Reservations were tougher to get than expected. We'll hang out near Dish Dash around 7:30pm (the originally advertised time) for people to show. Then we'll either walk somewhere else or hang out.

Sorry for the late notice...

Posted by jzawodn at March 12, 2004 05:24 PM

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# Ray Ling said:

[NOTE to readers and Jeremy. It wasn't until I had finished typing and editing this post did I realized that the "PageRank is Dead" entry was locked. So I'm posting it here. :) Doh!!!

I know, it's my own damn fault but what the hell, delete it if you want. However, I'd prefer if you made an updated post and see if your data matches mine. Thanks.]

("Page Rank is Dead" - comment)
Thank You for finally pointing this out. It's just like the stock market, by the time everybody's in on it (page rank boosting), it's over!

You can now openly buy programs that will follow competitor web site links and rank them by Page Rank so you know who to pester for a link. There are now a *lot* of sites popping up selling ads on their site, hell their are ebay like auction sites, and prefacing their sales pitch with a boast of their page rank. You can buy e-books, full web service applications, and much more all designed to boost Page Rank.

And now the IPO timid fat lady has sung.

I've been monitoring several other sites than my own for over two months. These are sites with full on tightly targeted links from high Page Rank pages from power sites like the legendary DMOZ. They are real sites with real content.

Guess what? No derivative Page Rank or back links to the sites. What's weird is, sites that had page rank before the Florida update that still had it after the update, seem to be "grandfathered in". At least for now.

Good-bye Page Rank. Hello whatever the next thing to be hyper-optimized, robotted, automated, e-booked, spammed, cross-peddled, etc. into our existence.

You can't stop evolution. Ask a prison guard.


on March 13, 2004 09:57 PM
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