Okay, Tim Bray has posted one of the more amusing entries I've read in a while: Debbie Does BitTorrent.

So I clicked "Go" and BitTorrent connected to fifteen "peers" and began to slog through Debbie at an average of about 30K/second, and pretty soon began to upload to others at about twice that. Then it did the time estimate and told me it would be done in six hours or so, so I went to bed. When the alarm went off it was just finishing up, and the numbers were consistent, it'd downloaded a gig and uploaded about twice as much to my PornoPeers. Foggy-eyed and pre-coffee, purely in the spirit of experimental verification I clicked on DDD.avi and Quicktime emitted some incomprehensible gibberish about the wrong coder or the wrong version and sorry 'bout that, and shut down.

Heh. PornoPeers.

You learn something new every day.

Posted by jzawodn at October 16, 2003 08:17 PM

Reader Comments
# Charles said:

Yeah, as he says, he's missing the point. He doesn't have the .avi codecs installed, this isn't torrent's fault. I'd post this link on his site but he doesn't have comments:

"Play any DivX file using QuickTime Player"


on October 16, 2003 10:31 PM
# Steve Friedl said:

Somehow I keep getting the term "PornTorrent" stuck in my head :-)

on October 17, 2003 10:57 AM
# Chris said:

He's running OS X, wants to download illegal copies, and doesn't want to run a program like Mplayer which can actually play the majority of codecs out there? AND he calls himself a porn hunter?


on October 17, 2003 01:29 PM
# Scott Johnson said:

Hm... The thing that I don't get (and I must be slow) is how you find content in Bit Torrent format to download? I found some through Feedster but Tim's description make you think there's some easy way to find available content.


on October 17, 2003 05:13 PM
# Onno said:

There are websites dedicated to providing "links" to content. Someone has a file, goes to a website to post a link to a "seed", and voila, hundreds of people start downloading and spreading the file. One such website is suprnova.org.

on October 17, 2003 05:50 PM
# Sian said:

I just found Bit torrent confusing and not able to find anything I wanted. I can see the attraction if downloading DVD's are your bag.

on October 26, 2003 04:46 PM
# Reid said:

I have three words for you: Video Lan Client

on October 12, 2004 07:38 PM
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