It's July. In the Bay Area. And it rained.

This is rather unusual. But I like it.

(Today is short sentence day. I think.)

Posted by jzawodn at July 31, 2003 05:49 PM

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# jr said:

It rained yesterday too. Actually, the sky damn near opened over my house in San Jose around 8 AM.

This brought forth the following five thoughts in nearly half as many seconds:
1) Rain? In July? Is it the End Times?
2) How many folks will now say it's Earthquake Weather?
2.a) if I beat them unconcious, where can I hide the bodies?
3) I haven't cleaned out the downspouts yet, have I?
4) Coolies! Just like the east coast!
5) Bummer, humidity, just like the east coast.

Ah well, it was fun watching folks panic on the roads.

on July 31, 2003 06:10 PM
# said:

jr, if you need help hiding the bodies, I have a map of soft-earth locations in and around Mountain View (though some may involve breaking into SGI's sacred burial grounds).

It's not the End Times, just the fifth seal of the apocalypse. The sixth is California having a budget surplus again, and the seventh is Diane Feinstein deciding to retire.

on July 31, 2003 09:29 PM
# EnglishHacker said:

weird weather over here in southern England during the past week - lots of rain, fog and wind. Quite unusual for July. The week before it was clear blue skies and the temperatures went above 30c. Definitely NOT what you call a temperate English summer climate.

on August 1, 2003 02:30 PM
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