Forrester analyst and blogger Charlene Li spoke to a packed room of marketing, PR, and other interested folks today at Yahoo. Her hour-long talk covered many aspects of blogging, corporate marketing, PR, and what she believes Yahoo can do.

Luckily, she was able to skip most of the intro material since blogs really aren't new to Yahoo at this point. Instead she focused on what works, what doesn't, and how blogging is a mindset--not a technology. Amen to that!

I was glad to hear that she likes what we're doing with the Yahoo! Search blog and the new YSDN blog. Once of her recommendations to us was... get this: more blogs!

I don't think that surprised anybody. But it's always good to hear it from the outside.

Of course, she used me as an example a few times. I kind of expected that. :-)

Posted by jzawodn at March 09, 2005 04:46 PM

Reader Comments
# Bad move by Yahoo said:

The Y search blog was a bad idea and concept, and adding more would only add to Yahoo's problems later on.

on March 10, 2005 03:57 AM
# TA said:

Yeah, Yahoo! should do more blogs like MSN's Found or the treasure trove that is the Google blog, because both of those were staggeringly brilliant moves toward transparency and open communication with their customers.


on March 10, 2005 09:15 AM
# Jack said:

Did Charlene mention Ernie's blog?

What is Y! Assasins anyways...

on March 10, 2005 05:10 PM
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