Brent says:

Remember how the other day I was picking on Yahoo because its search feeds had non-unique unique IDs?
Now today I notice that the bug has been fixed. (They also switched to using RSS 2.0.) Here’s the feed I was looking at in my previous post.
Thanks! Good job!
Now I can add Yahoo to the list of search engine feed providers in NetNewsWire, which is something folks have been asking for, and I’m glad to be able to do.

Well Brent, in case nobody else from Yahoo says this: You're welcome! And thanks for adding Yahoo to NetNewsWire.

In case any other aggregator developers want to add Yahoo support to their aggregators, feel free! (I wonder if we shouldn't be doing some sort of promotion or list somewhere on the Yahoo RSS site for stuff like this?)

It's also worth pointing out that the move to RSS 2.0 is something you should see reflected in most, if not all, of the Yahoo RSS feeds. We've hashed out some standards internally, so that'll mean more consistency among the thousands of feeds we're publishing.

Posted by jzawodn at October 10, 2004 08:02 PM

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# Mark said:

I love a lot of the things Yahoo! is doing. The new My Yahoo cool...more feeds of all kinds is very nice. Sweet redesign of the search page. All those folks need to get down to the sports department and set them straight. They have seen fit to take features that were previously cross platform java apps(for the past 5 years) and make them IE/Windows only java apps. Most notable the Game Channel applet for NFL games this year and the Stat Tracker App for fantasy leagues. Bad show that, especially if they do it to baseball and basketball as well.

on October 11, 2004 12:11 AM
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