July 29, 2002

Cisco Linux Project Fiasco

From the Register:

Many rank-and-file Cisco employees are questioning the ethics of a sweetheart deal in which senior Borg enjoying a leave of absence have sold a skunk-works company, AYR Networks, back to the Collective for a cool $113 million stock swap.
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More OSCON Photos

Ask, Rael, and Grahm have posted OSCON pics on use perl. I found myself in several of Ask's shots.

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Josh has a weblog

Right here. It claims to be powered by entropy, but has striking similarities to MovableType. I suspect that it is MT on the backend, or that he copied the UI.

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Dive Into Accessibility

From diveintomark:

Dive Into Accessibility is a republication of my wildly popular series, "30 days to a more accessible weblog", with some minor corrections, a new domain name, and the word "weblog" crossed out and "web site" written in in crayon. ("Man didn't have the right form." "What man?" "The man from the cat detector van." "The loony detector van, you mean." "Look, it's people like you what cause unrest.")
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Drupal as a new aggregator

Scott has switched the FuzzyBlog over to using Drupal and tells me that it has good new aggregation features built in. I need to check it out after I'm caught up. He even had a printed tutorial that he dropped off at OSCON (I should try to find the on-line version so I can point others there...)

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