The other day when I wrote about Craigslist RSS feeds missing prices, Eric Scheide responded. He's the CTO at Craigslist. We exchanged a bit of e-mail after that and he said he's look into getting prices into the RSS feeds.

Well, great news... They're fixed!

Thanks so much to Eric and the folks at Craigslist. Their RSS feeds just got a whole lot more useful. Craigslist has always impressed me, but now it impresses the hell out of me. :-)

Posted by jzawodn at January 21, 2004 11:11 PM

Reader Comments
# pb said:

It would make a ton of sense for Craigslist to syndicate searches. It sounds like they would need to include some sort of unique identifier so that read listings could be distinguished.

eBay ought to do this as well. Right now you have to use an intermediary: It's a really good way to monitor eBay listings for less common items. And it's much easier to spot newly listed items.

on January 22, 2004 09:15 AM
# adam said:

can someone tell me how CL generates revenue?

on January 22, 2004 10:38 AM
# Jon Gales said:

Adam: Craigslist makes bucks by charging for job listings in SF. Strange I know, you'd think they would charge for more than just that.

on January 22, 2004 11:10 AM
# Scott Johnson said:

I agree, tv sucks. It's a waste of time. There are a few redeeming shows out there, but since I don't have a TiVo, I usually miss most of them. Good luck with your plan Jeremy, and I can't wait to hear about how it went a month from now.

on January 25, 2004 04:46 PM
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