I've recently realized that the Yahoo! Music Blog is my new favorite Yahoo blog--official or not. As noted by DJ Alchemy:

This isn't the way we are used to billion-dollar corporations talking to their customers. In these and other examples, Yahoo embraces and embodies what David Weinberger calls the authentic voice a concept he applies to corporations at greater length in his book, Small Pieces Loosely Joined.
So, well done to Yahoo for the attitude, for 'getting it', for being less stilted, and for recognising the value of conversation.


Ian and crew are kicking butt over there.

Posted by jzawodn at February 13, 2006 09:54 PM

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# Eric Boutilier said:

My industrious, Rio-Forge-owning, Mac-Mini-using, multi-media maven, allowance-limited, 14-year old would like to know an ETA for a Mac OS X version, please?


on February 13, 2006 10:44 PM
# Rob Steele said:

Bit of a tangent but...

Anyone know why the music engine won't install on XP running under VMWare? Do you think they cripple it on purpose? I'm not getting anywhere with TFM.


on February 14, 2006 07:53 AM
# Ari said:

Nice blog, but I wish they'd spend less time blogging and more time supporting non-MS platforms. I've been meaning to try out Launchcast for a few years now and would also be very interested in trying out the for-pay yahoo music service (if for no other reason than b/c my univ. has free access) but AFAICT none of this works with Windows and/or IE, neither of which I have. (Hey, I'm flexible, make it work with just about any other browser for either Linux or Mac and I'll be happy).

on February 14, 2006 07:20 PM
# cliff said:

While i like Yahoo's music on-line, I find it is virtually impossible to actually buy any songs from them. At least that is w a new XP based system.
and of course, trying to get anybody at Yahoo to help is impossible.
anyone else see the same issues?

on March 1, 2006 08:18 PM
# industrial music said:

Yeah, that is a great blog

on March 19, 2006 09:01 AM
# Matt said:

I believe Yahoo! Music uses DRM technology, which is supposedly available in the new Intel Core Duo processor, but not integrated into Mac because it requires Windows DRM encoders/players. The old Macs will never work, unless MS offers some DRM solution. /*sarcasm*/ Anyone think that will happen? /*sarcasm*/

on September 20, 2006 11:39 AM
# deal said:

needs some more stuff to make it look special

on August 6, 2007 06:45 PM
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