This is kind of amusing. Tim Bunce just announced that there's a JDBC module available now on CPAN.

If this seems like a crack inspired coding exercise, the docs are a bit more revealing:

Why did I create this module?

Because it will help the design of DBI v2.

How will it help the design of DBI v2?

Well, "the plan" is to clearly separate the driver interface from the Perl DBI. The driver interface will be defined at the Parrot level and so, it's hoped, that a single set of drivers can be shared by all languages targeting Parrot.

Each language would then have their own thin 'adaptor' layered over the Parrot drivers. For Perl that'll be the Perl DBIv2.

So before getting very far designing DBI v2 there's a need to design the underlying driver interface. Java JDBC can serve as a useful role model. (Many of the annoyances of Java JDBC and actually annoyances of Java and so cease to be relevant for Parrot.)

As part of the DBI v2 work I'll probably write a "PDBC" module as a layer over this JDBC module. Then DBI v2 will target the PDBC module and the PDBC module will capture the differences between plain JDBC API and the Parrot driver API.

Anyway, if you're a Java geek who's "stuck" in Perl land, give it a whirl.

Posted by jzawodn at October 05, 2005 11:26 AM

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