October 15, 2003

Heading to Asia Soon

On Saturday, I'll board a 777 at San Jose Airport bound for Japan (11 hours, 20 minutes). I'll be in Japan for about a week, mostly visiting Yahoo! Japan. I'll be at the Grand Hayatt Tokyo Hotel in Roppongi. The Y! Japan office is in Roppongi Hills (as is the hotel). Drop by the hotel if you're bored. :-)

I hope to have a bit of down time to check out some local stuff. Any recommendations? Can I bring anyone back some cool electronic toys? (Err, don't answer that.) After Japan, we head to Taipei, Taiwan for about 2 days and then to Seoul, South Korea for a day. We have offices there too. Finally, we'll fly back to the Bay Area, landing in San Francisco.

Yeay! I get to be an international man of... err, ... uhm... hm.


I visited Japan in 1999 but have never been to either Korea or Taiwan. This should be an interesting trip. I'll take pictures. And maybe blog while gone. I'll have some net access, but who knows how much or what I'll do with it.

Thursday is "assemble MySQL presentations for Japan, clean my apartment, and get everything ready" day so that I can use Friday to finish what I don't get done today.

Update: Aww, crap. I'm gonna miss the California International Air Show in Salinas this weekend. Damned Murphy. I'm also missing the chance to meet with some interesting people who will be in town... Murphy sucks.

Update #2: Kick Ass! They've got 802.11 WiFi. :-)

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John Hughes Fans Get the Shaft with "32 Candles"

I was psyched when Dan passed me a link to this Yahoo! News story. After all, the title is "Sixteen Candles," 16 Years Later.

It begins:

Pull out the yearbooks, throw on the varsity letter jackets--it's high school reunion time for the gang from the 1984 John Hughes comedy. 32 Candles will update the lives of Sam Baker, Farmer Ted, Long Duk Dong and the rest of the gang.

"Holy Crap!" I thought, "This will be a big hit at the box office."

But then I read on:

The original film was based around Samantha Baker's (Molly Ringwald) 16th birthday, a day that went unobserved by her family. The made-for-television special will pick up the story around Sam's 32nd birthday.

What the fuck?!

I had to re-read that few times to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

A made-for-television special?

What kind of way is that to treat fans of the great 80s John Hughes movies?

I can't believe this.

Please let it be a sick joke.

What next? An after school special remake of The Breakfast Club? A Saturday morning cartoon based on Pretty in Pink?

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