google-self-aware.png Look carefully at the picture to the right. Click to get a larger version. I search Google for jeremy to check that I'm still in the number one slot (as noted earlier). I am. And how does Google summarize my blog?

Jeremy Zawodny's blog. ... Ah, what a difference a few weeks make. I'm once again at the top of the list if you search google for "jeremy". ...

How terribly amusing. Perhaps Google ranks you higher if you talk about it. :-)

I can't help but to think that there's an engineer at Google who reads by blog and decided to have some fun with me. That's the sort of thing I'd do if I worked there.

Posted by jzawodn at November 11, 2002 11:24 AM

Reader Comments
# Dan Isaacs said:

Just how often do you engage in these narcissistic behaviors?

on November 11, 2002 01:25 PM
# Adam said:

This is a comment about your referrer list, not OracleWorld..

It's interesting that you allow referrerals from your own site to clog up your referral lists. I guess the main benefit of this is would be 'sideways browsing' within the site, but looking inside and outside of the site are two very different things for me.

Also, I'd like to be given some indication of the title/abstract of the post, now this is hard to do on external sites, but easy with internals..

Perhaps it is possible to split the referral list into two, one is external only, the other is internal, where you can use some MT-specific tags to add extra info onMouseOver, like MTEntryExcerpt..

on November 11, 2002 05:58 PM
# DIDI said:


on September 3, 2003 06:01 AM
# DIDI said:

Hi, ...

on September 3, 2003 06:10 AM
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