January 09, 2003

I broke my blogware.

Well, while taking a break I decided to catch up on some blog reading. It seems that AmephetaDesk has freaked out. It uses hundreds of megabytes of RAM. So I fired up the latest version of NetNewsWire Lite to import my subscriptions. It fails. Well, it imports the first 33 but the other 90 or so are sliently discarded.


Anyone know why? (Yes, I filed a bug reoprt.)

The file is here: http://jeremy.zawodny.com/tmp/bug.opml

Posted by jzawodn at 09:54 PM


This cracks me up.

I remember back in the mid-90s when Java first came out. I actually read the Java 1.0 language spec. The whole thing. It was cool. One of the folks who was telling me about it (just before I read the spec) endorsed it by saying "it's like a cleaner C++ with no pointers!" I've heard the "you don't make pointer mistakes in Java" bit a lot over the years.

Despite all that, I'm still able to convince Java to throw a java.lang.NullPointerException at me. Every time I get one (which is pretty often right now) I have to laugh just a bit because this is the a language without pointers.


Posted by jzawodn at 05:42 PM