Have you seen the Ryan vs. Dorkman video? It's a good 5 minutes of fan-made lightsaber battle!


Posted by jzawodn at March 13, 2006 11:10 PM

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# Chris said:

*in best Vader voice* Impressive.

Someone at Luycas Arts give those two jobs.

on March 14, 2006 05:53 AM
# crabshack said:

Wow. From "Star Wars Kid" to this in only a few years. It truly is a glorious time to be a dork.

on March 14, 2006 07:46 AM
# Scott Schiller said:

I'm not even a huge Star-* fan, and I still watched this all the way through. Well-done and funny! Looks almost like a high-school project, but at a very professional level.

on March 14, 2006 08:09 AM
# said:

It was better than Episode I.

on March 14, 2006 09:33 AM
# Pankaj said:

For thos who haven't seen the new Trilogy, watch this instead and save a lot of time but have more fun.

on March 15, 2006 11:16 AM
# Chris said:

I used to do the fan film thing (I'm into directing originals now... lots more fun :-D ), with an emphasis on the effects.

I remember from TheForce.net, Ryan and Dorkman (Ryan Weiber and Dorkman Scott... I forgot Dorkman's real name) were very highly regarded members of the community. If I remember correctly, Ryan had a job with LucasArts (gaming) at one point. Both were extremely talented effects artists, Ryan often revered by new community members for this specific video.

on March 17, 2006 05:38 PM
# Iain said:

It's refreshing to know that not all of America's youth is hooked on drugs. Great job guys.You deserve some media attention to show others what can be accomplished. I know every Star Wars fan will love it, but be wondering how you did that. Fantastic.

on March 19, 2006 08:26 PM
# NotSleepy said:

Diminishing returns. I'm outta here before my finger can click play on this!

on March 22, 2006 01:47 PM
# SideousIII said:

This is awesome. The force is strong with this one. I'm into the whole "Star Wars Prequel" thing and am currently writing one. Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow effects, exellent saber moves, really funny.

on April 1, 2006 08:09 PM
# Dorkman said:

This flick is actually almost four years old now. So we PRECEDED the Star Wars kid. It may be that he was inspired by us. ;)

on April 5, 2006 11:47 AM
# DoM said:

Thats the greatest frikin thing i ever saw! betta than the battles in the movies! I salute u guys!!!

(Make more!)

on April 13, 2006 03:57 AM
# Chris K said:

Some SW fans on a kevin smith site showed me this and it was awesome, but they did it from some other site, I went to TFN to get the downloadable feature it was amazing. I can see the amount of craft that went into it, its really cool when both just speed up and "have at it" but my personal favourite is when they are both on the floor performing the rolling slash's and defensive blocks respectively.

Does anybody know where I can get one of those regular sabers from, for choreography purposes, you can't really wave a Force Fx saber around like that unless you want it to shatter (plus its heavier)

At the moment I'm trying to learn bo techniques with a broom handle.

on April 17, 2006 03:23 AM
# bourbon said:

hey guys, this is fantastic, but i realy gotta know, how do you actually make that?! anyways, good job, have you got anymore?

on April 29, 2006 11:52 AM
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