Dear Lazyweb,

After a bit of searching, I've discovered that MovableType has language packs which make it possible to localize MT in various languages.

As of version 2.5, Movable Type supports localization through the use of language packs.


But then I read this:

You can download language packs from our resources page.

And it seems promising. But the link goes to a page on which I don't find the any of the following words: language, international, localization, translation. And my web search attempts are all failing me. This page is close, but not quite. (The "pimps and hos" spam in the comments is funny, though...)

What do the Germans and French do? Deal with english UI elements because that's just the way it is? Or am I missing the obvious link to these language packs?

The MT Manual explains how to install a language pack, but not where to find 'em.

Or do I need to download something like the German version to get the german bits?

What am I doing wrong?

Posted by jzawodn at July 12, 2005 09:46 PM

Reader Comments
# Anil said:

Ah, you've caught us with our blogs scrambled. Here's the story:

MT 2.5 introduced localization support, but all language packs were contributed by the community. So, quality of translations varied, and we wanted to between fully-supported ones and ones that were user-contributed.

As of MT 3.1, we have a number of professionally-translated, officially-supported language packs available for Movable Type. Appropriate language packs come in the various language versions and we provide other language packs to any licensed user of MT. (You can make that request through the help system.) The supported languages available are French, German, Japanese, Spanish, UK English, U.S. English, and Dutch, and all these languages have both documentation and help ticket support in their native languages.

Finally, we still have all those user-contributed language packs, and the old blog (which you've found, but we consider abandoned :)) is being replaced with a section of our plugin directory, which will make it much easier to search for and create translations. The goal is to have all of that in place for the release of MT 3.2, due Real Soon Now.

Sorry this stuff isn't as organized as it needs to be, but we're working on it, promise. :)

on July 12, 2005 11:01 PM
# Bill said:

That's not exactly correct from my experience. I begged and pleaded with MT help for several months about getting a Japanese (or Chinese) language pack for my English installation and was told that the only way to get a Japanese UI on MT was to license and install a separate MT.

Is there a Japanese language pack now available?

on July 13, 2005 12:48 AM
# Bill said:

There are no language packs available at all for MT 3.x. You can only license different language versions separately. The unofficial 2.5 language packs are too outdated to be useful on a 3.x install.

See the MT Knowledge Base article: International Versions of Movable Type

on July 20, 2005 09:44 PM
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