Biographical Information

Work Stuff

In June of 2003, I moved into the platform engineering (infrastructure) group at Yahoo to do MySQL support, architecture, planning, and so on.
In December of 2002, I moved into Yahoo Search to work on search analysis infrastructure, tools, etc.
As of December 27th, 1999, I am employed by Yahoo! as a Technical Yahoo in the Finance group--working on
As of December 17th, 1999, I no longer work for Marathon Oil Company in Information Technology Services as one of the resident webheads. I began working there in the Spring of 1996.
See my complete resume for details.

Education Stuff

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science with a Minor in Astronomy from Bowling Green State University (BGSU). Had I decided earlier in my career, I'd have probably minored in Aerotechnolgy (otherwise known as Aviation) as well as Astronomy.

Historical Stuff

I've been "on the Internet" (whatever that means) since May of 1992 when I played with my first Sun workstation. In 1993 I became quite active in Usenet and put up my first web page. It's too bad that I don't have a copy of it still, because it was one of the first web pages at BGSU and I'm sure it was quite pathetic. I also gained some minor degree of fame as being an outspoken pain in the ass on the local bgsu.general newsgroup. That, and I also had the first "web application" on-line. I created a site on which over 250 Bowling Green residents voted for their favorite pizza place. Maybe I'll resurrect that someday. (Actually, I've managed to find a copy which I plan to put back on-line soon!)

The Archives

My web archive is slowly coming on-line. It contains all of my "early work" on the web (at least that which I had the foresight to save in a tar file for posterity). Have a look around and amuse yourself. If you knew me back then, you might even remember some of these.

I grew up here.

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