March 04, 2003

Forged Spam Prevention

About a month ago, I brought up the issue of forged spam and responsibility, noting some ideas about how it might be prevented. Derek mentioned that it had come up before and his idea had been shot down at the time.

Well, good news. Now Derek describes how the idea is now evolving into an RFC. I'd love to see that (or something like it) implemented by the big players. It won't fix the spam problem, but it will help.

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Crash Different

Okay, this has to be the most amusing switch parody I've ever seen. I laughed my ass off.

Thanks to Derek for the link. I'm sure it's elsewhere and I just missed it.

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Search Engine Imitation

As seen on C|Net:

Fast Search & Transfer's has dropped the use of banner advertisements in a Web site redesign that recalls the look and feel of rival search provider Google. The redesign, unveiled Tuesday, comes amid an overall decline in the use of banner ads online, as advertisers move on to larger, more eye-catching formats as well as to the kind of simple, text-only marketing popularized by paid search listing pioneer Overture Services

Indeed. AllTheWeb is now very Google-like on their home page. Makes you wonder what the next home page will look like, doesn't it?

All in due time...

Update: People are reading too much into what I've said.

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Kasia is evil!

Something tell's me I'll get slapped for the title of this entry. :-)

A box of cookies just arrived at work. They're from Kasia for fetching, setting up, and racking her box. It does't yet serve but probably will soon.

Anyway, the evil part is that the cookies are very, very good. So I'm likely to eat too many cookies. Some are even butterscotch chip, my all-time favorite.

Must... resist... cookies.

(pause while I move the box farther away)

The weather is getting to be quite nice again. As soon as it stays light a bit later at night (maybe another 45 minutes or so), I'll start biking to and from work again. Then I won't care so much about eating too many cookies.

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blog template updates

I made a bunch of blog template changes earlier to finally adjust some things that have long bothered me about MoveableType. The links to individual posts from the main index are now cleaner. I always point to the entry using a clean URL, no #123 stuff on the end. And for comments I point to the entry page too (using the #comments anchor), rather than using the CGI script. This makes it faster. I still need to fix the TrackBack links. Once I've added the TrackBack detail to the entry pages, I'll stop linking to the mt-tb.cgi script.

I've added a new feature, the "top 10 posts" to the right side of the main archive as well as on the individual entry pages. I've always wanted to know which of my posts get the most traffic, so I spent the 4 minutes necessary to write that code too. (I was waiting for some stuff to finish at work.)

Yes, I do plan to upgrade from 2.21 to 2.6x sometime soon. Really. I do.

Anyway, enough blogging about blogging for now. :-)

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No more CRTs for me

The other day I realized that the only CRT left in my apartment is my television. All my computers now have LCD displays--either laptop or desktop. I remember a few years back, longing for the day when I'd have high-res LCD displays for all my computers. That day has come and it seems rather anti-climactic.

Now I just need to do something about the lack of LCDs at work.

Yeah, right. :-)

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