August 03, 2002

K5 Liquor Guide

I've been doing a lot of catch-up reading at K5 recently. I found the Liquor Guide to be particularly helpful. It's only a basic introduction, but there's a lot of good discussion around it and I hope it'll lead to more stories.

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August 02, 2002

Dissecting .Mac

Michael Brewer has a good article on O'Reilly's Mac DevCenter that covers .Mac pretty well. It also links to Rael's article about WebDAV on Mac OS X, which I found very useful.

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The Dark Side of the Perl Community

Simon has hit on something that really bothers me about the "Perl Community"--the way it often rewards arrogance and spwans cults based upon those in the inner circle. It's sad to see Simon go, but it's clearly better for him this way.

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Area husband pretends to give a shit

Earlier, Dan pointed me at this amusing story at Recoil. I had never heard of Recoil before, but it feels a lot like The Onion. Give it a read today.

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Alt-Tab for Mac OS X

Maybe you've switched and are now wishing to have the Alt-Tab feature present in the operating system you left. Have a look at Lite Switch X, it's probably just what you need.

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Got RSS?

I fail to understand why some folks make it difficult to find the URL of the RSS feed for the weblog. Take, for example, Simon Cozens. Do you see a link anywhere for the RSS? Nope. If you view source in your browser, you'll see it near the top. But why not put it where humans can see it too? You know, the kind who want to cut-n-paste it somewhere?

Another example is all the weblogs hosted on O'Reilly Net, like Andy Oram's or Tim's. Where's the RSS feed? Do they not get it? My RSS software wants URLs to watch for headlines...

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Open Source is not Slavery

I have to agree with the Fuzzy One. Dave is on crack. Open Source is not slavery.

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Go Lego men, go!

They're building a pooter!

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Building Kernels the Debian Way

A helpful article at LinuxOrbit. I've always thought the process was a bit under-documented. Luckily, I don't really need to build custom kernels for my Debian boxes (except my laptop, which I have no plans to update).

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August 01, 2002

I found a bug...

But I don't know where. It's either FreeBSD, LinuxThreads (on FreeBSD), or MySQL 4.0.2. Grr. Lots more testing required. Luckily, I've figured out how to reproduce it pretty well.

Why me?

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July 31, 2002

HP Abusing the DMCA

According to CNET:

In an apparent first, Hewlett-Packard has invoked the controversial Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to stop researchers from releasing information about software bugs. Until now, the DMCA has been used by copyright holders to prevent, for example, release of programs that allow for the circumvention of copyright protections. But H-P sent a letter to SnoSoft, a group of researchers, saying that the group faces fines of $500,000 and jail time for releasing information about a bug in an H-P Unix application. SnoSoft said that they notified H-P of the flaw early enough that a patch should have been available before public disclosure of the bug. An attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation said he expects more companies to try to use the DMCA in this way because the very broad terms and interpretation of the law allow for such prosecution. Even in circumstances unrelated to protecting copyright, he said, such actions "will trigger DMCA penalties."

Are ALL big companies stupid and evil? Sheesh.

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Same Job, Difference Cubicle

I enjoyed this article at Salon. It focuses on the VA Linux aftermath. It's a bit fluffy and short, but not bad.

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July 30, 2002

Netscape 4 is 5 (years old)

According to Mark:

Netscape 4 turned 5. 5 years ago, my best friend wasn't even dating; now he's married and has two kids. Fucking upgrade already.

Now if I could just get Jeffrey to upgrade.

Think about that. Netscape 4 is 5 years old. Isn't that like 100 years in "web years" or something? Wow.

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July 29, 2002

Cisco Linux Project Fiasco

From the Register:

Many rank-and-file Cisco employees are questioning the ethics of a sweetheart deal in which senior Borg enjoying a leave of absence have sold a skunk-works company, AYR Networks, back to the Collective for a cool $113 million stock swap.
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More OSCON Photos

Ask, Rael, and Grahm have posted OSCON pics on use perl. I found myself in several of Ask's shots.

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Josh has a weblog

Right here. It claims to be powered by entropy, but has striking similarities to MovableType. I suspect that it is MT on the backend, or that he copied the UI.

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Dive Into Accessibility

From diveintomark:

Dive Into Accessibility is a republication of my wildly popular series, "30 days to a more accessible weblog", with some minor corrections, a new domain name, and the word "weblog" crossed out and "web site" written in in crayon. ("Man didn't have the right form." "What man?" "The man from the cat detector van." "The loony detector van, you mean." "Look, it's people like you what cause unrest.")
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Drupal as a new aggregator

Scott has switched the FuzzyBlog over to using Drupal and tells me that it has good new aggregation features built in. I need to check it out after I'm caught up. He even had a printed tutorial that he dropped off at OSCON (I should try to find the on-line version so I can point others there...)

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July 28, 2002

TiBook RAM Upgrade

I popped the keyboard off my TiBook today to see if I could install the spare 128MB SODIMM that I've had for while. Imagine my surprise to find that the 256MB TiBook contained an empty slot--Apple didn't cheap out and put two 128MB boards in it, thus forcing me to buy a 256MB board and throw out 128MB of perfectly usable RAM.

The good news is that the extra 128MB seems to help a lot. There's not quite as much disk trashing. But I have this nagging feeling that the real sweet spot is closer to 512 or 640MB.

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Mac OS X Conference looks good

The more I look at the information for O'Reilly's upcoming Mac OS X Conference, the more interested I get. And judging by the number of folks who have switched in the Open Source and blogging communities recently, I suspect I'd know more than a few folks in attendance.

I couldn't really justify it as "work related", so I'd have to set aside some vacation time for it. Hmm.

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UFOs over Washington

This story in the Washington Post just popped up on blogdex.

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Life as a Porn Video Clerk

If you've ever wondered what life would be like as a porn video clerk, read this and find out. It's actually quite amusing and interesting--not nasty and disgusting as you might expect.

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