March 14, 2003

MySQL News, Fortune Magazine, and RSS Feeds

There's a link the MySQL home page to the Fortune Magazine story about MySQL (Can an Open-Source Database Threaten Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM?). I'm quoted twice in the article. My favorite:

MySQL is to Oracle as Linux is to Windows. It will slowly but steadily creep up the food chain, just like Linux has.

I'm glad they used that one.

Kudos to Fortune, too. I've talked with a fair number of reports about MySQL over the last few years. Usually they're rather clueless about databases, Open Source, and MySQL. Not so in this case.

Speaking of the MySQL site, I contacted to ask why there's no RSS feed for their headlines. It turns out there are several. They're just not well-advertised yet.

Cool! The MySQL folks continue to rock.

Hopefully they'll become more visible soon? (Hi, Jim!)

Update: For some reason NetNewsWire doesn't like the feed(s). I've yet to try and figure out why. Hmm. I'm sure it'll get fixed quickly once we know what's wrong.

Update #2: As noted in the comments, Jim fixed the feeds. Thanks to help from an on-line validator. Also, as Harrison notes, the story is also on CNN's site.

Posted by jzawodn at 09:25 AM