As a fan of console-based tools (mytop, for example) in this "web-based everything" age, I was thrilled to see an announcement for Raggle.

Raggle is a console RSS aggregator, written in Ruby. Features include customizable keybindings, basic HTML rendering, HTTP proxy support, OPML import/export, themes, support for various versions of RSS, Screen support. browser auto-detection, and more. Raggle has been tested under Linux and OpenBSD, and should work properly under other Unix variants as well.

And, as of a few days ago, there's even an optional web front-end to Raggle too.

I need to give it a serious workout. This very cool and has some great hack potential!

Posted by jzawodn at September 02, 2003 12:21 PM

Reader Comments
# Mike Hillyer said:

I don't know why, but I find myself wanting to put an F in front of Raggle and get back to my Jim Hensen watching childhood.

on September 2, 2003 04:51 PM
# Kenneth said:

Very cool. Thanks!

on September 3, 2003 07:32 AM
# mikedaddy said:

I've been using Snownews for about a month now. It's written in C and depends on the libxml library. It has been very nice. I'm interested in trying raggle now to see if it has any better features.

Check out snownews at :

on September 3, 2003 08:44 AM
# mikedaddy said:

Ok, so now, 3 hours later, ive replaced snownews with raggle.

on September 3, 2003 10:43 AM
# laddiebuck said:

Heh, I've had just the opposite experience. I've been using raggle for about 3 weeks, and switched to snownews a few days ago. I like it far better -- it plays nicer with my terminal. I use GNU screen, and raggle would often refuse to repaint properly, or sometimes would hide my elinks window when repainting, not to mention crashing on my Ruby ncurses whenever I added a feed. Snownews just gets the job done, love it. :)

on May 24, 2007 12:50 PM
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