Any Mac geeks out there know if it's possible to install the newer Safari (the one with the fancy RSS stuff built in) without doing a full Tiger install? I'm very hesitant to install Tiger on my only Powerbook, but I'd really like to test out the RSS integration in Tiger.

Update: I completely forgot. As C.K. pointed out in the comments, I just need an external FireWire drive. I've got one of those. Now I just need to get my hands on a Tiger image. That's the easy part. :-)

Posted by jzawodn at August 10, 2004 09:40 AM

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# kasia said:

Couldn't with panther.. so probably can't with tiger.

on August 10, 2004 10:41 AM
# tfr said:

You probably could, if you'd find the install (2.0 of Safari + more importantly, WebCore), anywhere.

If you do find it, let me know. :) NetNewsWire fills my RSS needs, but I'm really waiting for the contenteditable feature (so I finally don't have to run VPC+Win98+IE6 to test the WYSIWYG editor stuff in CMS projects).

on August 10, 2004 10:45 AM
# C.K. Sample, III said:

If you have an external Firewire drive (or a newer iPod lying around) you could install Tiger to that drive rather than your machines main drive and simply boot into it whenever you want to play around with Tiger.

on August 10, 2004 11:02 AM
# Michael said:

Trying to boot on my image of Tiger Preview kernel panics my Powerbook :(

on August 10, 2004 11:16 AM
# juan said:

I tried with panther to run the standalone package, but It was missing loads of components, I didn't try further and just installed Tiger.
However, safari RSS, was in the dev preview far to compete with Netnewswire.
I still look forward to getting the final version.

Michael: install on your iPod if you have one, boot from it, then run the metapackage (OSinstall.mpkg I reckon) against your hard drive.

on August 10, 2004 02:35 PM
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