Today was my first test checkride. The idea is for Jim to pretend to be the FAA examiner and run me through all the flight test maneuvers that I'll need to perfect before I fly with a real examiner. And what a flight it was. Going into the flight, I knew there were things I'd have trouble with. The main goal of the first flight is to get a feel for it and figure out what I really need to practice more.

Without running over the entire flight, I'll simply mention that I need to work on my slack line recovery and my landings. The slack line stuff wasn't bad when I practiced it a month or so ago, but the situation was quite different. This time around, I expected the slack, but I never knew how Jim would induce it. So I wasn't already mentally rehearsing the recovery procedure. I didn't know which one I'd need.

My landings aren't bad. But the practical test standards dictate a relatively strict landing requirement. I have to land and stop within a relatively small target zone--to simulate an off-field landing. That's a bit harder. I've always concerned myself with getting down on the runway and being as close to the centerline as possible. But now there's an added dimension that I hadn't practiced much. Worse yet, for the flight test, I'll almost certainly be landing on runway 24. But 90% of my landings have been on 31.

After that was over, I flew three solo flights to start working on my landings. I also took a bit of time to practice my 720 degree turns. I need the speed control to be a little tighter.

Posted by jzawodn at February 28, 2003 10:28 PM

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# FAA Test said:

I passed FAA Test with 98% yesterday.Feeling great.

If you do have any problem, i would suggest you to consult with your instructor & practise.Practise is the key element.More you would practise better the result be.

on September 27, 2009 10:36 AM
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