November 30, 2003

Bad MySQL Advice from

I happened across this article on about setting up MySQL. While the author does a reasonable job handling the security aspects of MySQL, he makes two mistakes that I think need to be corrected.


  1. Suggests that people use MySQL 3.23. While that's a stable and mature version, I suspect that most folks are best served by using 4.0.xx instead. There are many improvements in the 4.0.xx series and many bugs fixed as well.
  2. He doesn't tell readers about building it with LinuxThreads support and the advantages of doing so.

I'm really surprised at home many FreeBSD/MySQL folks still don't use LinuxThreads. Someday we should be getting official MySQL binaries with LT support from too. I need to bug Lenz about that again...

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What Weblog World Hierarchy?

Dave says:

I told Kevin, on the drive down to San Jose, that I feel we're at a turning point in the weblog world, either we're going to be like every other hierarchy that's ever been, with secret deals, lots of impediments to progress, eventual stagnation; or we're going to overcome that.

But since there's nowhere to leave a comment, I'll ask here. Dave, what is this hierarchy you speak of?

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Made it to Bangalore


I'll explain the full story later. Let's just say that Lufthansa and 747 are two flavors that don't seem to mix well.

We just spent some time with Kalyan getting acquainted with Bangalore. Spent a couple hours driving and walking around parts of the city. Oh, and we ran into Miguel in the Hotel lobby before heading out.

I've taken some pictures that I haven't had a chance to post--I took a 1.5 hour nap instead. Rasmus has begun posting his (which is where the one at the right came from).

Oh, the hotel has WiFi. :-)

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Travel with Murphy

Usually I have pretty good luck with air travel. But not this time. It seems that Murphy has decided to tag along from the very beginning of the trip this time.

Missing Laptop

First, the friendly TSA morons folks nearly lost my laptop while going through the security checkpoint at SFO. Don't as me how, but even before my laptop went thru the x-ray machine, someone had decided that the tray it sat in was empty and put it back on the stack.

Of course, I was going thru the metal detector and didn't see what happened. Instead, I got to the other end and saw my jacket and computer bag come out. That was strange because I had purposely put my computer between those two items to minimize the chance of me missing it.

Needless to say, it took about 5-10 minutes and the combined brain power of 3 TSA employees to figure out what had happened. For a brief minute or two, I was convinced that someone either pulled it out for extra inspection or had walked off with it entirely--even though I couldn't fathom how that was possible given the physical layout.

Engine won't Start

We got to the gate about an hour early and found a spot located near a power outlet.

NOTE TO AIRPORT DESIGNERS: Put way more power outlets in terminal waiting areas. In the brand new international terminal at SFO, there's still only two outlets every 40 feet or so. What sort of genius came up with that ratio?

We boarded the plane and before long were watching the German/English "safety video" as we pulled away from the gate. (I'm flying Lufthansa.) Then we stopped. And heard some engine noises. Then the pilot comes on to inform us that engine #2 wouldn't start so we'd have to go back to the gate.

Two hours later a valve adjustment/repair/replacement was complete and we were ready to taxi and take off--two hours late. The astute reader has now realized that there was only one and a half hours between our scheduled arrival in Frankfurt and our departure for Bangalore.

More later...

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