I'm a big fan of good maps. They come in quite helpful when flying over new territory, driving somewhere new, etc. And I like to know where I am and what's nearby.

A few years ago I discovered Benchmark Maps. They produce maps for several states in the western United States so I now own one for Utah as well. I already have two sets of well worn maps: California and Nevada. But next weekend I'm heading out on a 1.5 week trip to Parowan, Utah with my glider.

Each of the map books provide a set of detailed road and topographic maps as well as lat/long grids, local attractions, climate data, points of interest, elevation, national parks, recreation areas, and so on. The maps are well laid out and the markings are very clear. The folks at Benchmark pay attention to little details, even noting various mountain peak and ridge names, small ranches, air strips, etc.

If you're looking for a some excellent recreational maps, I highly recommend Benchmark. You can find them at REI or Amazon.com.

On Amazon.com

Posted by jzawodn at June 19, 2005 08:11 AM

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# Aaron Brazell said:

I'm a big fan of maps too but I like different kinds. I am into the whole old school nautical maps... like the kinds the explorers used to use.

I picture Amerigo Vespucci looking at his theoretical concept of what the new world looked like on some old work, yellowed and cracked parchment paper and how utterly wrong those perceptions were.

on June 19, 2005 09:42 AM
# dan isaacs said:

I like Delorme's State maps. A whole book, and so so far I've yet to encounter a road that wasn't on them.

on June 19, 2005 10:53 AM
# Patrick Mullen said:

I would dearly love to find good on-line maps of Tijuana, Rosarito, and Northern Baja.

on June 19, 2005 01:32 PM
# Jeremy Cole said:

YES! I love those maps. We got one of California some months ago, and while we were spending the night in Las Vegas someone stole it out of my Jeep. We were really sad and anxiously awaiting REI to get California back in stock. We're all set again now, happily.

Also check out Tom Harrison Maps as I mentioned:


They're nice detailed maps of more specific areas, and complement the Benchmark maps nicely.

on June 19, 2005 03:55 PM
# Cassidy said:

Parowan, eh? I'm actually an hour south. Beautiful time of year to fly over Zions, Bryce and Kolob. Just dont forget the sunscreen.

on June 19, 2005 07:51 PM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it. :-)

on June 19, 2005 08:48 PM
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