December 01, 2003

The Tea Here Rocks

One of the cool things I've discovered is the Tea served at the Yahoo Bangalore office. After getting situated in some unused cubes this morning, Rasmus and I were just catching up on some e-mail and stuff when a guy came by and offered us tea. That's right. There's a guy who comes around to all the cubes and offers tea.

Cool, huh?

Unfortunately, the tea has milk mixed in with it and I'm lactose intolerant. But after a couple seconds of negotiation, I found that I could get "back tea" which means they'll omit the milk and drop some sugar in its place.

I must say, this tea is most excellent. I'm on my third cup of the day. That probably explains why I was bouncing in my chair earlier. That guy just appears once in a while to offer it, and I have a really hard time saying no. I need to figure out how to get this tea back in the US.

More importantly, I need to figure out who to convince back at HQ in Sunnyvale that we need a guy to come by and offer drinks every once in a while. How cool would that be? :-)

In related news, the cafeteria is nice. The food is good (and free). There's a balcony (that doubles as a designated smoking area) with a view of some of the surrounding trees and buildings (pics up later). We have a decent pool table but are completely lacking a foosball table. Rumor is that Filo promised one but it hasn't shown up yet. Perhaps some mild bugging is in order when we return...

Posted by jzawodn at 03:06 AM

fvwm iconification behavior

I'm not sure if anyone will know this, but it's finally time to try and figure out what's going on. Besides, it's been a while since I abused by blog for free tech support. :-)

For ages, I've had a heavily customized ~/.fvwm2rc file that makes my "desktop" workspace suit me quite well. It sure beat the bloat that is GNOME/KDE and such.

I have this bit in my file:

  # Button 2 + Alt/Meta in Window iconifies it.
  Mouse 2        W        M       Iconify

which means I can "alt + middle click" in a widow to iconify (or "minimize" it. For a long time, when I did this, the icon would end up on the desktop directly under my mouse. I got quite good at placing icons exactly where I thought I'd want them.

Then, maybe 1.5 years ago, apt-get installed a new version of fvwm2 and it changed the behavior in a slight but annoying way. When I iconify a window, fvwm2 puts the icon near the upper-left of the screen and I then have to manually drag it to the location I'd like it to stay.

Of course, I looked thru the relevant change log at the time but didn't find much that seemed relevant. And it's been a while since I tried to find out what might have done it.

Anyway, I know there are at least a few die-hard fvwm2 users around here. Maybe? Anyone know if there's a workaround or solution for this?

Posted by jzawodn at 03:04 AM