October 19, 2003

Ugh. Time zones.

I just woke up. It's 4:45am. I don't get this at all. I went to bed at 11pm very tired.


Maybe I'll get back to sleep after checking mail and stuff?

Update: It worked. I slept until 6:30 or so. That's a bit more reasonable.

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Made it to Japan

We made it. There was a long line at Customs and then an even longer ride to the hotel from the airport. But we made it. I stayed awake the whole time. It's now 10:30pm here but my body thinks it is 6:30am. We just got back from dinner a bit ago and I've done minimal unpacking. I'm way tired and heading to bed.

This hotel room kicks ass. In-room internet access works flawlessly. Notice the flood of blog postings, have you? The TV is amazing. It's so nice, new, and fancy. I really ought to take some pictures, except that my crap is already all over the room.

Oh, well. The bed is calling.

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The Great INBOX Cleanup (again)

For some reason I'm completely incapable of managing my e-mail. Most of the time it's not an issue, but every once in a while I end up missing something important.

Stranger yet, the only time I seem to ever do a really good job of cleaning up my INBOX is when I'm suck on a plane for several hours (thankfully with laptop power at the seat--yeay American Airlines). So now I'm replying to 2-3 month old messages to explain that I'm lame and sorry for taking so long to reply.


Perhaps the solution to my problem is that I simply need to fly places (as a passenger) more often.

... 3.5 hours pass ...

I've managed to delete 744 of the 1,247 messages my INBOX. I've also sent 28 that exim has queued up, awaiting a network connection. Perhaps this ratio tells me that I need to better utilize the D" key on my keyboard.

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Vixie cron's @reboot

I'm always amazed when I learn something new about a tool that I've been using for a rather long time. Take for example, cron. Not your run of the mill, everyday cron. I'm talking about the smarter cron that comes with most Linux distributions nowadays: Vixie cron.

(Vixie cron is named after Paul Vixie, the creator of BIND and other Unix goodness.)

While looking at the manual page for the crontab file format, I discovered a chunk that I'd never seen before:

  Instead of the first five fields, one of eight special strings may

    string         meaning
    ------         -------
    @reboot        Run once, at startup.
    @yearly        Run once a year, "0 0 1 1 *".
    @annually      (same as @yearly)
    @monthly       Run once a month, "0 0 1 * *".
    @weekly        Run once a week, "0 0 * * 0".
    @daily         Run once a day, "0 0 * * *".
    @midnight      (same as @daily)
    @hourly        Run once an hour, "0 * * * *".

Hmm. @reboot. Isn't that handy. There's an easy way to give users the ability to run something at boot time without root access.

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Stubborn iPod Backlight

Well, I'm about 4 of the 11 hours to Japan. And I finally busted out the iPod. But it did something that I've seen once or twice before. The backlight decided to just stay on until I actually turned it off. The weird thing is that since the first day I bought it, I've had it configured to automatically shut off after 5 minutes.

Every once in a while, though, it does this.

Anyone else have this problem?

FWIW, I'm running the latest software and it's a 20GB model that's about 10 months old.

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Bummer. No WiFi at SJC/AA

Damn. I get to San Jose airport at 9:30am for my 12:15pm flight to Tokyo. I'm thru security and checked in at 10am. But there's no WiFi signal down here near gates A1-A, A1-B, and A1-c.

Oh, well. I'll just post this really late.

I don't have a seat on the plan either. They oversold business class so I have to wait for a ticket/gate agent to see if they can either bump me up or knock me down.

On the plus side, there's nobody here yet, so I had no trouble getting a seat near power.

Update: Oh, the ticket agent showed up way early. I now have seat 14H (isle). Excellent.

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