Another day of amazing weather. Nice temperatures, unstable air, and cumulus could popping all around--except of the student training area of course, so I couldn't partake in the fun.

Anyway, Jim and I spent two hours covering some of the ground review material before I can take the practical test. We spent a lot of time on the glider manual, aerodynamics, and glider assembly and transport. While discussing assembly, we wandered down to the area where all the privately owned glider trailers are parked to see if anyone needed help with assembly. Hands-on learning is the best kind.

Minutes later, I met Hugo and his beautiful DG-800 motor glider. He and Jim talked about the assembly a bit and then I got to help put the wings on. I was surprised by how light they were and how easily they attached. (Automatic control hookups sure are nice.)

After our ground schooling, I took glider 64E up for three flights below 3,000 feet so that I could practice my landings a bit more. Strangely, my first one was the best of the day. The next two weren't so good. I had a minor mishap with a dying radio battery on the first flight, so it was good thing I had my new handheld with me.

I left the gliderport early, before the best soaring of the day. But I had accomplished my goals. The rest of my spare time between now and Friday the 7th will be spent reviewing for the FAA written test that I'm taking on Friday afternoon.

Posted by jzawodn at March 02, 2003 03:41 PM

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