On Wednesday morning, Dave and I once again took up N5032G for landing practice. This time the plan was not to go anywhere. We stayed in the pattern at Reid Hillview and shot landings for almost an hour. Dave wanted me to concentrate on landings and get used to dealing with the tower.

We took off from runway 31 Right and shot several landings. I came in a bit high on the first few, had to slip on base and final, and touched down pretty long. But since these were touch 'n go landings, getting back in the air was quick.

On my 5th or 6th approach, the tower asked me to move to runway 31 Right. I was on short final but gave it a bit of gas and moved over. From there we stayed on 31 Right. This turned out to be idea, since nobody else was using the runway. Since traffic was so light in the pattern, I managed 10 landings and one "go around" in just under an hour.

By the end of the lesson I was quite comfortable in landing the Citabria--at leas in no wind conditions. I'm also a lot better at slipping it to burn of excess altitude. My next lesson will be a late afternoon flight down in Hollister again (see Lesson #8) for crosswind landing practice.

Posted by jzawodn at October 13, 2005 09:05 PM

Reader Comments
# Steve said:

How are you preparing for the knowledge test?

Since I have absolutely no flying experience, I first read the Jeppesen handbook. I also decided to take a class. My thought being that if Iím over-prepared I can overcome my slight fear of flying.

on October 15, 2005 06:40 AM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:

Well, I took the Commerical Pilot written test (for gliders) j ust 6 months ago, so I'm planning to start refreshing my memory in a few weeks and hope to get the written out of the way in December.

on October 15, 2005 03:17 PM
# kare anderson said:

Hello & please, two ways:

I get in a catch-22 endless cycle when trying to check into Yahoo, attempting to use my account. I get asked for a password, submit it, they say it is invalid, so I say I "forgot" and get another one sent to me which I immediately paste in.. and get another "invalid" message... after a half hour of this I give up. I fill out an emai form asking for help (5 times in 30 days) and get no response)

2. My not-so-new blog does not turn up on the Yahoo search (as it does on Technorati)... can someone you know there help?:

Kare a former WSJ reporter, now speaker.. who truly does wnat to be a fan of Yahoo but....

on October 16, 2005 11:19 AM
# Steve said:

Question: Some of your glider flights are well above 18,000 MSL; are you required to have special clearance to fly at that altitude?

on October 18, 2005 06:10 PM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:

Yes, one needs a clearance to fly above 18,000. However I've only done that in a wave window or by accident.

on October 23, 2005 12:26 AM
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