May 28, 2003

SCO's SEC Filings Prove Novell's Assertion

This is interesting. According to Bruce Perens, SCO's 10-K filing indicates that Novell is right.


I wonder what their next response will be.

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I just realized that it's getting really warm in the apartment. Guess what. It's 91 degrees outside according to the Weather Underground. The cats are all stretched out on the floor for their 6-hour long afternoon nap. They look pretty warm too.

Perhaps I haven't selected the optimal time to stay at home and work on the book. There's air conditioning at work that usually works--except for a few days last week.

Let's just hope it cools off before July gets here.

Okay, enough distraction. Back to chapter 2.

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Damn the Pollen!

For my first two years living in the Bay Area, I was thrilled to find that my annual fall allergies no longer held me captive for the months of August and September. Back in Ohio, as soon as the local news began to report pollen counts I'd be sneezing my ass off and generally miserable (or medicated) for 6-9 weeks.

It seems that Mother Nature has decided to correct this oversight. Now we have high pollen levels in the Bay Area. And I'm really feeling the effects. I'm back to popping Benadryl every few hours. It's great. Clears me right up. Expect that it also makes me drowsy. So I picked up some Claritin at the store last night. Time will tell if it does the job without knocking me out, 'cause it's really hard to write this way.

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