July 07, 2003

OSCON Day #1: Jabber Bootcamp

I'm sitting in the Jabber Bootcamp session now with Derek and Ray. Not a lot new here if you've seen a good "How Jabber works" presentation of some kind. Given that it's a half-day tutorial, the presenters are able to take their time and go into a good level of detail. It seems to be a very good Jabber overview.

Jabber is quite cool. It's really a shame that it's not more widely used.

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OSCON TrackBacks

Reminder to OSCON attendees: You can ping a TrackBack URL for each session. The ping URLs are available from the Conference Grid.

Update: Derek found this URL: http://alpha.oreillynet.com/cgi-bin/tb/tb.cgi/oscon2003 for general conference pings.

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OSCON Day #1: ~damian/bin

Warning: I'll be posting a bit out of order...

I attended Damian Conway's ~damian/bin tutorial this morning (Monday). It was entertaining (as always). The focus of his talk was convincing us to customize our environments for personal productivity. I felt like much of what he covered was already standard practice for experienced (2+ years) Unix folks, but maybe not.

He covered shell aliases, vi customization, filename completion, small utilities (some in Perl). He demonstrated many of his personal tools and customizations and even makes them available under the Artistic License. Get them here:http://www.yetanother.org/damian/bintools.tar.gz

I didn't really learn much new information, but I did get a new appreciation for how much repetitive work can be streamlined with a bit of effort. It's been a while since I added much to my shell aliases and tools.

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This Wireless Blows

Well, I'm sitting downstairs (in a conference room) during a break at OSCON and can't get much of a signal from the O'Reilly network. The morning newsletter is advertising such a network, but it's more of a notwork right now.

kismet finds the network, but there appears to be no traffic on it. Grr.

I should have headed up to the speaker's lounge during the break. They have hubs and actual ethernet cables there.

Ah, they've fixed it. Now I can complain about a problem that no longer exists! :-)

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