Me? Apparently so. At least in some small circles of the world. I no longer recall how (I really need a personal proxy that keeps track of this shit--anyone got one?), but I recently ran across something surprising.

Want to know what a good education from a simple local college can lead you to? Ever hear of Jeremy Zawodny? He was born in Toledo, went to BGSU and graduated with a degree in computer science. He worked through various jobs and is now a part of Yahoo's platform engineering group working as a MySQL architect. He is responsible for planning and deployment of MySQL throughout the Yahoo enterprise. I found out about him through his recent article "PageRank is Dead" He has also been the executive editor of Linux Magazine and is very very well respected in the computing community with many laurels to his name. He is truly the technologist that Toledo is looking to attract. I hope I grow up to be like him!

Well I'll be damned. I haven't quite figured out if I even know the author of that weblog (and it's exceedingly difficult to research such things at 2:14am in the Bangalore airport), but I guess I've managed to impress him.

I guess that's one thing I can cross off my TODO list now: Impress someone back home. :-)

Posted by jzawodn at December 05, 2003 03:24 PM

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# Mark Fletcher said:

Nice. As for the personal proxy, that's pretty easy these days. You can use Bloglines and set up a search feed for your name (or any other set of keywords you're interested in). Then, any time a feed is updated with a match, you're notified.

on December 5, 2003 04:09 PM
# Mark said:

Hehe, you dont really know me. Im a graduate student at The University of Toledo in Computer Science. In my pursuit for a career, I try to follow the leaders and news makers in the "Industry" to understand your free thinking ways and I try to emulate them in my own life and work (shamelessly, I must add). Your accolades are very real (even though you are humble about your acheivements) and I firmly believe in role models and making a difference in the world. You had fit the bill even before I realized you were from around here. Your roots in Toledo and NW Ohio simply made you much more interesting to me.

Come see us sometime (UT EECS would LOVE to have you as a speaker sometime!) when you are in the neighborhood!

on December 5, 2003 08:53 PM
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