July 28, 2002

TiBook RAM Upgrade

I popped the keyboard off my TiBook today to see if I could install the spare 128MB SODIMM that I've had for while. Imagine my surprise to find that the 256MB TiBook contained an empty slot--Apple didn't cheap out and put two 128MB boards in it, thus forcing me to buy a 256MB board and throw out 128MB of perfectly usable RAM.

The good news is that the extra 128MB seems to help a lot. There's not quite as much disk trashing. But I have this nagging feeling that the real sweet spot is closer to 512 or 640MB.

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Mac OS X Conference looks good

The more I look at the information for O'Reilly's upcoming Mac OS X Conference, the more interested I get. And judging by the number of folks who have switched in the Open Source and blogging communities recently, I suspect I'd know more than a few folks in attendance.

I couldn't really justify it as "work related", so I'd have to set aside some vacation time for it. Hmm.

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UFOs over Washington

This story in the Washington Post just popped up on blogdex.

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Life as a Porn Video Clerk

If you've ever wondered what life would be like as a porn video clerk, read this and find out. It's actually quite amusing and interesting--not nasty and disgusting as you might expect.

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