September 19, 2002

The rebirth of Linux on the Desktop?

I dunno if I buy it yet. Just today there were a ton of stories on Linux Today about desktop Linux in one form or another:

What's behind this? Why is it such a hot topic this time? Red Hat 8.0? Sun? Lindows? Wal*Mart? I must be missing something. It's not adding up for me yet.

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ru stupid

Dan thinks it is evolution. To me it's stupidity, laziness, and apathy. I have to respectfully disagree. Or maybe I'm just being stubborn.

For whatever reason, whenever I get e-mail from someone who:

  • Writes "ur" instead of "you are" or "ru" instead of "are you".
  • Ends every sentence with a period, even when some of them are clearly questions.
  • Omits apostrophes--like saying "I dont get it" instead of "I don't get it".
  • Doesn't use the shift key AT ALL and writes in all lower-case.

I automatically assume that he or she is a little too dumb, a little too "pre-teen in a sex chartroom", a little too hip, a little too... annoying.

I relax my standards a bit for IM conversations, but even then overuse will get on my nerves pretty fast.

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Some Quickies. Lots of 'em. Something for everyone.

It appears that hfb has an evil toilet. It's a good thing that Josh never met it. She also found some amusing lines to use at work. I could use a few of those myself.

It's not like we didn't already know, but Dan's a prick. At least he's trying to justify it now. :-)

If you need to build some computers (like rack-mount servers) and live in the Bay Area, I recommend ASA Computers. I've business with them several times. Ask for Sean or Mike. Tell 'em I sent you. If you want to order stuff on-line, I highly recommend newegg.

From the fuzzy one, there's some PHP to query the Google API.

I visited a Sequoia backed start-up today to talk about MySQL. There's a ton of interest in it. Last week, I visited a company up in Pleasanton.

Speaking of MySQL, I got to hang out with David (one of MySQL's founders) and Marten (their CEO) for a couple hours yesterday.

Speaking of MySQL again, we've got a MySQL/FreeBSD box that appears to be on some serious crack. I really need to write up the "FreeBSD or Linux for MySQL?" document I've been mulling over in my head for a long time now.

There's an update to AmphetaOutlines available for all you AmphetaDesk users. Speaking of AmphetaDesk, I've been told that there's some really cool AmphetaOutlines-inspired stuff coming in the next version or so. Awesome.

No, I haven't gotten around to fixing the Yahoo Directory for Weblogs yet. A lot of folks have asked. I'm not ignoring anyone. I've just been busy.

Russell hasn't vanished, which is good. I'm interested in hearing his experience with Atkins. I've read the book and am interested. But I'm not yet sure what to make of it.

Ask reinstalled OS X and is happy now. I've been having a few odd problems with the TiBook ever since loading the Jaguar upgrade. Maybe I should reinstall too. Hmm.

Apparently jwz is getting old.

I almost posted this as a comment in response to Ask's comment about Sysadmin work (which can be fun or annoying as hell), but since I'm in the "write a long ass blog entry" mood...

For hire? Gee, Ask... Word on the street is that you've already got your hands full at work? :-)
Actually, I just like that line. "At first you might not think the price is right." That says so many things. I should start using that. It occurs to me that I'm always "for hire" to some degree or another. Adam Goodman (publisher of Linux Mag) likes to refer to me as a free agent. He's partly right. Just don't tell Uncle Sam.

Ah, I just posted it anyway. So call me redundant.

Do you grok mod_perl? Are you really good? Do you want to move to California? Let me know. Seriously. It seems that all the really good mod_perl folks are employed already.

Yes, syndication does matter. We're going to do something about this at Yahoo very soon. Watch this space. I'll need some beta testers.

There. Once nice, big, fuzzy (ask Kasia), warm blog entry. I can get on to other things now--like building that new rack-mount server. I'll probably name it since it'll be sitting right near in Ohio. And the new is soon to join on the west cost. Heh. I have my own little distributed server farm now. Anyone need hosting? Backup DNS? Other crap? I suddenly have a lot of spare capacity. I'll post specs later.

What a link-fest. Whew.

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September 18, 2002

Debian on a Sun LX50

Just for kicks, I installed Debian Woody on a Sun LX50. It worked just fine, and I expected it to. The Cobalt group within Sun really has used commodity Intel server hardware to assemble this beast. And they've done a very nice job.

Once I'm done playing, I can put the Sun Linux restore CD in and bring the system back to "factory defaults" with Sun Linux installed once again. The whole process takes maybe 20 minutes if you're attentive to changing CDs (there are three of 'em).

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September 17, 2002

Weblogs in the Yahoo Directory

Oh, cool. According to Radio Free Blogistan, there's a weblog category in the Yahoo directory.

And wouldn't ya know it? Mine isn't listed. Yet. I happen to know how to add items to the directory. Perhaps I'll remedy that minor oversight. :-)

Is your blog missing? Let me know. Let's see how large we can make that category!

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AmphetaDesk Patch

If you happen to be using AmhetaDesk from CVS and run into an odd error about something not being an ARRAY reference in, apply this patch:

---   2002-06-20 17:09:59.000000000 -0700
+++ 2002-09-14 18:29:03.000000000 -0700
@@ -130,8 +130,13 @@
       # templates. this matches the rss 1.0 layout.
       my $items_copy; $items_copy->{item} = $data->{channel}->{item};
       undef $data->{channel}->{item}; # remove this hierarchy.
-      foreach my $item (@{$items_copy->{item}}) {
-         push(@{$data->{item}}, $item);
+      if (ref $items_copy->{item} ne 'ARRAY') {
+        # uh oh!
+      }
+      else {
+        foreach my $item (@{$items_copy->{item}}) {
+           push(@{$data->{item}}, $item);
+        }
    elsif ($channel_xml =~ //i) {

It fixed it for me. Patch is on its way to the AmphetaDesk hackers, too.

Yeay for Open Source.

Update: Morbus Iff (the creator of AmphetaDesk) tells me that it's already fixed in CVS. Woohoo!

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Dan has a blog now

After a few month of lurking and leaving odd, sometimes offensive comments in the blogs of my friends, Dan Isaacs now has one. He's calling it Because I can. He still has some tweaking and customization to do, but there's content there already.

So, if you're one of the many that have been harassed by Dan, now's your change to return the... uh... favor. :-)

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