plug the modem in and I was up and running in just a few minutes. And it plays nice with my LinkSys router and two connected Computers too. We have occasional drop-outs but only once every few months and they are never more than a few hours in duration.

And yes, I've also subscribed to the basic tier of services for $13.99 to get a better rate on the Internet service. I have DirectTV which I use for TV but still appreciate having a basic local channel feed into the house for when we have storms and DirectTV goes down (which is does pretty readily when it rains). So I don't really even mind paying for that since it is a deal anyway.

Of course DirectTV is still struggling with delivery of HD (High Definition) TV right now and I'm reading they will offer a new HD DVR ($500) and a new 5 LNB satellite dish ($100) to get the admittedly limited content. Clearly it may be a bit before they can deliver at anything approaching a reasonable price.

So I stopped by Comcast and found out that for just $5 a month, I could pick up a HDTV box (into which I plug my cable feed) and suddenly I can get all the local channels in High Definition (HD) as well as several other like HD Discovery Theater. Now to me ... that seems like a very nice deal.

I am having one problem getting all the "promised" HDTV channels (I get most of them) so I called late this morning. This is Saturday and they will have a technician here to resolve my signal issue Monday between 1-3. I suspect it will be a matter of removing some of the filters from the box out front ... I'll only have to be sure and check my Internet connection before he leaves just to make sure.

But seriously, it sounds like Comcast is genuinely terrible some areas but that has not been my experience here in Tucson. And if you happen to have an HDTV or HD ready TV and would like to experience some really fantastic pictures and a few extra channels, consider looking into the $5 HDTV subscription (not a special either ... regular price) which, I found out, can be added to even the most lowly basic cable service.

on September 23, 2006 03:32 PM
# Wm. Cerniuk said:

Tested my Comcast cable modem service over a period of 3 months using monitoring software. The average rate was 1.2Mb/s on what they claimed to be 3Mb/s. I switched to DSL with a dedicated rate. DLS rates are based on distance from the CO (the phone switching building). They claim up to 3Mb/s. I have 2.7Mb/s all the time, day or night, regardless if my neighbors are all online. Between the billing errors and frustration (time wasted in dealing with morons) and the service, I am not going back. Oh yea, my DSL is $19/mo instead of $57.95/mo. I have a DLink cable modem that is going into the trash.

on September 30, 2006 04:04 AM
# Marty said:

I have Comcast internet right now at $45.95 a month (including tax). It is supposed to be 6MB down/384KB up, but the best I've ever had was 4.5MB down/359KB up. Almost never a down time that I can remember in years.

Though I have Comcast internet, I have WOW (Wide Open West) cable because it was cheaper and had better channel line up. Great service too. Internet with them is about the same. I'm considering changing from Comcast to either AT&T (6MB down/784KB up) or WOW (6MB down/1MB up). AT&T has a promo now for 3 free months and $24.99 a month. WOW is about $44 a month.

Anyone in/near Troy, MI have WOW or AT&T? Any complaints?

on October 9, 2006 11:55 AM
# Martha Piercefield said:

Well, Comcast has me between a rock and a hard place, their pricing is high and I have NO alternative if I want to keep my Vonage phone. I can't have free long distance to the UK where I have family, if I go to Comcast phone, which is more expensive anyway!!!
Then there is the fact of the comcast on demand that NEVER works, never has and won't work at all if you have your own dvr... you have to have comcast's dvr.... which you can rent for a mere 9.95 a month, and oh yes if you want digital cable that's another 6.95 a month for each tv and then you rent the cable modem for your computer at 3.00 a month, it never stops..... I have 1 premium channel and full basic cable, plus the cable modem and I pay 130 dollars a month, that's steep!!!!

on October 18, 2006 01:38 PM
# alittlescrewed said:

I'm a little screwed in the fact that Comcast is the only cable carrier in my area. The apartment I live in does not allow for dish.
I have not yet signed up.
I was reading the responses on this board from the Comcast Employees. Knowing how they're already on the defense and think of all of us as "Morons" doesn't make me want to sign on. So, what I got out of their rude ramblings is that in order for me to receive ANY type of customer service whatsoever I must be on my best behavior? I'm nobody's bitch or 3 year old.
However, I need cable. Anyone have suggestions? It's been difficult to find a complete and detailed list of channels attached to the Basic Cable and the Full Basic Cable. Anyone know the difference in channels?


on October 23, 2006 10:09 AM
# Andrew said:

Comcast is Ripping us off!!
We in Sunnyvale, California are paying the same prices that any of the other customers in the Bay Area are paying, but for an inferior service. Communities throughout the Bay Area have access to ten to fourteen HDTV channels and they are able to access the On Demand service for the same rate that we pay in Sunnyvale. We, on the other hand, only have access to eight HDTV channels and NO On Demand programming. When I asked a Comcast representative when they would update our cable system I got a disappointing “We don’t know.” THAT’S IT!!!! If we are going to be paying the same amount for our service as the rest of the Bay Area we should receive the same benefits. So until there is a change in the service provided, If the technology in our area is inferior to the rest of the Bay Area, then that is what we should be charged for. I kow very few of you are from my area, but if you could help out by signing this petition, that would be great.

Please sign my online petition by going to:


This will only take about 30 seconds.

Thank you

on November 8, 2006 03:50 PM
# Scrubbs said:

I have comcast cable Internet. I was called and offered the extended basic service for an additional 20 bucks, making my total bill about 80. Today I got the bill and its 95.
15 in taxes and surcharges?!!
I don't think so..

Im cancling the TV tomarrow. Heck, I watched an hour of history channel, and I bet I saw the same army commerical every 8 min's, and about 32 min's of real TV viewing.

Heck, I can download stuff commerical free, from the internet via usenet.

on November 11, 2006 04:12 AM
# Jim said:

Requested transfer of service to new address in December. After a week or so, they came out and messed up my yard to bury a cable. Left the connection to the cable hanging in midair outside, no connection. Unable to contact service, can't afford to spend more than half a day waiting for a service rep on the telephone. Plus getting overdue bills and continuing bills for service at disconnected address.
Much worse than Time Warner!

on January 29, 2007 02:27 PM
# yet another employee said:

Ok... so lots of angry people... I get it, believe me. I actually worked today, and took 42 calls with no angry customers at the end of them. and I too work outsourced for comcast.

ok... I agree that we shouldn't be calling people morons, that's rude. But I also think saying all comcast tech reps when you call have no education and are stupid is a little mean also.

First of all... for the most part, we leave notes on the account. I personally read them while going through trouble shooting. But please, if someone asks you to go through a certain procedure, ex: when we ask you to bypass the router (this is to make sure we can get you connected directly by your modem, so we can make sure its not our issue and we can atleast get you connected one way or if it is our issue, get it fixed), when we ask you to shut down your computer and unplug your modem and wait... wait please... it just makes it longer if you try to go smart on me and moved ahead. then just wait for us to tell you what order, or ask "how long do I leave it unplugged?". cause the modem has to come online first before you start your pc, otherwise your more than likely to get an invalid ip. so it just makes it smoother all around.

and about the 6megs, 8 megs and the speeds not reaching that, if you read your terms of service, it actually states that it can be UP to that speed. comcast isn't guarenteeing it. little reading between the lines. And I also don't lie to customers... I will tell them that when they ask. totally pointless to lie cause if we are monitored on that call.. we are screwed.

also about when people call in complaining about loosing buisness and $1000's of dollars... also, read your terms of service, thats actually a breech of contract in most cases. so as soon as you ask for reimbursment for all the money you lost, there is nothing we can do about your work being at home without a buisness account. sorry, but we do have rules also and if we don't follow them, we get in huge crap.

and don't yell at me when I HAVE (part of my contract) to tell you "if the tech determines its not an issue on comcasts behalf, say if there was obvious customer related damage..., there could be a service charge of ..." that is part of my contract, I'm not saying it to piss you off or to rip you off... that's my contract so I don't get fired. so i'm gonna say it. and head's up, if you refuse it or say "well if it comes to it, im not paying" we actually have to refuse you a tech. that is one of my big pet peeves. if you didn't damage the modem (as long as its leased, if you own it yourself.. different story if they connect a new modem and it works) and its not a router or pc issue, then your usually out of that ballpark.

as for the phone service. (yes I am now multitalently trained now)it's NOT voip... which is completely unreliable (been there done that). the only reliable part about voip... is your internet provider. seriously. comcast digital voice is not voip... we don't send out signals over the internet, they are converted over the phone lines. so far, I've heard great things from my customers, but remember it is fairly new still.

and i will agree with you all that billing sucks, but unfortunetly, we as agents don't have control over that much. i truely hate the way they set up the billing and billing costs, but again, we as agents can't do much. atleast I can't... and I don't know too many who can.

and not all of us are idiots and I truely try to help everyone and get a lot of thank you's. but I don't have you stand for customers calling me a "f*&^ing idiot" when i'm clearly not (if im wrong, I'll appologize but I'm not an idiot) and we do have the right to warn you and if need be disconnect the call. don't just assume we're worthless right off the bat, cause in most cases... that agent is gonna stop caring about your call and you are going to possibly get crap customer service. and you can't all say you wouldn't do that same thing in that situation, if you knew what it felt like.

and one more note... all our ivr's don't actually tell people how to powercycle the modem, and we don't listen to our own ivr.. so we don't know if it told them or not.

and please please please don't yell at me when I ask for the phone number, cause it doesn't autopopulate on my screen when your call comes in, so in order to fix your issue, I kinda need it.

one last thing, please don't get mad when I verify security. it's for your safety and protection incase of fraud. it's a good thing!

I just wanted to post this to help you all understand what we, as agents (well most of us, I know there are a few that shouldn't have jobs there)are trying to do, even if its not evident or doesn't make sense. and if you don't understand something, just ask.


on February 16, 2007 03:51 AM
# Ron said:

One of the worst things about Comcast is that they are dishonest - or put another way just plain lowlife crooks. I've had their cable TV for 20 years and not long ago signed up for high speed internet special to what I thought would be an advantageous bundle package. Regarding the TV they finally added MSNBC a couple of years ago in my area to the standard roughly $52 portion which was a good plus. Now they are taking back that channel as well as eliminating The Weather Channel and C-Span 2. Did they drop their rip-off price? Hell no! In fact, the TV cable monthly fee has gone up over 100% in just the last 7-8 years! In continuing the theme here of raping their long-time customers Comcast crooks just raised my introductory high speed service from about $30 to the standard fee of around $45. They refused to give any continuing discount, yet bend over backwards with all kinds of specials for new customers they suck in. For me the main issue is giving more choice to all customers nationwide of cable TV such as individual channel selections. Congress has been debating such a change for years so it's high time for them to make it reality for long suffering Cable TV consumers. In the meantime, I get stuck with around 75 different channels but only ever watch half of them or less - plus suffer as Comcast giveth and then taketh away various channels.

Of course, I'm considering dumping devious Comcast once and for all and going to AT&T as soon as I feel that they can satisfy my TV needs. As yet they are not quite there but I'm strongly leaning towards going with their much lower priced DSL and then maybe later the total AT&T bundle package if it pencils out right for the long term.

on March 20, 2007 10:34 AM
# Ron said:

Some more comments and follow up to my last post. I called Comcast to find out why they eliminated the channels I spoke of (actually I forgot to also put TV Guide on the list which makes 4 total). The CS person said it was because of the move to Digital/HDTV. When I complained that they deviously "giveth and then taketh away" with no payment adjustment she said, "for $1 more a month" I could have a cable box and receive the missing channels. It would be $14 for a technician to come out or forgo install fee if picked up and hooked up myself. In other words, I'll calling to bitch about Comcast charging me more for less and the CS person if asking for more $$$!!! This is just so much more BS IMO since I've paid Comcast A-holes over $10,000 in charges over last 20 years! She further went on for $5 additional each month I could have a second box if needed. Oh, I get it - most likely "richer" people have more than one TV so go ahead and gouge them at an additional $5 vs. just $1 for a single TV! Comcast is a low-life criminal monopoly where I live and needs to be investigated and reined in. As I said before, the first thing to do is force them to offer individual channel selections and not the nonsense of having dozens of channels never viewed at all. Remember what happened to the 4th largest cable company Adelphia a few years ago and their corrupt demise?
Same stench now blows all over pathetic Comcast crooks!

on March 26, 2007 10:14 AM
# Ireland said:

For 18 years, no problem with Comcast. Then I moved from Thorofare, NJ to Alloway, NJ (30 miles, new county). COMCAST told me to take my equipment with me. Got to Alloway, they didn't have COMCAST phone service. COMCAST of Vineland sent a technician to hook up my internet and digital cable TV. The technician signed a receipt for the telephone modem box and said be sure to keep it, because they always say you didn't turn it in. I laughed, but kept the receipt. Sure enough, I am receiving collection agency notices of $73.04 (?) for a $35.00 modem they said they never received. I have written to COMCAST, I have gone there in person so they can copy the receipt, I have spoken to Customer Sevice reps, I have called the collection agency. The latest story I'm getting is that it is not the correct serial number!!! Today I will fax everything to the collection agency. Then we will go to COMCAST of Vineland to see what they have to say. If none of this works, I will have my lawyer file a complaint. I would rather pay him $200.00 than pay them for something I have already turned in. By the way, they have my NEW account billing going smoothly. The modem bills come from COMCAST in Woodbury, NJ where my old service is headquartered. Also, where I paid my bill - on time - for 18 years. The clerk there told me to contact their offices in Voorhess. A joke. You can't get the phone number! Even from that very clerk. I won't change to Verizon until this mess is completed. Then I'm out of COMCAST. Also, I am the third person that I know PERSONALLY that this has happened to. By the way, the Better Business Bureau has given COMCAST (anywhere) a less than satisfactory rating due to unanswered complaints. For billing or collection issues, the outcome was NO RESPONSE. And COMCAST has declined to join the BBB. Understanble, since they hold corporations to some standards.

on May 30, 2007 05:46 AM
# Ireland said:

One day later. Believe it or not, the collection agency actually put me on to the correct collections person at Comcast! She was kind enough to actually physically check the work order files and guess what? All the correct information was right there! So, no more bills for equipment I don't have, no more collection agencies, and an added bonus - they owe me a credit which they will give me on my new account. If it was always so easy to reach the correct person, it would not take four or five months of aggravation and might always be this pleasant to deal with them. The woman I spoke with was very gracious. Unless other problems pop up, I'll stay with them. Thank you Comcast again.

on May 31, 2007 08:17 AM
# said:

I have had HSI from Comcast for 3 years now. I have to call every 14mos or so and signup for a one year contract so they will take about $20 a month off my bill. It has worked the last 2 years.
I don't know if it will work this time.
I can not complain about the service. It has been excellent.
Maybe because we live in a new area (2003) with underground wiring, etc. and new terminals ( I presume).

on July 21, 2007 12:31 PM
# said:

i had comcast for years and i checked into dish network it is the same price as cable but you get more channels.

on July 22, 2007 12:00 AM
# said:

I've been waiting for a credit of $150 from Comcast for overcharging me $15 a month for 10 months when I moved a couple years ago. Still haven't got it, and every month, they shut my service off and I have to call and raise hell to get it turned back on. I only keep it b/c it is the ONLY option where I live, but they did it again today, and now I'm thinking about driving down to their local "office" and throwing their digital cable box and modem through the window. I can't wait until AT&T or Wide Open West get in here - Comast is going to lose their entire market share because they've been treating people like shit for years.

on August 23, 2007 05:07 PM
# Mario said:

Due to previous issues and latest increases, I decided to get back to Comcast the only way I know how – cutting services. I had standard cable with Internet access and the bill went up $30.00 dollars in the last 2 years. They keep selling me their “marvelous” phone service when you can get Vonage for $14.99 a month (not unlimited but the cheapest offered).

This is the time line of my experience with Comcast so far:

8/9. Place a call to lower my cable to basic. In Illinois, standard cable is $49.49 and basic is $17.99. Internet special fee of $42.95 is maintained because you still have cable. CR rep tries to sell me the digital package; I say: no thanks. She says since I am initiating this service call, I have to pay $14.00 for the service call. I agreed and she gave me a decent appointment on a Saturday – August 11th from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. I take the opportunity to tell her my opinion about Comcast (not a good one) understanding that it is not her fault I feel that way.

8/11. The barely speaking English technician from Comcast shows up early (great!). Apparently, someone (the CR rep perhaps?) has alerted him that I am “difficult”. He says over and over that he wants to make sure I am satisfied with the service. He goes twice to apply the filter or whatever they do with those metal cylinders (I have a suggestion or two). The first one did not work at all. The second one worked. I sign the order and off he goes.

8/12 at 6:30 AM – Cable signal for all channels is bad. I checked Internet access and it is down. I place a call for service. CR Rep says that the earliest she can send a technician is on Tuesday, between 1:00 and 4:00 PM. I accepted reluctantly since I have to take time off from work which would not be compensated. I gave my cell phone number to be contacted for “their confirmation” since I have Vonage and would not get their call that way.

8/12 at 12:30 PM – Service is back on – did nothing until I make sure the service is up at least for a day before I cancel the appointment.

8/12 at 7:00 PM – Service is down – I found a direct relation between cable signal and Internet access, so at this point, I just need to look at the TV to find out I am screwed.

8/12 at 8:00 PM – Comcast calls me at my Vonage line (and not my cell as I told them) to let me know they found the problem and to cancel my service call. I am clueless until I get to work Monday and check my Vonage voice mail!

8/13 at the office – Checked my Vonage messages to find out that Comcast cancelled my service call because they solve the problem. Call again and set up another appointment for 8/14 in the afternoon.

8/14 at the office – called to verify the call. Someone had cancelled it. I am already ballistic at this point. No reason for cancellation. CR rep says they will send someone in a few hours. The tech did not showed up. Call in the evening using my cell and set up a call for the next day….

8/15 the technician came and changed all connections inside saying that the loss of signal was inside the residence. Internet has great speed! TV looks great! Is this the end of it? No!

8/15 through 8/24 – Cable and internet goes off at least 3 times a day with 2 to 4 hours intervals….8/24 placed a call to get a tech come by. The earliest they can do it is 8/29. I said fine.

8/29 - I started to read this log yesterday and this morning checked what the technician on the 15th “repaired”. At least 2 cables (the one to the wall!!!) were loose. I made sure all cables were tight and so far I have 6 hours of uninterrupted service. I called a CR rep (very nice by the way) and told her about the cables, my cancellation of the call for today and to find out the credits that I am due for not receiving the service. I got reference numbers, etc. and she explained that the credits will go for approval with billing and who knows if I would get anything. The important thing is that I can connect to my office (yes I use my connection to do things other than watch porn), and I can watch my WTTW channel without squinting (only channel worth seeing in the basic package). I also suggested to her to pass my suggestions to her supervisor – Suggestion #1: If your cable and internet connection are not stable, might be because the coaxial cable / splitter(s) that the technician put are not tight – tight them up! Suggestion # 2: Follow-up randomly what your techs in the field are doing. The more calls from customers not getting the service they expect, pay and deserve, the more work for the field tech team – and the more call centers outsourced to who knows where!

I would like to know how the FCC and government at all levels allowed this monopoly to happen. Most places in the US, you only have one option for broadband / cable. I would like to have the same lobbyists Time Warner, Comcast, COX, RCN, and others have (for more honorable causes!).

Talking about the FCC, look at the third objective on this web site - http://www.fcc.gov/broadband/ “Ensure harmonized regulatory treatment of competing broadband services” are you f#ckng kidding me?

on August 29, 2007 11:02 AM
# Jack said:

Really a disappointing company. I recently canceled their TV package and went with Dish Network. As a reward they increased my Internet access by $17+ per month and charged me a downgrade fee of $15.

What a bunch of jerks, You can be sure I will NEVER be a returning customer. Someday they will not be the only solution and hopefully people will wise up and leave them. I am going to DSL as soon as it gets supported in my area.

on November 26, 2007 12:38 PM
# Comcastic said:

I'd rather be internet-less, than have to deal with comcast. If I need to pay bills online or send an email, I'll just do it at work.

I honestly don't understand the people who type out these long stories of calling comcast and visiting help offices. If a company does not correctly provide and bill me for the product I consume, why on earth would I continue to use this product? Is much easier to cancel service all together, than it would ever be to plead away $500.00 in charges, or repair intermittent connections. Those two (among other) aspects of their company are not MY obligation.

Fix your service and I'll consider bringing back your product into my household, and the 9 others to which we removed you from. GG.

on January 14, 2008 10:55 AM
# Marco said:

hi there.

i live in Edgewood, MD.

I picked up Comcast as better choice. My gf had Cavalier wich is supported by Verizon but it goes throught the normal copper which it sucks so bad.
Edgewood, unfortunately, is one of the (or so it seems at the moment) one of the few place not covered by FiOS.
i saw many different opinions about FiOS and a lot about Comcast. I have to say that i agree with the fact that it can depend where you live and... if you're lucky or not.
Someone say that FiOS has an amazing service, someone else say that's sucks. It depends. I truly believe them, i bet there could be problems. I wish to have an amazing universal service for everyone but that's how it goes. So, i have to say that i'm doing good (at the moment) with Comcast, we checked some others companies but everyone has the copper to offer and with prices that we considered higher for just the telephone and internet and after the bad experience with Cavalier i truly have to say that the coaxial from comcast it's like a breathe of fresh air, i can't deny.
Let's see what's will happen in the future months... if it'll go bad, at least we tried and we will look for a better one :)

good luck everyone then :)

on January 17, 2008 09:17 PM
# Tammy said:

I'm glad to see that i'm not the only unhappy costomer. I have never used Comcast in the past, we recently moved to an area that didnt serve Cox cable. We called to have the triple play hooked up... internet, phone, and cable... plus they were running a deal with three free rental on their cable boxes for the three rooms where we wanted them hooked up... we waited a week for the first guy to show up... he intsalled the livingroom tv, the internet, and the phone... before he left I asked him about the other two bedrooms and cable, he told me that alls I would have to do is hook the tv's up to the wall (with no cable?) that's not what we signed up for... the internet went down right after he left, so I call comcast and they couldnt figure it out and told me that they would have to have someone higher up try and fix it which could take up to 72 working buisness hours... When I went to watch tv none of the channels worked that my family and I usually watch like A&E, Sci-Fi... ect... but they had gave us all of the movie channels which we didnt sign up for... my husband called and they told him that they couldnt get anyone out here for another week and a half to look at the problem with the cable... I called them back and b&^%$#d at them so they sent two techs out here the next day... it took both of them a couple of hours to figure out the cable and the internet... they intsalled another box in one of the bedrooms but since the third bedroom only had a plate and not a cable outlit they said they couldnt install the third box which we had signed up for because they didnt have the equipment with them... and comcast also is now trying to charge us for the extra box that was "supposed" to be free for 12 month... everyday it's something new... I have never had this much trouble with a cable company and after reading some of the horror stories about after we decide to move again and the trouble with the huge bills... i'm not really feeling at ease...

on March 13, 2008 04:54 AM
# Kristina G. said:


I was simply looking up to find the cheapest cable possible , yes I am a google girl, and stumbled across all of these horror stories about this "Comcast" company and all I have to say is GOOD GOD! Its a shame how a company can be so careless, unprofessional and just down right scandalous! I am just glad I happened to "stumble across" this, perhaps I would have tried it... not now thats for sure! THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP.... I DONT WATCH TV ANYWAY, I HATE TV :) I HAVE MY HIGH SPEED INTERNET THROUGH AT@T ALONG WITH MY PHONE LINE. $15 FOR THE PHONE LINE AND $35 FOR THE INTERNET. NOT SURE IF THIS IS THE CHEAPEST OUT THERE BUT IT WORKS FOR ME :)

on July 31, 2008 08:55 PM
# BostonGeekGirl said:

I've been in customer service for years. How many people do you know will actually call in to say what a great job a company is doing verses the amount of people who will go out of their way to bitch about something? Need I say more..probably. I've experienced ugly times with just about every company I've dealt with therefore before I make any decisions based on comments like this I actually do my homework and then shop around. I get the big picture from each company by asking the right questions. Who has the best deal, the most convenience, what I want, customer service that is available to me, how long to resolve an issue, what it would cost, etc etc etc. I've been with Comcast for 7 months, I have great download speeds, no problems with my cable and my digital phone is awesome. I've talked to their reps regarding my billing and yes it has been confusing but they took the time needed for me to understand it all not to mention they are coming out with more user friendly statements. The other companies had hidden costs I discovered and no where near the customer service availability I require. From a business sense I understand why it costs less when you have more than one service..it's like buying in bulk. I truely feel as if Comcast has the most integrity when it comes to being honest with their customers. There's a lot people don't understand about that goes into the cost of providing these services, like the broadcasters of the channels and what they charge or how much bandwidth costs and why, etc etc. Try educating yourselves first before bitching or making a decision on what to go with!

on September 8, 2008 03:11 PM
# Comcast Joke said:

I have a Comcast story I'd like to share...

A little over a year ago I moved into a new apartment and called Comcast to take advantage of a $19.95/month special for high speed internet.

The Cable man showed up and explained it'd be an additional $3/month to rent the box versus some amount (I forget) to buy it. I ended up opting to rent it, but the Cable man must have been very generous when he filed my paperwork -- because the $3/month charge never showed up on my bills.

After 6 months, my promotion ended and the cost per month went up to like $59.99/month -- so I called and cancelled.

The woman explained, since I owned my cable box (thanks, Comcast!) there wasn't anything I needed to return. The service would be canceled within 24 hours.

That was about 8 months ago. I still have internet.

Comcast, you rock!

on September 10, 2008 08:35 PM
# BH said:

Has anyone ever heard of the Welcome Back Plan or We Want you Back plan?
I subscribde to it and they never billed me correctly. It was a huge bill and I asked them (you know, the great support staff there.LOL) about it and they said they never heard of it and never offered such a plan. They even had a website at the time (NOV. 2008 Charlotte County, FL).
Now they say pay or they shut me off. The bill is huge, wrong and abusive. Thye basically called me a liar.
I could not find it on line when I went back to check. I'm not crazy. It was $39.?? for TV for a year plus $5 for an additional (NFL/Sports Channel/They told me that was included in the plan at the time too.) plus $19.99 for my high speed cable Computer for 1 year.
If you remember such a plan or have any info that I could use to prove I'm not crazy or a liar, I'd appreciate it!

on March 4, 2009 04:42 PM
# KR said:

Counterintuitive. Comcast, read and learn! Wouldn't you think "customer service" would ACTUALLY mean "customer service". In comcast land, however, customer service is DEFINED AS: 1) A person who WASTES ANOTHER PERSONS TIME , WITHOUT BEING USEFUl 2) someone who causes severe distress while interacting with the public , person/persons may hang up or throw computer/computers across room/rooms or cause other damage. In extreme cases, may cause physical symptoms or other non specified reactions. WARNING Person/persons with serious health conditions should try to AVOID this or any service involving comcast, altogether! Who knew? I need to check my dictionary. I would have put money on it.....I THOUGHT "CUSTOMER SERVICE" would be defined as: The act of a person, usually an employe of some business, who is in the position to give service to customers. Skills would/SHOULD include: helpfulness, able to DISPENSE INFORMATION, friendly, play well with others, etc. This brush with comcast has really set me back. I guess concast isn't as smart as an average fifth grader, or a fourth grader, and so on. Where do they find their employes. I can only hope that in time I can recover.

on September 23, 2009 01:46 PM
# Big_sid said:

I am located in Canada sending mail to various friends in the US, two of whom are served by Comcast and I would like to add my comments regarding the so called service that Concast "provide". The letters I send are totally innocuous, everyday and Comcast-- out of the BLUE-- blocks the letter because of Spam and placing the blame on my server as the blocker.Now, no matter what I send is blocked!!!
I contacted my server and forwarded a copy of the blocked letter along with a copy of Comcast's reason for Spam blockage. They did a complete investigation and came back to me quickly, stating that the problem lies with Comcast and I will have to contact them and that they have no control over Comcast's action. Obviously I now have to go through an LD land line phone and contact the addressee and tell them what has happened and ask them to fight it out with Comcast.
In addition to that, my daughter, in another part of the US and with Comcast has ordinary mail suddenly blocked for Spam this morning, so now I have to go back to her the same way and see wheher Comcast is capable of fixing the problem. I am always extemely concious of Spam and it never enters any of my mail plus the fact that a I have an outgoing spam filter on my anti virus program.
I see the words on a lot of the blogs"Comcast sucks". Surely this cant be so????? Tongue in cheek!!!

on January 31, 2010 11:18 AM
# Lewis Balentine said:

Comcast internet service is the pits. I got TV and Internet. In the four weeks I have had the service the internet service has gone down four times. Each time they wnat to send a tech out to my premises to determine what I have done to my internal wiring. Each time the problem is in their equipment on their side of the demark. These people have no clue how to trouble shoot a circuit. The time required to support their efforts for exceeds the cost or value of the service. No amount of high priced advertising can make up for unreliable service and a inferior techical staff.

on February 19, 2010 03:13 PM
# said:

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on May 18, 2010 04:30 PM
# Comcast : too expensive for what it is. said:

So I'm taking my cable box back today, and I'm going to see what I can do to avoid paying $60 a month for internet service (I own my own modem). AT&T Uverse works well in my area (I have several neighbors with the service), so I could very well use the "well, I can get the same speed from AT&T" line since 12 mbps from AT&T is $45 a month and 18 is $55 a month.

It's not that I don't like Comcast service, even though I got my first rep that seemingly didn't give a damn if I left Comcast for other services. It's just that I can't justify $60 a month for internet.

on May 19, 2010 07:57 AM
# mugabo said:

I've been renting my cablemodem since 2002, back when it was "AT&T @Home," how stupid is that? And now I'm paying $60/year for a cablemodem that I've already rented to the tune of $350+?

On top of that, this is actually a good week for not getting dropped:

Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance opportunities received - T4 timeout

Start: 12:44:04 - 06/18/2010
Now: 02:47:53 - 06/27/2010
Count: 725

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out
Count: 18

Love you, xFinity. Getting basic DSL as soon as I get off of my lazy ass.

(Also, great to know that I'm not the only one after reading stuff here, and happy that "comcast internet cost month" Google query has this site as #2 in the results.)

on June 27, 2010 04:05 AM
# said:

I moved out of Michigan in 2008. I turned in my cable box, internet modem and paid my final bill. Four months later I get a letter from a collection agency stating I owe Comcast $133. I went online and did a live chat with a Comcast rep who said it was an error on their part and they would take care of it...silly me, all they did was get me off the phone!

Fast forward to 2010. Trying to refinance my home and find out the only negative thing on my credit report is a $133 collection notice from Comcast. I called Comcast again and this time they explained that I had closed the account but a billing error inadvertently credited my account. Before they could reverse the charge they sent me a refund check.

After some research, I told them I have no record of a refund check but if they could provide me an electronic copy and it showed my signature I would gladly pay the money back. The response from Comcast was, "we no longer have the check image, but our system shows it was mailed out. Pay up"

I asked why this wasn't explained the first time I called (as opposed to being told it was their mistake and to ignore the notice)...no response.

I have filed a complaint with the Michigan Public Service Commission to see if they can help. If not, the next letters go to my congressman, senator and anyone else I can think of. Not asking to get a free ride, I will pay if they can prove I cashed the check (as I wrote, I checked with my bank for a deposit or if I cashed it with them). But in the end I still have heartburn with them sending me to a collection agency as the FIRST step, then telling me to ignore the bill and then telling me this is a result of an error on their part, but I still need to pay...this is the only issue on my credit report and with the melt down in 2008/9 of the credit market and small ding will prevent you from a getting a good loan.

I am with a satellite TV provider.....will never go back to Comcast, even if they are the only player I will install a roof top antenna!

on July 12, 2010 08:02 AM
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