I just don't know what it is.

You ever been in this situation? A bunch of events all happen within a relatively short time. They're not related (in a causal sense) but they have enough in common that it makes you wonder if someone isn't trying to tell you something.

(Sadly, I cannot elaborate on this stuff publicly for a variety of reasons...)

So I'm trying really hard to listen and make sure I heard the right stuff. But it's hard. Because it's always a guessing game. Always.

The only thing I can really relate to is the whole What Should I Do With My Life phenomenon. What I'm talking about isn't the same, but it's similar enough that I was reminded of it.

So here's my question: What do you do when it seems like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you're not quite sure what?

Anyway, I'll shut up now. I just felt like asking. Maybe I'm missing something.

Posted by jzawodn at April 08, 2003 10:59 PM

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# Rystic said:

Well, if you can't figure it out, try doing things that seem like they would make good things happen, and try to be in the right places at the right time. Although, that second one is a bit hard to control. Lets hope the stars are on your side, eh?

on April 8, 2003 11:04 PM
# Techno said:

Generally, I'm of two schools of thought whenever the Universe decides to get chatty. The first is that the Universe, being horrendously big when it really gets down to it, is not guiding my course and actions by means of subtlty, but is probably just telling me something like "Don't get the fries" or "Your fly is open".

The second school of thought is that it's not the universe but more common sense raising it's big beefy sledgehammer and that if I just take a nice long walk and really think about it, my common sense will beat it through my thick skull.

Chances are this is probably more common sense than Universal Post-it. I recommend freeing yourself from distraction for an hour and finding out.

on April 8, 2003 11:08 PM
# Alvy said:

What do you do when it seems like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you're not quite sure what

Sometimes it happens to me too. For example, when the universe seems to go in the 'this is too improbable to be true' mode --you know, too many improbable random events happening the same day--.

Well, on those days I use to but a lottery ticket... just in case! ;-)

on April 9, 2003 01:12 AM
# Colin F said:

Go with your gut! I find mine to be right 99.5% of the time.

on April 9, 2003 05:10 AM
# Darren said:

Maybe it's trying to tell you that Dave at Scripting News wants you to post a test entry for him.


on April 9, 2003 05:31 AM
# Anders Jacobsen said:

Try reading the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy (of five) or even better read the Dirk Gently series by the same author.

"Holistic" Private Investigator Dirk Gently listens to the universe in a variety of entertaining ways (inluding following cars that look like they know where they're going....)

Seriously? Follow yout gut feeling...

on April 9, 2003 06:39 AM
# Miller said:

Say you're thinking about a plate of shrimp. Suddenly someone says plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp. Out of the blue. No explanation. No use looking for one either. It's all part of the cosmic unconsciousness.

on April 9, 2003 09:43 AM
# Vicki said:

When it appears that the Universe is trying to tell you something, the best thing to do is listen. Unfortunately, the Universe does not tend to speak English. It communicates in symbols and abstracts (signs and portents), rather like the Delphic oracles... or cats :)

The only one we've ever worked out for sure is: 3 near misses in traffic mean the Universe is suggesting we go home now and get off the roads!

I'd say that the fact you have noticed is a major step. Take notes.

on April 9, 2003 02:44 PM
# veera said:

on the same note, i noticed one thing, that 10 years back i got a job in VA, then i moved away with my bf and we broke off. finally got a job back in VA. then i moved to LA and did some schooling. never found a job, guess what, my next job is in VA....what on earth is the universe trying to tell me here? do i follow the place where am supposed to live or the instinct of what it is I want to do. because i make films and video and i dont understand how being in VA is going to let me do that. of all places i am at a total loss here in LA, at least so far it seems so...anyone see any sense in this?

on March 31, 2009 01:34 PM
# said:


on May 28, 2009 12:20 PM
# said:

I am in the same boat. I have lost my business with what turned out to be an untrustworthy business partner. I poured my heart, soul and time into this business it was my passion. I tried everything to save it but every single thing I tried came to a dead end. Then my husband decides this is the time he wants a divorce. In this same month period I discovered my husband has a gambling problem and gambled his entire months pay away in one night. Additionally, I found he owes many people money due to borrowing for gambling funds. We have two children. All of this a once is more than I can process at once. I feel like the universe or God is trying to tell me something. How do I hear exactly what it is so I can make the right decisions for our future?

on November 18, 2009 12:58 PM
# confused said:

Had much too many coincidences to name. I am trying to figure it out. I received many, many examples of how things I love suddenly appear. Or, questions I ask the universe are answered to, but oddly. I am unable to decipher the meaning. What about meeting men, and many of the them with the same name? Just too many to list. However hard I try to decipher...it seems to become more confusing? How does one interpret without the risk of interpreting the wrong meaning? Is there a technique?

on May 10, 2010 10:18 PM
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