Jeremy D. Zawodny

I am Jeremy Zawodny and this is my home page. It serves as a starting point for most of the information I've put on the web. Some parts are quite full and detailed, while others seem to be lacking. That's life, I guess. I do this in my spare time.

Weblog /Older Journal

The weblog is new, the journal is older. Someday I'll try and merge the old journal content into the weblog. But for now they're separate.

Photo Gallery

See what I've taken pictures of in my on-line photo gallery. There are literally hundreds of pictures in there. Lakes, oceans, mountains, friends, family, foreign lands, and more. Really. More of my recent photos are on Flickr.

Biographical Stuff

If you want to know where I went to school (BGSU), where I work (Craigslist), my writings in Linux Magazine, my book, my blog, or historical stuff like that, check my Bio page.

Projects and Hacks

Contact Information

Should you have a need to get in touch with me, here's the info you need.

Updated on: November 11th, 2006
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