March 15, 2003

IronPort and SenderBase

Anyone have opinions on the mail and anti-spam work that IronPort is doing with SenderBase and such?

I hadn't heard of them before, but someone recently pointed them out.

The info on their site is a little weak on details:

IronPort SenderBase is an information service that allows email administrators to rapidly and effectively identify high volume senders of email. SenderBase uses an extensive network of over 5000 ISPs, universities and corporations to give IT administrators a global view into the volume of email sent from every domain and network.

Now we all know that "high volume senders" aren't necessarily spammers. For instance, their top four right now are:


But I do see and on the list. They're more of what I think of as spammers.

Anyway, I'm looking for more info. Anyone using their service? Bought their product?

Posted by jzawodn at 08:47 PM

Tech Hiring Rebound in the Valley

Over in Radwin's blog, he talks of a possible tech recovery with Yahoo hiring more engineers. (It does feel good to be at a company that's hiring once again.) His next entry, Resume Overload reflects the reality of tech job seekers today--there are a lot of 'em out there looking for work.

His experience aside, I've also noticed things warming up a bit. How? Recruiters. It's been a while, but recruiters have been calling (and e-mailing) again.

I've noticed a real difference between the recruiters of today and the recruiters of a couple years ago. Those who are still in business are the smart ones. They're not just reading from a list of skills and checking items off on a list. They seem to better understand their client's needs, better understand the technology, and they don't seem rushed.

Anyone else noticing this?

Posted by jzawodn at 07:50 PM