July 24, 2003

Hung like the Hulk

This isn't something you see every day. Apparently the Hulk is not only quite angry sometimes, but he's also rather excited by little girls!

SHOCKED six-year-old Leah Lowland checked out a mystery bulge on her Incredible Hulk doll and uncovered a giant green WILLY.
Curious Leah noticed a lump after winning the monster, catchphrase ""You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," at a seaside fair.
And when she peeled off the green comic-book character's ripped purple shorts, she found the two-inch manhood beneath them.

I'm not sure what this says about the Hulk, but he's clearly comfortable with his sexuality. And it's hard not to laugh at that picture.

(Thanks to Ray for the link.)

Posted by jzawodn at 09:57 AM