Several folks (both at work and elsewhere) have been asking me how the new gig is going.


Fucking crazy.

But in a good way. There's just a ton of stuff going on, so many people to meet, projects to learn about, and so on. It's like a few weeks ago when I had lunch at Google. More than once, Chris mentioned how they had so many projects going on and so many ideas just waiting for engineers to implement them.

Well, I get it.

I looked up at the clock a bit ago and it was already after 9pm. I had a bunch of stuff I still wanted to get into. On my way home, I couldn't keep a lot of it out of my head. I had three things I wanted to write about on my blog, so I left myself voicemail to remind myself what they were. (I hate it when I forget good ideas.)

It has become exceedingly difficult to keep the inbox below 100 messages. It takes constant attention.

But you know what? I like coming home feeling like there's so much interesting stuff going on. It keeps me energized. It reminds me of what Yahoo felt like back in early 2000, when I was still a new kid on the block.

A few friends have commented (as the result of seeing me on IM at various hours) that I've been working a lot.

Indeed. And it's great.

What's even better is telling some of my coworkers what's going on. They ask "what's new in search?" and I tell them all the stuff I've been getting into. The reactions I get almost every time are along the lines of "wow! that's great." "All that?!" And sometimes, "damn... are there more search jobs open?"

Yes there are.

I wish I could talk details here, but you know how that goes. What I can say is that if the next couple months are any indication, next year's gonna be fun.

Posted by jzawodn at October 25, 2004 11:15 PM

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# Ryan said:

Heh... sounds like B4 is as crazy as B3 :-)

on October 27, 2004 11:48 PM
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