Following in the footsteps of Excite @Home and then AT&T, it appears that Comcast (or is it still AT&T? I can't keep track.) can't run a network either.

                           Matt's traceroute  [v0.52]
cow                                                    Tue Apr 29 10:23:09 2003
Keys:  D - Display mode    R - Restart statistics    Q - Quit
                                           Packets               Pings
Hostname                                %Loss  Rcv  Snt  Last Best  Avg  Worst
 1.               0%   10   10     1    1    1      1
 2.                          20%    8   10    11   11   21     41
 3.                         20%    8   10    16   12   24     48
 4.                          10%    9   10    39   12   25     62
 5.                          0%   10   10    13   12   15     21
 6.             10%    9   10    51   13   29     51
 7.         10%    9   10    21   13   36     69
 8.            20%    8   10    14   13   23     57
 9.            20%    8   10    19   19   38     64
10.            20%    8   10    56   20   30     56
11.            30%    7   10    85   61   71     85
12.            10%    9   10    88   60   75     91
13.                          10%    9   10    72   71   98    136
14.            20%    8   10    82   80   88    112
15.         0%   10   10   130   80   98    130
16.       12%    8   10    84   81   91    129
17.                    12%    8   10    91   84  105    144

Notice the packet loss at the first hop! I guess it's a good thing I held on to my DSL service too.


Posted by jzawodn at April 29, 2003 10:49 AM

Reader Comments
# Adam Kalsey said:

But if you stay with Comcast, you can pay a higher rate for less bandwidth than you got with AT&T! Why would you want to abandon that kind of deal?

on April 29, 2003 12:00 PM
# Ask Bjoern Hansen said:

I'm 4 hops and about 12ms away from the corporate VPN box and my colocated servers. Speakeasy+internap rocks. Except for the +20Mbit thicker cable then typing at home is as good as being on a box locally in the office. =^)

on April 29, 2003 02:56 PM
# eric said:

I agree. I'm a Comcast customer, but I'm not terribly thrilled about it. I get a lot of service disruptions, and yes, paying a higher rate for less bandwidth is a bad thing. They offered me a reduced rate for cable TV at the same time, of course, but I'm not much of a TV watcher. I'd rather pay less for more bandwidth.

It's also rather frustrating that the "transition" from AT&T to Comcast won't be effectively finished until July.

- Eric

on April 30, 2003 08:29 PM
# Scott St. John said:

I have gotten used to the Comcast Sunday night shutdown - where we loose connectivity every Sunday from about 10pm till 6am. Gives me that sense I am in nature where there is no Internet only the animals. A kind of back to basics thing.

on May 1, 2003 09:13 PM
# Rick said:

Comcast sucks? No kidding! As I note on my web page, they're cutting us down from 60 Meg of web space to 25 Meg, and not bothering to tell anyone. Meanwhile they say they're trying to win us over by focusing on commitment. So far, they just seem committed to sucking more out of our wallets.

on May 10, 2003 10:29 AM
# John Shepherd said:

If there is a COMCAST SUCKS organization, I want in. They suck, with professional arrogance.
Their new cable modem instructions says nothing about installing behind a router, just swap in/ out with your existing router. When following their explicit instructions, and I work in IT, your installation will hang. you must of course reset modem and IP address, but they don't tell you that. Anyways, should you need onsite support, you must be at home, or business, for their two hour window of service, and only until 3PM. After ythat, you are totaaly screwed. Hope you don't mind taking time off work. Just tell your boss I have Comcast issues, he'll know what you mean!

on May 26, 2003 10:25 AM
# Robert Carn said:

I have this stupid initialization failure pop up on the screen every time I email or turn PC on that really bites because I can't send email sometimes and other things

on June 3, 2003 10:18 PM
# Fred said:

Ok guys here's my story. I was on dial up move to a new house, so i call for cable. The only company around was Comcast(Richardson TX). They give me a deal of $67 for basic Cable TV Silver plan + high speed at $49 with 6 month at $20. Not bad. I am happy!! The dude shows up for the installation got upset at me because he can't find any cables cords in the house LOL. Ok make the dude makes 3 holes in the house. Then tells me that i don't have a compatible internet card. Well i ask him the USB connection like it was promissed on the phone. The guy refused and said he has none and i will have to call the 1800 #. Ask him a Comcast guide!! He does not have it. Ask him about my 6 HBOs!! He does not knows. Total : $90.00 installaton!! Call the support line for my high speed internet!! The fucking software keep showing a failure!! The dude on the phone was half rude!! Like i was bothering him!! Paying $107 per month and receiving A NASTY installation&services!! THAT SUCKS

on June 28, 2003 09:02 PM
# Chris said:

I have to agree once again that comcast does suck eggs! For the past few weeks ive been experiencing poor signal! Web pages will load half way then just completly stop, or sometimes go so slow that even the dial-up was faster and the frequent disconnecting was annoying! I will probably be getting DSL soon.


on July 7, 2003 12:13 AM
# Selahvie said:

Located your blog on a search for Comcast to get their # to install cable TV. Thanks for the cold slap in the face. I had AT&T Broadband when it first came out, and the whole ordeal was such a 12 month nightmare that I vowed I would use a fuckin tin can and spool of string before I would ever do biz with those morons again. If Comcast is part of that mess--I'm gettin a dish.

on July 28, 2003 04:18 PM
# Selahvie said:

Located your blog on a search for Comcast to get their # to install cable TV. Thanks for the cold slap in the face. I had AT&T Broadband when it first came out, and the whole ordeal was such a 12 month nightmare that I vowed I would use a fuckin tin can and spool of string before I would ever do biz with those morons again. If Comcast is part of that mess--I'm gettin a dish.

on July 28, 2003 04:19 PM
# said:

Had comcast for a year at $46 a month. Now they are upping the price to $59 saying they originally made a mistake. Also we are being charged extra since we don't have cable TV. We don't have any TV at all in the house and we're being punished for that! UG!!! Unfortunately there is no other choices where we live!

on August 13, 2003 11:11 AM
# said:

Cable is probably now the worst you can get for gaming at least in any of the Mediacom systems.

on September 3, 2003 01:07 PM
# said:

My Camcast Service only works for about 4-5 minutes each hour. This is supposed to be a major telecom, why does the service suck so bad.

on November 4, 2003 06:16 AM
# Richard Gould said:

I have been experiencing comcast's alleged high speed internet service cycling in and out for at least a month now. I replaced my modem, PC and even the patch cable. The last two technicians who wasted their time being sent out here have always gotten the highest level readings from the end of the dedicated cable that goes directly into the modem.

So why does the service suck so badly?

I wrote a small batch script that pinged with a time stamp that I ran in a DOS window and wrote out to a text file. In the space of a 15 minute window the service went from 0% packet loss to 100% loss to 0% loss twice over. I have recorded this phenonem many times during the last month. Note that I did nothing on my side to make the service disappear or reappear. I didn't recycle the modem or anything. In fact if I happen to be online I can experience the service slow down, die and then come back again all by itself.

I gave this information to the last poor hapless technician who they sent out here and he promised to pass it on to some imaginary 'engineering dept' at comcast. They nhave ever contacted me and even though I have been told that they will call me within the next 24 hours this has never happened either.

Furthermore every time you call comcast you start all over again. They have no tracking method of putting these complaints together. Each time you call in it is as though they have never heard of you and this is the very first time they are aware of your complaint.

Needless to say I am seriously looking into alternatives. Even dialup wasn't this bad and I wasn't paying through the nose for allegedly having 24*7 high speed access that doesn't work.

on November 9, 2003 09:15 AM
# jon said:

yeah comcast sucks ass. at&t, tci, comcast whatever you want it ot call it, they blow, they will always blow, and if there was an alterative in my area i would be the first to switch.

on September 30, 2004 04:15 PM
# said:

A dirty little secret at Comcast thats little known.
The first seventy, to eighty channels of digital cable are analog! Always have been. You can get fired at Comcast for talking about that.

on February 14, 2005 05:15 PM
# Grinda said:

I got comcast 'net around Dec of 04. since then i have had a total of around 1 month up time. First it was the modem, then it was "my fault" because the horrible on site tech couldnt cut and crimp the coax right. Packet loss is reDICKulous. I can (as stated earlier in the thread) watch my connection go from 3mbps to 0 and back at any time. I hate comcast with a passion. thanks for giving me a place to vent and realize im not the only one.

on March 17, 2005 12:03 AM
# peter said:

I've had Comcast for the last few months since the fantastic local broadband isp I used to use went out of business. I have to say that I'm not impressed at all with their supposed "high speed" service. My area is massively oversubscribed, probably four or five times over. The latency and packet loss are so lousy I usually can't play games, unless of course I'm awake at 3am. The pings are usually in the 200-300+ range. The connection slows to a crawl during peak hours, sometimes to the point where the connection is as bad or worse than dial up. It's supposed to be a 4mbit/384 connection, but It's rare for the bandwidth to ever be above 2Mbit. At night it goes down to 500k or lower. I'm tired of lagging out of online games, and I want something I can use at any time. I'm seriously considering switching to DSL despite the fact that it's more expensive. Luckily I'm not tied into any sort of contract with Comcast.

on March 17, 2005 10:15 PM
# John said:

Comcast high speed internet...
Well, it is not even high speed any more. It was some time ago because people found out about it and started using it, which is a good thing, however, Comcast is too cheap to add more nodes(a type of local computer that you connect to). It should not be more than 12 users per node for you to get the speed that they advertise and promise. In 2005 so far, it has been 18 to 24 people. As a matter affect, you get about 1.5 mega bits per second (mbps) instead what they advertise and promise (6 mbps). If a user switched to them from dial up, even this low speed is very fast for them so think they are getting what they were promised. Everybody please WAKE UP. Test your connecion speed; just type free internet speed test in google. If you have Comcast you have the most expensive internet service in the country (for household), dont you think you should get your money's worth?
In addition, Comcast is not number one in anything but hiring technicians who are nothing more than your average user; all they would know is how to power cycle your modem (fancy words for unplug and replug), restart your computer and ping your connection (ping is nothing more than sending test 4 test packages to your computer in DOS and see if they arrive or get lost and time average) In other words, if you have a problem, dont call them unless you want to waste your time. Search it on the internet and do it yourself. It will be faster and better.
Finally, until Comcast stops misleading consumers and overcharging them, and starts delivering what they promised to deliver, do not get COmcast high speed internet. If you are going to pay almost $50 a month (if you have comcast TV, without Comcast TV it will cost you almost $65 a month) for about 1.5 mbps, think again; get dsl for $29 for the same speed (1.5 mbps)

on August 2, 2005 05:00 PM
# Andrew said:

I Love Comcast it is faster than any kind of high speed internet i triend DSL Comcast is faster I tried optumum online comcast is faster i tried AT&T comcast is faster comacast rocks :)

on August 3, 2005 05:20 PM
# Steve Peterson said:

I'm a computer professional. friends and rellies ask me to help. Like the nerd I am I have and.. its true - "No good deed goes unpunished". Two have Comcast Broadband and one has a belkin 802.G and the other a Linksys WRT54G. I havem't been logging but it seems that several times a week, the router/cable modem hangs and the 'comcast victims' have to recycle power to get it running. I called comcast tech support once and they said to do this (recycle power). Now that is really dumb!!! "Try that remotely tech support dip stick!".

I've a number of similar installations using DSL, Starstream Cable, and my own RF broadband. No similar problems. I suspect that Comcast keeps screwing up the IP Address or something. If so, I'm hopeful that short of power cycling (iE with a simple X10 power automation device) one can program the router (or some router) to periodically reestablish IPs. Any thoughts amigos(as).


on August 16, 2005 04:56 PM
# John Martz said:

I've had comcast service for 5 months and they still keep screwing up my bill. Idiots! It would be one thing if the service were incredible, but it's not.

on August 22, 2005 07:09 AM
# Jacqueline said:

Comcast can not get a bill straight! They totally lied to me about the special I was on. When I blatently had the paperwork sitting in front of me....reading to them what they wrote...Then their idiot customer service gives me this address to write and send my complaint in to .....which was so a dead

Comcast needs to keep track of the offers they offer their own customers... They basically play the lure game and then try to overcharge you as if your not going to notice......

which is insulting anyway because their cable lineup and internet so sucks.... I could see if they made minor I could over look it... But however that is not true of their CO.

And furthermore their in the business of customer service..... which by the way sucks ass.... They should hire people who are dedicated to CS and want to answer the questions and problems they have created for us the consumer......They are more headaches, stupidity, and a group of dumbasses if their ever was one....Their CO. straight sucks...ass....


on October 12, 2005 07:35 AM
# Cliff said:

In 1985 one of my cable gripes was that audio levels fluctuated wildly from channel to channel.
It's now 2005 and the audio levels still vary dramatically! Why can't this be calibrated by Comcast? This isn't rocket science. I sometimes wonder whether the Comcast employees even watch their own cable. If so, there must not be any audiophiles or videophiles among them.

on October 26, 2005 10:17 AM
# David said:

Here is another Comcast sucks rant. I have had nothing but problems since day one. Right off the bat it takes them two weeks to get a tech to my house. Within a week of getting it instaled, my connection drops frequently.I go out and look at the cable(which is hapharzardly strung acrross the hedges), and realize he used some ancient Dish network wire, and spliced it in three places. Then I get my first bill, it is three times as much as it is supposed to be ( which they corrected after negotiating the customer service telephone maze).Several months of half ass decent service later my connection starts acting up again. I call and make an appointment, wait all day and no tech shows.Apparently the problem was determined to be area wide so they canceled al service cals in the area without telling anyone. I pay $20 dollars more per month than with my last cable company for spotty, laggy internet with randomly high ping times, and customer service drones that read from a script. We're all punished monetarilly for not buying their overpriced TV, and then subjected to this kind of service. God let another company move into this area, SOON!

on March 29, 2006 08:55 PM
# Vance J. said:

May I suggest everyone specify their location so we know which Comcast offices suck the most?
I am located in Lake County, FL and found this blog with a google search - I don't even have Comcast yet - just trying to sign up a a major problem. I called the 800 line and can't get thru the automated voice systems because they demand a local phone number, and I only have a cell phone from CA - although I just bought a house here. Then I tried visiting the Comcast office on Hwy 441 in Leesburg, and there was one rep in the BIG regional building and a line of 12 people paying bills etc. I asked, and was told I had to stand in line to ask about signing up. So they only want to provide one person and make me wait in a long line to sign up for a service that will cost over $1200 per year???? So I left.
Then, since I still don't have local internet, went to the local Mount Dora library, went to and tried to sign up there. They have you walk through an organized sales pitch, make choices, clearly list prices and then connect you to an online chat rep. The rep put me on hold for about 5 minutes, then came back and said they coulnt' find my account, and I had to call the local Comcast account. So all that work and data is not saved, and I now have to go over it all with someone in the local office. I never have been able to get a live person on the phone earlier. If anyone is a stockholder in Comcast, I suggest you bail out now, because this type of "service" indicates they are apparently having business problems when they can't even make it easy to sign up for an account.
So, since I just finished two years in Baghdad as a US adviser, and have some spare time, I am going to start up a local "Lake County Bandwidth User Club" in Tavares, and get newspaper announcement that the first topic will be "Comcast Service - good or bad, and the alternatives". I used to run a 1200 member computer user group in CA, and blogs like this, and forming groups is the only apparent way to get them to improve.
If you are in the Lake County, FL area and want info - watch the "events" listings in the Daily Commercial.

Vance in Mount Dora

on April 4, 2006 10:55 AM
# Tie R Duvittall. said:

1. The good news:
SBC Yahoo is FINALLY available on our block so, I am now with SBC DSL.

2. The story:
I have been with Comcast for 4 years, $55.00 a month for cable internet and basic tv (a package deal, we use DTV for TV). Well, the advertized download speed is 10Mb, but I was lucky to get 2Mb, althought there were those sweet moments of spiking up to 4 or 5. But seriously, service was no better than glorified dial-up. Comcast was the only game in town, so I had no other options.

Well, 6 weeks ago, we had a power outage. After that outage, my connection kept dropping. I made numerous calls to tech support (located in Canada or India, NO local numbers available)and they do no more than tell you to unplug your modem to reset it (which I know to do and already did) and say that it's my NIC card.

Well, they replaced my modem (rental) and said that it was the culprit, and also connected me via usb (because evidently my NIC card is "bad"). During the modem installation, the service guy experienced the same connection drops with the NEW MODEM, that I had been experiencing. It took many calls to get me back on. (I overheard them telling him to reset the modem , he he).

Well, 5 minutes after the service guy left, my connection dropped again. The balance of my calls were to inquire about THEIR hardware. Seems like more of a coincidence that my service started dropping after the power outage.

Ok, back to now. When I found out SBC DSL was available, I called Comcast and told them they are NO LONGER the only game in town, that I would stay with them ONLY if they dropped their price to $25 or so a month, which they said they would not.

When the Comcast guy came by to pick up the modem, he told me that he also switched over to SBC and that he had picked up about 30 or so modems this week, from people switching to SBC.

Comcast: $55 a month
SBC DSL: $19 a month

No brainer.

on May 6, 2006 02:18 PM
# Monty said:

Hey where do you live that you were getting your comcast service from? I live in Richardson, TX. For about the past 3 weeks ive been experincing severe packet loss. I noticed this when I was getting huge lag spikes followed by a disconnect every 5-10 minutes while playing World of Warcraft. Comcast sucks. Thier tech support is usless and thier technicians are flat out lazy. Heres a GOOOD story for you guys.

So the first time I call about a week ago, they go through the standard SOP BS..not knowing that I used to work in the IT feild so you could imagine how pissed I was at them trying to pass the issue off onto hardware in my house that they didnt own or give me. Thats the fast way thier techs try to remove the blame or responsiblity from thier company. Anyways... so I finally get the idiot to send a tech out to my house. So I take a vaction day that thursday cuz thats when the tech was supposed to come. He never showed up. I call Comcast with my ticket number and they tell me that Comcast has cancelled the ticket the day before because supposedly came out into my "area" and fixed some "outage' and when they do that, it cancels all tickets in the area. So I buy that story and tell them "well whatever you did out here, it didnt fix jack shit" So they schedule someone to come to my house tommorrow. Well I get a voice mesage today saying that "This is comcast internet support, we have tested your modem from our end and it seems to be working fine". WTF? When did I say it was my modem or ANYTHING of mine in my house?? SO I called comcast back just now to see if they cancelled my ticket for tommorrow.. sure enough they did. I asked why and the lady said there was an outage in my area and they came out and fixed it. BULLSHIT. I called bullshit on her and told her it hasnt fixed anything and its amazing how twice now they magically have fixed a phantom outing in my area thus killing my trouble ticket and the visit from the tech to my house. Unfortunately I dont think I can get high speed internet from anyone else in my area. I just raped the chick on the phone. I didnt get nasty with her, I basically talked to her in a way that she couldnt pull out the good ole Teir 1 tech support SOP.. you know the one... Page one: Ask the user if they have a router connected..if so, tell them its the router and hang up. So now the fools are supposed to come out to my house on saturday..yeah almost a week to wait again..why do I get the feeling they wont show up. Then the lady told me she doesnt know anything and that they arent responsible for what thier technicians do.. yet I cant get in touch with THAT group of people directly.

on June 4, 2006 10:56 PM
# Lane said:

I got SO sick of Comcast robbing me blind, and then feeling like I didn't have any other choices. It's not like their programming got any better with every rate increase, or they took all that extra money and hired some better customer service reps.LOL It doesn't make sense to me that ONE company can have such control over an area's cable/internet services and just "invent" prices.

Just to get rid of them, I ended up switching to Dish Network through After turning in a couple of rebate forms, I also got a digital camera from them too for signing up online. Pretty sweet deal. If you're looking for satellite internet, they've got that too. I don't really know much about it though because I can easily get DSL in my area. So far things have been good!

on June 8, 2006 01:11 PM
# Ken said:

Good evening all,

I want to express the same issues a lot of you are all having. Since Thursday Night my internet has been down where I can't access anything. I call comcast they give me the same song and dance of turning off my PC, my router and my modem, then turn them all back on. Sometimes it works sometimes not. Guy comes out on Saturday says my signal is week because I have 3 tvs hooked up to it. I told him it has been that way for 12 months, why a problem now. He didn't know, but I added maybe you oversold the bandwith - no response. Now he adds a booster and tells me I shouldn't have any more problems. Saturday Night it was working on Sunday, down again and I got to talk to Canada at Noon and rebooted and such. It came back after the 3rd try. WEnt out for the afternoon and came back and it is down once again. Now I get to talk to Bangladesh, where I have the guy send someone out here but the next available appt is Wednesday. I mess around with the modems again for an hour and it comes back up. Why Why Why Comcast????

on June 11, 2006 06:31 PM
# Ronan said:

Hi Folks,

I too have had Comcast issues. I know that it is not much of a solution but what I do is call them, have them log the call (get a ticket #). Then I have them issue me a credit for the time period that I could not use their service (I am in Atlanta and pay $43.00 + $3.00 for modem per month), I think that this pisses them off no end but if enough people do this they will realize that they have issues.

Another option is to call corporate...ask to speak with one of the officers (check their names on the web, if you can get a connection!)...believe me you will get results if you do this!

Good Luck,

And Call the Wankers!

on June 16, 2006 11:07 PM
# said:

it would be nice if everyone stated what state and city they were dealing with to save the rest if us any problems

on June 27, 2006 08:44 PM
# this girl said:

Hey, in the Seattle, WA Eastside over here, and needless to say, Comcast sucks. I recently found out they convinced my poor parents to buy 3 FRICKEN ROUTERS in the past 6 months because the schmucks in tech support (ha) continued to convince them their routers just weren't working. Thank god I knw the idiots were lying to me when they claimed they "checked it out from their end" and that "everything should be fine if I just unplug things sometimes so they can hook me up". Ya sure people. I may be a girl but I'm not illiterate. Thankfully I'm piggybacking off my neighbor's wireless and intend to be for some time, so I just use my cable when I feel masochistic. Hell with you, Comcast.

on June 28, 2006 07:39 PM
# this boy said:

to this girl...I don't think the word you were looking for was might have been stupid...or maybe it might have been illiterate...whatever.

to all the rest-you all complain of comcast's services.....but did any of you sign a contract? NO! so quit complaining...get up and leave. "Oh...but there the only high speed ISP in my area!" BOOHOO.....then quit crying, you just dont wanna settle for less. You think comcast sucks??? you think verizon is better??? to all of you that found this blog the way i typing in comcast suck in google....type in verizon sucks...or sbc dsl sucks. You'll get the same types of blogs.

If you can't stand the heat...get out of the kitchen. If you dont like the kitchen...sell the house and buy another. And quit complianing about things that you can fix yourself with nothing more than a 30 min phone call.

on July 29, 2006 09:19 PM
# Kyle said:

Monty, sounds like you and I have had the same problems with Comcast. Currently I'm on the 6mb tier and it works beautifully---then the connection will die for a few seconds. Web pages hang, and if I'm playing City of Heroes I die while everything freezes. I know Time Warner is taking over, and supposedly is upgrading things. One can hope.

What gets me is that Comcast knows of a long-standing issue in our area---apparently one of the nodes or routers is bad. They admit this. They keep telling me they've fixed it, then I'll get another tech who shows that nothing happened. Same problem that keeps cropping up, and I've gotten tired of dealing with them and rehashing.

on August 6, 2006 09:46 AM
# Sarah said:

Comcast sucks...yet again. I called yesterday because I am moving and considering using their high speed connection and oh by the way can i find out what specials are there on cable right now. The guy tells me the specials, I indicate I don't need On Demand because I have Tivo and he basically started to insult me. He implied that I was a loser because I don't watch much tv and that it would only get worse for me. Umm "Jerry"? Your job is to SELL me the services, not make me run from them. I will not be giving my business to Comcast at all now. SBC/ATT was more than willing to give me 120 channels of satellite tv in a package with my internet and phone and the guy over there was incredibly nice and helpful. So guess where my business is going?

on August 16, 2006 10:44 AM
# Kevin said:

Hey there,

I have hideous problems with Comcast. Using a WRT54GS connected to a Motorola Surfboard 5101 or something like that. I get disconnected for an average of 20-60 seconds, every 5-30 minutes. I've discovered that it is packet loss, Comcast says Don't use a router buy our products! I ask for a Surfboard Firmware push to 2.4 (latest version at this time) but they refuse. False hopes and diversions for over 2 months!

Comcast = Broken.

on August 21, 2006 12:20 AM
# Nevinryal said:

The reason wy you people get such poor service is because the technicians you get are underpaid techs who get a shitload of orders and are paid hourly, not on commision. They need the money and get stuck with what comcast offers when their own companies get owned when comcast moves in. Also, the reason you guys are getting bangledash and canadian operators is because comcast saves money by using a company called Convergys who provieside cheap, cost effective support which leads to comcast saving more money. The people you speak to, after hours anyways and during peak call times are nothing but third party tech support with a whopping 2 weeks of training which covers only basic things like what is a cpu/tcp-ip protocol/router. What those things do when they were made but not even how they work just what they do. My advice. Al of you should threaten to cancel that way one of comcasts third party reps can transfer you to sales and who will then transfer you to the Retention hotline which is a crack team of blood suckers who are trained to keep your money. Get them to give you 19.99 for 6 months promo but play dumb about it. Be creative. Make sure they don't give you the 64kb/64kb tier plan cuz thats not even worth it. Ask any questions i'll do my best to answer. Nevin~

on September 11, 2006 05:40 AM
# Ed said:

My cousin has comcast for a couple of years and they pay about 55 dollars a month for having internet, is not even that fast! The comcast website convinces people to get their offer but they dont fool me. Right now i have att internet and pay for about 19.99 a month. i am very satisfied with their service and recomend anybody to get it. Why pay for 55 dollars to comcast when you can get a cheaper price at att sbc internet sevice. The multi- modem was only $25 (plus the $59 rebate) which is not that bad. SBC AT&T RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on December 18, 2006 07:29 PM
# Debra said:

Comcast has been disappointing. The service is shakey. Daily, we experience at least one disruption lasting from a few minutes to a few hours. It's not reliable. As of late, many emails from reputable companies are being filtered which forced us to begin using a free email service. When I say filtered, I mean that the messages aren't even making it to the "bulk mail" folder. I'm not sure if DSL would be a better choice but I'd sure like to have reliable access; I certainly pay enough for it.

on January 14, 2007 06:42 PM
# PEPE said:

i got connect w this company like 5 years ago best deal ever 6mb download and 325 upload ecelent internet speed conneccion but since huracanes in florida the service is so f!!@!@@!#@#!# shit
i got me service web page me bussines is running here hello is me money i got to comcast place toc toc toc chi cha chi cha only that happen me busines going down now for this f service suck comcast big time
yesterday 21-1-07 1 guy come and fix me line hehehehe but me speed is more slow now am paying now for 10mb download and 867upload but me service is
like i dial up 1.1 mb download and real funny shit no no upload

hello hello am it tecnic tooooo
w are toking about money here

on January 23, 2007 07:41 PM
# David said:

I just had a dismal on-line chat with a Comcast tech support person. The funniest part was that the individual didn’t even know the difference between VNC and VPN. Terribly disappointing. Then he went on to say there has been no outage reported in my market area. How funny… the idiot didn’t seem to realize that I was reporting such an outage.

I asked who I could contact to provide further assistance since he was unable to provide any sort of satisfactory answer. Again, silence. No response.

Comcat’s on-line tech support is worthless. But having read the above posts, I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything different.

on February 10, 2007 02:06 PM
# Ray said:

I've seen a lot of complaints here, & rightfully so. But get this....We lived in Adams, TN which is about a 45 minute drive t Nashville. We recently built a home in Joelton,TN which is about a 15 minute drive to Nashville. In Adams, we could get DSL from Bellsouth. In Joelton, no DSL or Comcast. So much for their marketing "deals". I work from home a lot, tranferring AuotCAD drawings, etc. Put those files on dial up & watch the paint dry.

on February 26, 2007 06:38 AM
# Nicole said:


I am having the same issues with emails not coming through suddenly. My hubby travels a lot and sends important work and life notes via email. Ever since Comcast took over adelphia, his emails are blocked. Message says email is coming from suspicious source, despite the fact that he is on my contact list and safe site list.

Have you found a resolution? I have tried calling comcast but like always they claim its not their issue. The reject message clearly states it is the server rejecting the emails.

on March 8, 2007 06:42 AM
# Nicole said:

just was googling comcast issues and found this video on youtube about the lovely comcast service. Absolutely hysterical if it weren't so true.

on March 8, 2007 07:02 AM
# Don said:

I am sick and pretty disgusted with the horrendous amount of advertising of Comcast on there on cable. Every channel gets interupted with their advertising. I am getting sick of "Save Moolah", Bill Slowtoski (the two turtles), The cabbage at sea deal, etc. Now who pays for all of these ads. we do. The bill is out rageous and whenever you turn around it has gone up another 52.00 and they want it in advance. STOP the advertising of your own product on your own cable and dont ask me to pay for it. I dont want your internet or voice cable Please Please Stop

on April 3, 2007 10:46 AM
# billy said:

Those commercials are BS. They say that you can use the wireless internet anywhere in the house and you get a strong signal. 3 days ago when I tech came over(I'll get into that later) he said that he's surprised I get any signal at all in my basement. He told me straight up that they don't make the signal strong at all so people aren't stealing your connection.
The reason I had the tech over was to see why the hell my service cuts in and out and doesn't let me play ANY online games(which is in another ad). He of course has no idea. He does nothing. I call comcast the next day and tell them to bring me a brand new wireless router. This was Wed. They come Fri. with a Mexican and a 17 year old kid. NO ROUTER. They replace two cables, check the service(which of course is in tip-top shape) and leave. Check my service. NO ONLINE GAMING. Its such BS.

on April 6, 2007 02:14 PM
# said:

first, the webspace is free, second, to all who call in whiniing about losing money on their home based business, read the flippin tos and get a business account, oh and calling in and immediatley starting to call us names or start b*tching and complaining,, real mature and such the way to get help. I am an over the phone tech rep and i spend days cleaning up messes yes, but even i get called names and yes i have disconnected the phone convo over crap like that, when you call, try treating us with a little respect, you'll find it goes a long way.

on July 26, 2007 11:44 AM
# Kirk said:

I have Comcast high speed internet and cable television service in DENVER, COLORADO. I am about 5 miles from downtown. Lately my modem has been dropping connection every 5-10 minutes and decides to reset. I also have a router and have bypassed that in order to trouble shoot. It wasn't my router, still happening directly connected. Tried another computer, same business. Called comcast 2x talking to one lady who seemed 100 years old and another whom seemed 12. I am not profiling here but I work for a large restaurant corporation as and Network admin. When I call them to tell them to check my connection they give me a completely different IP then what im brodcasting, they also tell me the first time there is an outage in the area and the second time to replace the coax cable that was conneting to my modem. NO! how about you get your sorry asses out there and replace all my lines directly from the box and completely repair my service? Because its not there side, they are getting a consistant ping to my modem (different IP then im seeing).

me: Can you change my ip address? (incase it was a DoS attack)
them: No, the ip can only be reset by turning the modem off for longer then a day. (everytime you restart your modem a new IP is resolved)

me: Can I speak with someone who can change my IP and repair the circut?
them: Im sorry sir but that is automatically done. (really so there is no one with a basic networking degree in your office taht can assign my location a new STATIC IP?)

At home i stare at my computer wanting to play my favorite first person shooter, battlefield2, then it comes to me. Why not get qwest DSL? Oh wait, qwest are a bunch of fuck ups too.

Sorry but this makes me extremely angry. I work in a field where all we do is fix things, make them faster and run to our desires. This company millions of people pay an average of 100 dollars a month for thier service = 100 million a month, and they dont have the the resources to change my IP or let me talk to a person for 30 minutes who didn't just read something out of the manual they have in front of them? I doubt they are even 'checking my modem' from thier end when I call. I think they just move around some legos pretending to try to help you.

Me: what is my current IP address?
Them: 73.87.238.XXX (not my ip)

And these people are providing me with internet =(

on September 5, 2007 07:55 PM
# Nevinryal said:

Well, I had enough of this fucking company, finally quit working for comcast. I won't stand to disgrace myself working for them when they want me to treat all their "customers" like shit and even offer me incentives for doing so in a timely fashion. ie. 6 mins per person.
I quit this fucking job and I hope that Comcast (and the third party shit tech supprt you people have really been talking to and not comcast) go to hell. Btw you people have all been screwed over the reason why your tech support is retarded is because comcast outsources their tech support, all except the North East Markets, which can get routed to shit rate tech support if there are too many calls atm. Btw the shit rate tech support company doing the tech support for convergys is a company called Convergys, look it up.

on September 19, 2007 12:38 AM
# said:

I am in agreement with many of the complaints here having experienced many similar atrocities of customer service myself. Let me tell you how I found satisfaction and happiness:

Visit and you'll see what I mean. Not only does the domain name itself put a smile on my face, there I found the best deal for satellite equipment, installation and programming service.

Whether it's local stations, movie channels or sport packages, you will find it all on satellite. Where do you think Comcast gets their signals?

The guy who installed my package is a local independent contractor who is competing for my repeat business -- not the random selected employee of a dysfunctional faceless corporation.

And if you happen to be seeking high-speed internet in an area restricted to dial-up, the direct satellite service is awesome.

on January 6, 2008 10:09 AM
# Andrew said:

I called AT&T a while back because my internet connection was not as fast as I’d contracted for. It turns out that even though I contracted for the highest speed they advertised, someone at AT&T had bumped me down to a lower, cheaper speed! If you have AT&T, check your bill!!!

Has AT&T done this to you?

on March 2, 2008 05:48 AM
# trip marz said:

After fianally finding out how ass comcrap is and then trying to jump through their shithole hoops, I think I made some major breakthroughs on the comcast garbage wannabe high speed net shit, This is the firsttime I've paid for net since becoming homeless and joining the wardrivers "wi-fi hack fun times---- my problem that solved most of my problems (wich I thought was my computer) but turned out to be the shitty cable co's I was piggybacking off of

well folks here's your salvation
now mind you I know only a little about this shit but I tweaked and expiremented and mostly gussed

what I use is a program called { fastnet- connection accelerator by metrosoft } wich uses very little resources and seems to work wonders especially with that service blackout shit, "only if your all of your cable neighbors don't know about it`- because in essenceyoull be hogging most of the node"

first create a restore point

install it and set settings - advanced settings
MTU- 17914 or the maximmum
tcp1323opts- enable both options
auto discovery - enable
TTL- 1
black hole dection- enable

advanced extra settings-

nwlink forceeven- enable

nwlink ndi cache- 64 (you can fiddle with this to see what works best for your shitty cable co.)

qosrsvp service - always start

max connection- (I'm still figuring this out)
max connections - 4
total connections 10

go to accelerate and your comp will reboot and bam no more blackouts or less anyway

(there's a whole bunch of switches and knobs I'm not a tecchie but I know a whole hell of alot more than the bengaladeshian nickle an hour CSR's of comcrap.

you dont need to be a techie to install it and if something goes horriblly wrong use system restore and try again with different settings (dont be afraid to fiddle) maybe you can get that bullshit 6mbs they promise I have occasionally seen bursts and ever since things have been better

-love, MARZ

on March 21, 2008 10:12 PM
# said:

Comcast slows down to a crawl every single night not just on Sundays. I live in Allston, MA and have called and complained and spoken to a really good tech by phone. The tech that came to the house said there may be some kind of processing that goes on in the central office at night. Well, why should I pay them $ for an expected DSL speed and get squat in return. If you have the same problem please call and make them aware. The more the better.


on October 20, 2009 07:48 PM
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