Why is the media still using "cyber" in front of things? I heard a snipit on TV about a story on the news about police using "cyber technology" to track down crime.

What the heck is "cyber technology"? They showed a picture of an IBM Thinkpad with some web site on it? That is cyber technology?


What is not cyber technology?

There. Enough of my bitching for a little while.

Posted by jzawodn at February 13, 2003 08:05 PM

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# Bill said:

At least they're not calling the Internet the "Information Superhighway" much anymore. I always thought that was the most ridiculous term.

on February 13, 2003 08:45 PM
# Techno said:

Ooh, that's an easy one. Cyber-technology is where we replace portions of newscasters with mechanical replacements. Now while most newscasters already have a large number of artificial items (Hair, nose, teeth, eyes, brain, etc.) the implants I speak of allow us to send massive electronic pulses through their once human remains. I know that personally, I'm very excited about this new advance since it will allow me to light up Leslie Griffith like a Christmas tree the next time she slowly pronounces "com-pew-tor".

Oh, and as for non-cyber technology? Stikfas.

on February 13, 2003 09:16 PM
# darminus said:

To add to this bitching, anyone heard the term "Cyber Terrorism" yet? I've heard that once or twice on the local news, and in lectures. Could you call yourself cyber since you work with computers and put information out on the internet? Just a thought.

on February 13, 2003 11:39 PM
# Cybercraig said:

Cyber technology to track down crime = Robocop of course! And this being the 21st century, of course Robocop exports a web UI, which is what the picture of the thinkpad/website is for. The actual robocop itself is still vaporware, but they've got a UI demo slapped together as a proof-of-concept.

on February 14, 2003 10:46 AM
# tsigo said:

Amen. My most hated of the media buzzwords.

on February 17, 2003 09:59 AM
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