He's gonna run thru a ton of data, so I'll see how much I can capture here...

Their data based on watching 2 million users via an opt-in service. (Available on ComScore.com)

Broadband growth and penetration is impressive. 160 million users on-line in the US. Broadband is close to 50% and growing fast. On-line spending should hit $148 billion in 2004. Broadband users spend more money than on dial-up (50% more). The more someone is on-line, the more they spend too.

People are spending money on big ticket items (home furniture, jewelry etc). Consumers are clearly comfortable spending on-line. Over $1 billion a year in paid content. Personals/dating is big too.

On-line banking is growing fast. People aren't as scared of security issues as much. On-line bill payment is on a similar trajectory.

Bandwidth consumption changes. P2P vs. applications vs. other. P2P is decreasing--it's about 20% vs. 50% of bandwidth a year ago.

34 searches/month is average. 4 billion per month in US. Three buckets of searchers: heavy, medium, light. 20% of searchers conduct 68% of searches. What happens when the medium and light folks ramp up? More spending. The searchers are the buyers. Brand share among these folks is interesting. Cost seems to be a key factor in surviving in this market.

The Internet is going to have a bigger and bigger influence on spending decisions, career/lifestyle, and so on.

Looking at intensity of browsing to forecast auto sales. There's a strong relationship. People who look at cars on-line buy cars. Intensity of visits to job sites is reflected in government employment figures (interesting!).

See Also: My Web 2.0 post archive for coverage of all the other sessions I attended.

Posted by jzawodn at October 05, 2004 05:19 PM

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# said:

Hey Jeremy:

Are you planning to attend Mitch Kapor's session on Chandler?

on October 5, 2004 05:46 PM
# John Evans said:


Did you find where the data is on the comscore website? I just can't see it.

Best Wishes


on January 23, 2005 12:04 AM
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