John is telling brief stories about each companies.

Akamai. They're moving into the distributed computing world.

AT&T. They know where they're at in the world. John really likes their VOIP services. They were into vertical search early on in the Web 1.0 days. The survived the bubble.

Laszlo. They want the web to be an application delivery platform, not just content. They're open sourcing their stuff too (kick ass!).

Morpheus. It's legal in the courts. They won. New peer to peer technology announced.

Overture. Bill Gross's is now all about on-line advertising.

Rojo. They're no longer secret. They've got an aggregator with extra sauce built-in.

Schematic. They do user interface design. They're buying drinks this afternoon. (Woohoo!)

Sxip. Dick Hardt's new compnay for on-line identity management. It's cheap and open.

Yahoo. We all know Yahoo, right?

See Also: My Web 2.0 post archive for coverage of all the other sessions I attended.

Posted by jzawodn at October 06, 2004 10:12 AM

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# Matthew Gardner said:

Thx for the Web 2.0 coverage. Really interesting stuff. Now just need to find someone to send a rojo invite. lol. Take it easy, -m

on October 6, 2004 10:59 AM
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