Over on the FeedBurner Weblog, Dick writes about My Yahoo Subscriber Numbers, noting that the numbers were stuck for a while and that things are now better.

I checked in with Scott Gatz at My Yahoo to get the scoop. Here's what I found out.

  • The bug lasted from October until last week. So it may have looked like My Yahoo users stopped subscribing to your feed for several months.
  • The bug was confirmed and fixed this week.
  • The subscriber count is generated from a rolling 30 day look at who actively viewed your feed(s) in the 30 days. The numbers are currently updated on a weekly basis. They're working in reducing that delay.

So re-check your stats. Remember that YahooFeedSeeker will leave a note in the User-Agent field of your server logs:

YahooFeedSeeker/1.0 (compatible; ...; users 100; views 2511)

Any questions? Leave 'em in the comments.

Posted by jzawodn at January 25, 2005 12:52 PM

Reader Comments
# Nick W said:

Hey Jeremy - i've been looking for a way to find out how many subscribers have my feed on my.yahoo - is this what your talking about?

If so, where do i find it? I know it's stupid but i love these little ways of keeping score - 150 bloglines subs now heh... :)


on January 25, 2005 02:26 PM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:


Check the access log on your web server.

See the FAQ http://my.yahoo.com/s/publishers.html for more info.

on January 25, 2005 03:22 PM
# Nick W said:

ahh.. ok, just thought there might be something like how bloglines does it. thanks jermemy..

on January 26, 2005 09:15 AM
# Cindy said:

I checked out this link you referenced, http://my.yahoo.com/s/publishers.html, but it's still not clear how you can see how many people are reading your posts/feed through Yahoo. Is there a code or link to check this out? Thanks for any more info on this you can provide.

on February 4, 2005 08:47 AM
# Jared said:

Jeremy I was curious about the same thing as everyone else and I dont seem to see a resolution here to what they were asking. I too glanced over the artcile and used good ol' control F. I keep track of user agents in the script I use to track how many people have recently visited the site. After I had initially wrote the link for my button to add my feed to your MyYahoo page I looked at the log file I generate and saw some info in the user agent. Is there anyway that this info can be queried on yahoo real time? Thanks again. BTW I love your page I have added it to my links section. It's nice to see yahoo allowing employees to openly blog there feelings/ideas. I have been reading the site almost daily since I first found it while searching for info on XML weather data.

on February 20, 2005 11:48 AM
# Michael said:

Just wondering if the counts are still being updated. It seems like mine hasn't moved (at FeedBurner), up or down, for a long time -- more than 30 days. In fact, I think it jumped when they fixed this bug and hasn't budged since.

on July 6, 2005 04:31 AM
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