November 27, 2003

Travel Itenerary

I suspect this will mess me up a bit...

 Leave                      Arrive                     Time
 -----                      ------                     ----
 San Fran  @  2:30pm 11/28  Frankfurt @ 10:10am 11/29  10hr 10min
 Frankfurt @ 11:30am 11/29  Bangalore @ 12:05pm 11/30  08hr 50min

 Bangalore @  2:40am 12/05  Frankfurt @  8:15am 12/05  10hr 05min
 Frankfurt @ 10:10am 12/05  San Fran  @ 12:30pm 12/05  11hr 20min

Heh. I especially like the notion of leaving Bangalore at 2:40am on Friday. Talk about an early hotel check out. Maybe I should check out the night before and just hang out at the office. But, hey, at least I'll get home the same day.

Posted by jzawodn at 05:21 PM

Linux Bangalore/2003 Talk Schedule Posted

The final schedule for Linux Bangalore/2003 is now online. As noted earlier, I'm delivering two talks on Wednesday, December 3rd: MySQL Optimization and Scaling Tips at 10:00am and MySQL New Features at 12:00pm.

If you're there, drop by and introduce yourself! It's not every day I get to meet weblog readers from half way around the world. Well, it happened in Japan a few weeks ago, but still... :-)

Posted by jzawodn at 03:00 PM