September 26, 2002

26-hour days...

It seems that my body runs on a 25-26 hour clock, usually tending closer to 26 hours. This really drives me nuts sometimes. Scheduling is a real pain in the ass at times. Like when I'm not even close to falling asleep until 3am but I know I have to be somewhere at 10am. Because I've also noticed that I need a minimum of 6.5 hours of sleep each night. Otherwise the next day really sucks. I'm just dragging all day long.


Maybe if I lived REALLY FAR NORTH (think Arctic Circle), I'd be better equipped to deal with the odd light/dark times.

Or not.

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Y! Finance RSS Feeds Off

As many of you have noticed, the feeds are off now. Will they be back on? I hope so. Soon? I'm not sure.

What I will (and can) say is that the experience was very valuable for us.

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Google, News, and Making Money

There's been a lot of talk in various weblogs about Google News recently. But it has been around for a while. Apparently people didn't notice it until Google made the links more prominent. Here's a hint, keep an eye on Google Labs to see what they're playing with.

Anyway, a lot of folk are speculating on if and how Google will make money from their news service. Over at Loosely Coupled, you get a sampling of it.

This shouldn't surprise anyone, but there has been a lot of talk at Yahoo about Google recently. In fact, some of us were looking at Google News a few months back--and starting to worry a bit.

Rest assured that Google will money off their news service. And it will get better. Just watch.

Remember when Microsoft and AOL were the only competition we talked about? Yeah. Those days are gone now.

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