November 24, 2003

Business 2.0 on Foo Camp

The Good News

According to Jeremy Wright, I'm mentioned in this Business 2.0 article on Foo Camp.

The Bad News

I'm not about to pay Business 2.0 $5 to read a single page of a single article. A subscription form keep popping up when I try to read page 2. I'd gladly pay 'em $0.50 or so. Micro-payments anyone?


It's PayPal not rocket surgery, guys. You'd think that part of the "2.0" in "Business 2.0" would involve understanding how business ought to work on-line, wouldn't you?

Anyway, if somehow a copy of the article magically ends up in my INBOX I can actually read it.

Update: The author has provided a PDF version from his site (local copy). Thanks John!

Posted by jzawodn at 12:28 PM