James is going to talk about what people actually do on-line.

Tickle has self-assessment tests, matchmarking, social networking. Over 200 million tests taken so far (wow!).

5 Insights into Consumer Psychology.

  1. It's all about me. People are interested in themselves. (Heh, like bloggers?) Traditional media is about others--stars, but the web can be about me. Consumers expect personal attention.
  2. Sex and work. Work and sex. These are the two things that matter.
  3. Your minds are different than your consumers' minds. Us: power, technology, knowledge, code, gadgets, work, money, sex. Consumers: puppies, babbies, god, nascar, clebrities, money (less), sex.
  4. Psychology changes over time. People now buy on-line and post pictures of themselves. Personal info is going on-line. Match.com really took off in 2001 but was mostly flat-lined before that. Know where you are in the adoption curve.
  5. Understanding and mapping out consumer's motivations. Ages: 25 male "competition", 35 male/female "understanding", 51 female "affirmation". Change marketing to match, get more sales, customers, etc.

Tickle is part of Monster now. So what's that mean? He claims that matchmaking companies aren't making money anymore. (Hmm.) Web 1.0 was about walled gardens. Web 2.0 is about roaming in the wild. So they're building "web bars" for their service. People will build apps on this.

Qualty conversation needed. Email doesn't cut it anymore. RSS, downloads, other stuff.

Deeper matching using psychological measures (from the tests). Fix the job hunting process and the employee/company matching. Saves money.

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Posted by jzawodn at October 06, 2004 12:05 PM

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