Earlier today, Dave and Tantek took a bit of time out from Technorati to visit Yahoo and talk with a few of us about attention.xml. As anyone who went to Gnomedex or Web 2.0 knows, the idea of sharing "attention metadata" among various aggregators and applications is gaining some traction. Heck, Steve Gilmor sees it as the standard necessary to prevent a sort of vendor lock-in in the RSS aggregation world.

But that's really not the point of this story. I may get a detail or two wrong, but read on...

While we were all sitting around a table in URL's (the Yahoo cafeteria), Dan R (our COO) was walking by. Without stopping, he asked asked "is that an RSS meeting going on over there?"

"It is", one of us responded.

"I love you guys!" he declared and kept on walking.

After that, I looked at Dave and Tantek, explained who Dan was and said "that would not have happened a few months ago."

Anyway, the discussion went on and we talked about some of the really cool stuff that'd be possible with attention.xml adoption. I'll post more on some of that later--after I've had time to tinker with a few ideas.

After a while, the meeting ended. The other Yahoo folks headed back to their desks and I was chatting with Dave and Tantek a bit. I was describing the big increase in support for RSS that's been coming from the uppermost levels of Yahoo. I was talking about Dan as an example when he appeared again.

Noticing the meeting was over, he asked "is it done yet?" or something to that effect. We joked that we were making progress (we are). I then introduced him to Dave and we chatted briefly about RSS. Dan told the story [which I should write up later] of how he got a first hand taste for the way RSS puts each of us in control of the content we want to read. After that experience he knew we had to give that to our millions of users.

He finished by telling us do anything we can get there faster--to accelerate the implementation and adoption of RSS.

Amen to that!

In other words, we're serious about RSS.

Posted by jzawodn at October 29, 2004 09:34 PM

Reader Comments
# Dave Smith said:

Kind of odd, then, that Tantek doesn't have an RSS feed for this blog.

on October 29, 2004 09:38 PM
# Toby Tsui said:

I'm still waiting for Yahoo News Hong Kong to discover RSS, (since Google doesn't yet, too.)

Tell them, please.

on October 29, 2004 11:37 PM
# Sascha said:

> In other words, we're serious about RSS.

Are we talking RSS as 'RSS and only RSS' or 'Content Syndication in general'?

on October 30, 2004 09:18 AM
# jr said:

hmm. Attention.xml is interesting, but by God that's a lot of information something is keeping about reading habits.

Hopefully there's a good way for users to control their data (possibly on their own hosted machine with provided r/w access to "trusted" aggregators)

on October 30, 2004 09:40 AM
# Jeremy Zawodny said:

Syndication in general. Atom, various RSS versions.

on October 30, 2004 09:48 AM
# Tantek said:

Dave Smith wrote

Kind of odd, then, that Tantek doesn't have an RSS feed for this blog.

Is an Atom feed sufficient?


on January 2, 2005 11:52 AM
# Olivier D. alias ze kat said:

Technorati Wiki page has been spammed and deleted. And log history not contain original specs ! :o(((

Please, help me... I want to support Attention.xml on LifeLine product (see my sign)

on April 19, 2007 10:40 AM
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